What are the Best Ways to Sharpen Knives?

If you find it hard to cut a piece of rope, whittle some wood, or rip a box, you should think about sharpening your knife. Since you need to use your knife daily, it is necessary to keep it sharp. You can get more benefits from using a sharp knife compared to a dull knife.

Indeed, a dull knife may be dangerous since you need to take more pressure to cut when using a dull blade. In this article, we will talk about the best way to sharpen a knife. Keep reading to discover!

How to Sharpen Knives

Here are steps to do it:

Get a whetstone

To sharpen a knife, you have a slew of gadgets. Some of them operate well. However, many people love the portability, as well as the dependability of a classic whetstone. Therefore, they choose Sharp Pebble.

Clean your knife

When removing the oil, dirt, as well as grime from your blade, you must be careful. This step is to make the edge clean. Also, it promises to give you the best grip on the blade.

Grease your whetstone

You should begin with the coarser side. Then, do with the finer side. All you need for this step include a few drops of oils and a small splash of water. They allow you to get the metal bits you shave off the knife edge from the surface.

Master the grip

It is essential to hols the whetstone as you are whittling it. Also, the blade edge should be put at about a 30-degree angle to the stone.

Master the motion

You need to push the knife blade away from the whetstone. To do this, you need a semi-circle motion. This step is important when you apply constant pressure. After that, move the contact point of the blade and stone from the heel. Then, repeat.

Sharpen the opposite side

For this step, you need to hold the whetstone, as well as roll the knife over. Then, you can pull the knife towards you. You should keep it about a 30-degree angle.

At the same time, use a similar semi-circle motion. For each side, you need to do a similar number of strokes.

Check your progress

You have to check if both knife sides are sharp. If yes, flip the whetstone over. Grease the fine side. Then, repeat to finish your sharpening.

The paper test

You can test with paper. Consider if the blade can pass through a piece of this paper with ease. Then, you’re done. The last step is to wipe off the whetstone and clean the knife.


It is essential to keep your knife sharp so that it can cut through food with ease. As mentioned previously, it is dangerous to use a dull blade since you need to take more effort to do the job. Moreover, a dull blade may also lead to slipping and missing the mark.

In this post, we have shown you how to sharpen a kitchen knife. It is one of the best ways you should consult. It can help to improve your cooking.

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