… quiet perseverance

I found two amazing scriptures on Pinterest today that only complimented each other but follow so perfectly the scripture from yesterday.
A scripture and a promise this Friday.

This one.
I love Hebrews. If you haven’t sat down to read it, or have read bits and pieces, take time to read entire chapters when you can. This book is so full of wisdom and encouragement, heart ache and redemption…. It’s a good one.
But, anywho……..
The verse after this scripture talks about how Jesus looked past His work on the cross, and saw the joy that was to come. Then our writer tells us to look to Jesus when we struggle so that we can continue without growing tired. Look to our Savior who endured the most humiliating and excruciatingly painful death death, who endured His own people betraying and leaving him, who was a constant target of ridicule. If he endured so much, can we not endure the struggles and heart aches put in our path as we work to complete the tasks God has set before us? Can we not look at these very real struggles and hurts as brief and passing so that we can continue to work joyfully as unto Lord? God gave each of us a task, He has a plan for us all. All we need to do, is like my friend Wynne says, is “say yes”. And, believe that whatever road blocks are put in our path, they are to mold us to look more like Christ and bring that much more glory to our Father.

Often when we are working so hard to get through and serve in whatever capacity God has given us, we do grow weary. We tire out. We get to a point that scares us to death. We feel that we’re walking a new path alone. And, sometimes are. Sometimes, we’re working to do what’s never been done…. And it gets scary and tiring and lonely.
But this……

I wondered why so many times we are told that God is with us. Not to be afraid. To JUST GO! (An Alaina-ism) or SAY YES!!! (A Wynne-ism).
Sometimes we can “say yes” but allow so many molehills to become mountains and we don’t actually end up doing much.
But God promises that He is with us.
I liken it to a group of girls going to the restroom together or college aged kiddos taking a class – we want to do it with someone. There is strength and confidence in numbers, right? The class is much more fun with your friends and you never know who you’ll run into on the way to fix your hair & apply more gloss!! Lol.
God knows us. He knows that we will want companions and support and encouragement. And, although He gives us communities to be Earthly voices of wisdom and who will sit on our beds and talk (cry/wail??) it out or just bum it out on the couch to watch movies—– He also knows that we will need the confidence of someone who will never leave us nor forsake us. A voice that is above all others, one that carries more weight and more melodic than the loves of our lives. He knew we’d want someone with us who knew where we were going. Who could tackle any enemy, mean girl, or give us enough confidence to approach the most amazing opportunities that makes our insides quake.
And, then He says, He will silence us with His love.
I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!!!!
Because we tend to freak out, over analyze, over talk, talk ourselves out of, complain, and just downright work ourselves into fear and frustration.
But, He will quiet us! Our anxieties, the “what ifs”, the voices of reason that try to prevent us from stepping out on faith. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies. But, The Lord envelopes us into His arms and comforts us, he rocks us and silences us with His gentleness, mercies, and love.

What an amazing promise.

… And um…… How many of you went back to your middle school years and thought about all of the circumstances you wanted friends with you? Or, thought about a time you freaked out about something and someone had to calm you down? Lol.
Perfect picture, yes?

Have a great weekend, y’all!!

…. Here’s to complete gratitude for the amazing examples God has given us to show us what it looks like to trust & obey without reservation knowing His glory will be seen by all men… And, that he promises to be with and comfort us as we run the race He has assigned us.


… God is great, God is good

(this picture is completely unrelated to anything written below, but I ran my very first 5k on Saturday…. I’m incredibly proud of myself and totally praise God for the opportunity and guts. *** yes, there’s a story there…. maybe later! ***)

God is great. God is good…..
We know this. We’ve said it. We read it. We’ve recited year over too many breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack meals to count.

But, do we really grasp what God being great and God being good really means?

I, for one, did not. And, still have not fully grasped the depth and intensity of how good God is. I started to truly “get” his goodness through the struggles and heartaches of attempting to adopt….. but, I hope that I am forever in awe of these facts as I would hate to grow immune to their grip it has on the heartbeat of my soul and take it for granted.

Now, I’ve learned a lot about his during this chapter of infertility during the last couple of years but I am learning God in an entirely new way.

I’ve learned a while ago that God’s goodness is based solely on who He is. The part I struggled with is he remains good REGARDLESS of where I am in life. It’s not that I thought he began to be “bad” but more as if He almost quit being anything. I knew that He could never be bad, but I’m left in this horrible situation and it’s certainly seems as if He’s not doing anything good. Almost as if He was treating me as if I was an Isrealite before God freed them via Moses & Aaron…. He just quit listening to them and at some point He decided to turn a listening ear to them. Can you say that a God you KNOW is good is now bad because of this?

Does His state of goodness ever cease?

He is good because His mercies are never ending, He is good because His love unfailing… UNFAILING. He is good because He is with me always.

He is good because he chose me and is allowing me to impact my corner of the world for his Kingdom. An honor. My reasonable service.

He is good because he is perfecting me for His glory.

Most of all, because He is good and because we are made in His image, we have the ability, through the power of Jesus Christ who works inside of us, to be good, as well.

He is good and will always display His goodness to me because I am His child, and He is my Father in Heaven.

Matthew 7:11
“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!”

I wrote a piece for Style Magazine this past Tuesday about my views and hopes in raising “the good”.
I acknowledged that in order for my little wonders to be “the good”, I have to be and model the good.

I get my standards and characteristics of what “good” is from my Heavenly Father ….. For he is good.
Consistent…. Wise…. Forgiving…. Gracious…. Loving…. Merciful

I believe that the more I imitate God, the easier my children will come to know, trust, and love who He is. And, will more likely learn how to imitate Christ by way of modeling the goodness I portray to them. They will eventually learn on their own who God is and will move from imitating me to solely knowing and imitating Him directly.

Consider the contrary – how difficult would it be to understand that a person you cannot see, feel, or take in with any other sense, is good and loves you when those you can see, those who are responsible for you, are not good to you. Will you truly grasp forgiveness if its never been displayed to you? When you do, how long could it take? How much more difficult would it be to unlearn holding grudges, nastiness, and letting go of the past than it would be to never learn those detrimental characteristics in the first place?
From someone who’s been there…. it takes time. A few patient, good God imitating people, with a passion for Christ and helping others find freedom in Him to help you get there. It requires a willing spirit, long conversations, lots of self reflection/inventory, and understanding the real result of Christ’s decision to die on the cross to get it. It takes those good, God imitators to imitate, imitate, imitate and to be courageous enough to call you out when you’re wrong and are acting in anyway opposed to who Christ is. It takes them focusing more on Christ than your response to push you back to Him when you are so incredibly wrong. It requires you to be gripped by and understand the fact that Christ  took the penalty for our every sinful action, thought, word, and deed to understand that we have no reason to hold another hostage. Especially when we were and are forgiven so freely.


I do not believe that as parents, aunts, anyone over or even alongside another, we have the luxury to desire to be anything other than imitators of the ultimate good. Why? Because we have a direct impact on the next generations of kingdom builders.

We are to raise little images of Christ. We are charged with the responsibility to raise these little people who will become believers to leave our homes to form their own Christ centered homes to raise another generation of believers who will live out loud and serve God big.

Have you ever wondered how drastic the your home, school, work place, community, church (yup.), and WORLD can be changed if we all decided to own the fact that by the grace and power of God, we can be the good. What if we truly acted out and portrayed the good that Christ shows us daily?

I’ve realized that He is good always. Even when the Isrealites were enslaved…. God received (and,continues to receive) the utmost glory for the freedom of His people. They endured increasing pressure and hatred before the miracles and acts of God that led to their freedom. God would have never received AS MUCH glory if the degree of his percieved goodness equated to the intensity of the Isrealites’ comfort.

God’s glory and our comfort are typically inversely related. Things don’t typically turn around until later on in the chapter, as you continue to read a bit further into the book.  Then you notice patterns of struggle and heartache that preceed redemption and the peace of God…. sin will forever come before forgiveness, grace, and mercy. All of the events that lead up to God recieving the utmost glory are immensely difficult but definitely for our good. And, His glory.

So that pretty much means that we can count James 1:2 – 4 as true…. that we can absolutely consider struggles as pure joy….. the benefits of these hardships are good.

…. here’s to truly knowing and believing with your entire heart down to the depths of your very soul that God is GOOD… that He is FOR YOU… and, completely had you in mind before He created the foundations of the world.

… here’s not never being foresaken.