… welcoming newness


{{click HERE to watch the video! You will laugh & relate!}}

As a soon to be adoptive mama of twins girls, I’m looking forward to the many, many experiences we will share as we snuggle in the life of a family of 4 in one quick swoop!

We have quite a few hilarious stories from experiences with our nieces. Some we will tell without much push, only a couple others we’d prefer to laugh about to ourselves. I almost feel as if we’ve had a crash course in parenting because we’d have our nieces as much as we possibly could before they moved to Ft. Bennings, Ga and we continue to host them for a month or so during the summers.

When I tell you there are moments when I’ve felt that I’m ruining these kiddos because I lost it because they took forever eating or wasted food, or I was too tired to read another story, or because I didn’t give hugs after I disciplined like my husband did. (Hearing a little person say  “Uncle T loves me because he gave me hugs.. and you don’t” will break. your. heart.)  Then on the other side of the coin, I know I’m doing it all right. The evidence is in how we play and sing and laugh together. How the girls feel comfortable and loved enough to snuggle and climb in bed or on the couch with us whenever they want. How the little one feels free to say “You know I don’t drink white milk right?” and how the big one has diagnosed me with “no preggatosis” (which  means I can’t get pregnant, thank you Doc McStuffins!!!)  and text/call us incessantly. I love how they know and believe that the people they love with such fierceness love them back more than they could ever imagine.

For we loved them first.

I love how they accept us – the faults, the mistakes, the good times, and the spectacular memories.

Unfortunately, there are millions of children who have yet to feel such a love and safety in their entire lives. There are children whose understanding of love is warped and damaged and broken. Children who have never felt safe.

Just the same, there are children who are loved deeply, but who find themselves in less than ideal situations. Situations that have separated them from their loved ones which leaves them in a place of loneliness and experiencing a loss they don’t quite understand.

No matter what the situation or circumstance, these children need love. They need a safe place to rest, grow, and blossom. They need to be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid of them or their story, but who are willing to love them with a love that can change their minds about life.

They need the someone who can literally change the course of their life.

Before deciding to adopt privately, we were also considering fostering to adopt. And, I hope once we’re settled in and have time under our belt with the girls, we’ll revisit the idea of serving as a safe, loving place for children who need us. I love the idea of adoption. How we are literally loving another the exact same way Christ loved us. We were broken and headed for the ultimate worst when we were saved and brought into a new family; a family who believes in us, who supports us, and loves us to our best. The redemption that occurs in our lives spiritually and the redemption that can occur in a child’s physical life through adoption is real.

The adoptive community is the most beautifully eclectic, supportive, welcoming, and loving community I have ever been a part of. I  know that in some way, no matter the family or culture or even belief system – it revolves around love. Loving another the way you want to be loved and watching this once sad and hurting child thrive and blossom is the most encouraging and heart warming experience yet.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can also serve as a sweet spot in a kiddos life…. Maybe you haven’t been able to shake the idea of fostering to adopt or adopting. Could be that you have a desire but don’t quite know where to begin. If you fall in any of these categories, check out Ad Council‘s services. They’re a wonderful non-profit organization that serves our communities in some amazing ways.

I’m glad to that they’re serving as the liaison that will connect these children who need and desire a home to families willing to open themselves up to be everything any child would need…

An imperfect yet loving, caring, and selfless parent/caregiver. A supporter. Someone who won’t judge their story or circumstance they had no control over, and love them well.

Can you do that?
If so, connect with Ad Council to see where and how you and/or your family can help just one.

…  here’s to loving as we’ve been loved. Serving as we’ve been served. and, giving another the chance to have a life better than they ever could have imagined.



… broken but loved



I think Thomas has come to the conclusion that, I, his wife, is a clutz. A trip over nothing, break the unbreakable, lose everything, can’t work the TV remote kinda girl.

And, I know it drives him crazy. Especially when he gets a phone call that begin with, “sooooo…….. As I was….” are common.

So……. As I was backing out of the garage today, I backed INTO the garage door. I was going to work. At the school we run. But, now I’m trapped inside the house.
I make that phone call & my very calm husband (who is in terrible pain!) handled everything and his brother is coming to my rescue.

As if they have nothing else to do.
(These Mayes men are something else…. Always so patient & understanding even in the midst of craziness…..)

While I waited, I read my devotion from Morning & Evening & was brought to complete tears. Spurgeon reminds us that God loves us inspite of our “spots”, our wandering hearts, and sin. That this mighty God we serve doesn’t allow US to get in the way of his love for us….. That he loves us with as much fervor after the offense as he did before.

I needed to hear that.
I needed to be reminded that THAT is love. That very action of kindness, forgiveness, redemption, acceptance, & hope IS LOVE.

Our Father’s love redeems us and restores. His love never fails nor falters because of who we are – naturally sinful people who want no part of light or goodness. A God who knows that it’s only because of his choice to bring us to him, that we love him. How many people love like that? Who love “anyway”??

It’s very easy in the culture we live in today to think love is anything but or many other things AND what is told to us in the word. We find our confidence and happiness in the world’s love forgetting that that love is faulty, expectant, insecure, & selfish.
The world’s love doesn’t make us better, it doesn’t heal us, or give us any type of hope. Instead it makes us jealous, quarrelsome, & angry.

I was encouraged today, by the response of my husband and the truth of the word, to find every ounce of confidence, joy, hope, & truth in the love of Christ. To be grateful for those who display THIS type of love & to BE that love to everyone around me.

To be gentle enough to comfort. Kind enough to forgive. Understanding & present enough to remember the merciless grace & “anyway” love that’s shown towards me to the next person who offends me no matter how deeply or intentionally – because I do the same thing. Committed enough to keep giving and submitting through the tests of time.

… here’s to loving like I’m loved.


… good gifts


Matthew 7:11
“If you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask?”

Finally becoming emotional at the goodness God is displaying to my husband and I. It’s unreal & had completely, utterly awestruck.

Our God is so good. He hears us. He sees us. And, He will trade make something beautiful of our ashes.

… here’s to believing a faithful God when He says that He will give you the desires of your heart if you seek Him.