… worn


I heard this song on Brandon Heath’s Pandora station and all but fell apart on the inside.

Between our adoption/fostering process being the most difficult situation and school starting – I am completely worn out.

Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But, I see God’s grace in so many ways in every area I know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I just have to get there.

I hear His voice guiding me and giving me directions on what to do when. Unfortunately, there have been times when, in the heat of the moment, I’ve forgotten everything He’s said. But, thankfully in His grace, he continues to give me opportunities to do better and obey the second (fifth) time around.

And, when I remember how gracious and patient he is to me….. It’s a bit easier to remember to be gracious and patient with my kids at school. I hope I’m getting better. I hope I’m listening more. I hope I am hearing him in the midst of everything else that is going on.

Just like I hope my kids are hearing me when their friends are talking to them or when they’re chatty and excited about learning the Scientific Method with candy …… (Yesterday was rough, y’all….)

I pray that I remember that he told me to be silent rather than impatient. To walk away rather than roll my eyes or give “a look”. And, reminds me to go back to love on and apologize when I’m wrong.

He shows me His glory. He gave us rest when we’re weary and worn. He sees our tears and hears our cries. He loves us. He fills us with HIS peace and joy until redemption comes.

He prepares us before he gives us his best.
And, for that preparation process- even when it’s painful – I am thankful for.

…. here’s to being comforted by the Comforter when I completely worn and forgive when I’m completely wrong.


… a place to rest


Isn’t that what we’re all looking for and really needing?! Something we know our bodies crave but our minds won’t allow us to give in to?

I love this promise because I believe God knows how much we can put on ourselves, I believe He knows how difficult it would be to live a life out loud for Him and to do so with humility, grace, & boldness. I know He recognizes the heaviness and importance of the tasks He entrusts us with.

He knows how tired we can become of constantly giving to and serving those who have a sense of entitlement, are ungrateful, or clueless to the sacrifices and efforts we put into them. He knows we will struggle with temptation and feelings of inadequacy. We will become frustrated with the struggles and meeting the seemingly impossible needs of whatever tasks He’s put in front of us.

But, he promises to give us rest if we just go to Him. With His rest comes peace and joy. A renewed energy for building His kingdom and a refreshed perspective on what we’re doing and who we’re doing it for.

In the following verses He tells us to take on his load because his burdens are light. He contrasted our loads. His the much better option! And, advised us to learn his ways as he is humble and gentle.
(don’t we need to more humility and gentleness when serving and going about kingdom building work?!)

God cares for us. And, at times, sometimes all we need to do to feel better is unload all of our junk, our weariness, disappointments, and responsibilities onto someone who can take it all in and “silence us with their love”.

Don’t you usually feel better after a long talk with your friend? Or, parent?

Same concept except you’re going to someone who cannot fail you and who’s words will always be true.

We can give God our worries, sins, our issues, and stressors and receive grace in return. Rest, hope, and joy are waiting for us at the feet of our Savior!

…. here’s to our God’s promises to give us rest in all the heavy lifting of life?


… spring has sprung

Spring break OFFICIALLY began Friday at exactly 3:45p. Unfortunately, for me…… I’m sick. However, this Spring Break is coupled with wet and dreary start so I guess we’re both not quite ready for a week of freedom, two – a – day workouts, and a few lunch & cupcake dates!! …. Maybe a trip to the carnival!

I’m hoping that after a day of being “sick and shut in” (except for the quick trip to get my eyebrows threaded!!) – I’m feeling MUCH better and am hoping to be ready for the sun that’s BEGGING to come out to play on Monday. If it rains all week, I’d have to petition for a Spring Break do-over as it would be completely UNfair to not be able to enjoy this week long hiatus from school due to inclimate weather. LOL. Wish me luck.

PLUS, I’m excpecting to hang out with a few of my favorite little people and a newcomer! Can’t miss it!

…. here’s to a spectacular spring break full of rest, think tank meetings, and my Rebel with a cause!!
… and, to this playlist I’m listening to. Delish.