… of great worth


What a promise.
This is a promise full of rich & heavy rewards for the wife and woman who seek after God & who are determined to live counter culturally. Which isn’t easy.

Our culture doesn’t honor a woman who is gentle & quiet. One who doesn’t always have to respond to every action or word spoken to her. One who knows when to speak & does so in such a way to her wisdom is heard and accepted.

The culture & our negative experiences have led us to believe that the only way to be strong is to be loud, aggressive, & cutting. The world we live in today wouldn’t advise you to be meek & gentle because you’ll be taken advantage of and abused.

But, then the culture betrays us and puts us on this merry-go-round of emotions because we’re hurt & angey when our men don’t respect us, when they won’t lead, & retreat.
The culture won’t tell you that the way it’s programming you to think will tear down your man and your very own home. It will have you truly believing that this way, aggressive & boisterous, is the way to protect yourself and to remain true to yourself. But, it will forget to warn you about your children & how they will learn to live and love/respect other men & women in their lives. It won’t tell you that your chosen way of life will create more conflict than peaceable situations.

I pray that you will see how important it is and how good it is for us as women & wives to walk in the way God laid out for us. I pray that we place attributes and character traits that He loves and finds beautiful above the ones that the culture prefers.
I pray that you see the influence you are able to have in your home, workplace, church, & community just by knowing how and when to say what truly needs to be said. I pray that you seek wisdom and ask God to mold you into the Godly woman/mother/wife He would have you to be. I urge you to find other women in your communities who are gentle & quiet in spirit who will help you along the way.
In Jesus’ name!!
At times, we have a backwards way of looking at life. We tend to think that the louder, flashier, and “bigger” we are, the more attention we will get. I challenge this perspective. The quiet, more humble one who is busy serving may not get the most attention first, but soon her worth will be recognized and she will be honored. She is confident- she doesn’t need to be loud. She is wise- she understands that if she busy trying to get the attention of others, she isn’t focused on the task at hand. She doesn’t focus completely on out shining anyone because she knows who she is and for what she’s here for. She’s not looking for the approval or acknowledgment of the culture or anyone drawn to it.

Her God is pleased, her husband is respected, her children have a Godly role model, & her home is peaceful.

This week, pray that the Holy Spirit urges you to be gentle & quiet. Ask God to develop a spirit in which He will be pleased. And, pray that you will be sensitive to the spirit’s nudges and whispers.

For a woman of noble character is worth far more than rubies.

… here’s to being worthy. (Straighten your crowns, ladies!)


… the beauty within

I found this lovely reminder of where true beauty lies on Pinterest… my favorite place to spend a few distracted moments perusing, scrolling, reading, and discovering. lol.

These verses are found in 1 Peter 3:3-4 right after Peter teaches how we as children of God should live our lives modeling Christ at the end of chapter two.

Right after, he teaches wives how to change their husband’s behavior. He talks about the beauty of a woman after telling her how to get her husband to do what’s right (in the sight of God, not based on her own feelings, thoughts, or perspectives).
I find that very interesting. Why are these two verses back to back? What is Paul really getting at?

I believe that we as women are taught to manipulate at a very early age and often unintentionally. It starts early with our dad, grandfathers, and other men in our lives who drop everything at the sight of a tear. What do we learn? If we cry, we get our way. And, it grows from there… we learn to manipulate with our feelings, our bodies, our words, and a slew of other little subleties that we learn affect men. And, soon we are both intentionally and unintentionally manipulating in order to get what we want. And, it works. And, if it works – why try something different?

Paul teaches that we can get what we want (a God honoring and obeying husband) by honoring God in our actions rather than manipulating with our beauty/physical attribute/feelings/etc. (I believe). Sounds like it won’t work, right? I know. but, follow us.

As women, what we want most is a husband who loves us like Christ loves the church. A man who loves us in action, one who supports us, listens and gives great advice, makes great decisions, forgives us of our mishaps and never mentions it again, one who takes up for us, one who serves us, and consistently gives us things that we both need and want. One who is kind, patient, forgiving, gracious, has a witty sense of humor, and is respectable, and respected. One that love the Lord, serves Him, prays to Him (with us), and obeys Him THAT is a great guy, right? We all want on of these ones… One that is like Jesus.

We all want that but the truth of the matter is, although we are to treat our husbands as if they are Jesus, we know these guys aren’t. They try,they work hard, and they goal to be all of the above on most days but they fail. And, they fail because they are human beings just like us. Sinful and selfish in nature.

This sinful and selfish natures causes them to… sin. Intentionally and unintentionally. They’ll commit the “big” sins and the “little” ones, too… leaving us wondering who in the world this person is that pushes us closer and closer to the edge on their worst day.

So, what do we do? How do we manage?
As women, our tendency is to talk about it. Face to face. Talk it out. And, discuss and disect. To feel. And, talk about it all, all the way to the smallest detail. That’s what’s natural to us. To our men, these great big men of ours…their nature is say a couple of words side by side and move on. CONFLICT!!!! before anything is even said! Paul’s remedy for this is to not say anything and let your actions to the talking for you. Calm, respectful, peaceful actions. He can be won without a word. Now, don’t take this and run too fast – we can respectfully state our opinions but leave it at that. Then, act respectfully. Not holding grudges, not stomping, not withholding, not neglecting but respecting him and his decisions even though you don’t agree with him. This makes him feel safe. He doesn’t feel attacked and you are leaving the gate open for him to say “Hey, I was thinking about what you said and……”. You aren’t attacking his ego, you aren’t belittling him, or cutting into his pride. You are creating a safe place for your husband to come to you, to partner with you, to confide in you, and most of all – trust you. Trust that he can make a mistake or a different decision without feeling fear of losing your support, rejection, being emasculated, or beaten down. You’re allowing him room to lead with confidence and trust you to do what you’re there for – to help him! He needs it! And,he knows that he can depend on his respectful wife to do just that.

She sounds pretty cool, right???? Her husband will definitely think so!

Now.. that we got through all of that. (You know I’m long winded…. sorry!!)

The beauty of such a woman. A woman like Sarah and Abigail.. the Proverbs 31 woman… the Shunammite woman and plenty of others who were all beautiful not only because of their outward appearances but because of their character, intelligence, discipline, wisdom, sensitivity, obedience to God, and honorable behavior.

Just like a husband can look respectable and desirable based on his outward appearances but could be more trouble than any one is worth because of his character…. Ladies, we can be the same. My husband calls me “The heart of our home” and I believe that every woman is the heart of their home…. We, as women, influence so much of the “feeling” of our home, we impact our husbands and children in ways we do not always realize and it’s our responsiblity to make sure that our homes are taken care of. That the beauty of our character is valued more that the beauty of our apperance. We all love outer beauty but there is nothing like a woman who is strong, respectful, slow to anger, one who always seems to have the right words at just the right time. One who can problem solve, and multitask, who’s discerning, one whose family adores her.

These qualities represent true beauty… they put us in a different category. These qualities honor God…. they will allow us to be used by Him to reach, help, and intervene for others in a way contrary behavior won’t. This beauty in action is of a servant mindset foundationally – always considering the other person before ourselves…

This Godly behavior allows Him to be seen in us which draws people to us and gives us the opportunity to spread the gospel. It allows us to raise daughters who have a standard of character that will require her to seek and trust God, one that positions her to be sought after by a God honoring man, and become the heart of her own home raising God fearing children with character standards set by God.

This beauty affects generations.

This is the behavior described in Proverbs 31 that results in her husband and children praising her.. it causes her husband’s heart to trust her.

She. Is. Beautiful.
Are you??

….. here’s to endeavoring to immolate the beauty of Christ, to getting to know Him more intimately so that we these characteristics become more and more second nature, and to rejecting the culture’s way of dealing with God’s men in a unGodly way. And, the patience and faith required to do it.

…. here’s to looking past the feelings and hurts of now and focusing on the God given, generation impacting duty of beautiful as an action…. beautiful an act of worship … beautiful as a way of life.