… never lose hope


Psalm 119:116 Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed.

Hope is an amazing feeling that drives us.

Its what keeps us checking our phones for a phone call or text from that person.

Its what moves us to step outside of our comfort zones.

Its what pushes us and keeps from giving up.

Without it we lose the will to do.

We try and give our best because of hope.

Without it, we empty and at a standstill. Filling with bitterness, anger, and self pity because of the loss.

Without hope there is no life in our faith. There isn’t a perspective that’s bigger than ourselves which allows us to experience joy in any circumstance. Without hope we of isolate ourselves in various ways, believing that there is nothing else that can be done about what we’re going through. We become blasé, jaded, and cynical.

Hopelessness won’t allow you to experience joys with your friends and family…. they’re good has come, it is now and because you’ve lost hope, you don’t believe that your good is on the way.

Without hope it’s hard to be patient and excited about the future.

“It’s not going to work anyway….”, “That will never happen.”, and “Nothing ever works for me” will be your mantras and act as self fulfilling prophecies.
(You have no hope to motivate you to do anything different.)

“Never” is not true in most contexts. “Never” won’t ever come in most situations. Ever.
Whatever you’re hoping for can happen. We just lose hope and faith and quit trying. Quit waiting.

Those words have been my mantras. They’ve cost me. They’ve put in positions that caused me to settle. And, what I realized is that I wasn’t being honest with God or myself about what I truly wanted or felt. I quit praying about those things because I’d lost hope in them ever happening. My heart was breaking and I wasn’t going to the only One in whom I could find hope.

We may have to wait. We may have to work hard. Our plans may change. Our desires will evolve. But, never will not ever come.

Our God is a Redeemer and can heal our disappointments. He can change the condition of another’s heart. He can give you the desires of your heart and a hope that will never disappoint. We have to seek Him and trust that He is for us no matter what our circumstances look like. He will never leave us.

Yes. Never. God will never  forsake us. He will never lie or go back on His promises. He will never stop loving or forgiving us. Those are nevers you can count on. Those nevers will never ever change.

We have to believe in the future God has for us. Believe that God’s promises are true. Trust Him when He says “Go.” and “Serve.” and “Give.” and “Be.” Trust that whatever is on the other side of that word, that command is better than what we are experiencing.

We have to trust in our Father for what is to come. He does not lie. He does not play with our emotions or manipulate us into thinking one thing while He has something else up His sleeve.

We hope with confidence in what’s to come. We have to believe and hope in Christ and His return just as we believe that the pair of heels we’ve ordered are on their way. When we understand who we’re waiting for, it’s a lot easier to live as if there is something to live for.

He will always be right there by our side. Leading us, comforting us, holding us, loving us, revealing things to us, protecting us, and keeping us.

Because if nothing else, everything that we’ve gone through is for our benefit and God’s glory.
And, that is enough.

We can put our hope, faith, and trust in our Lord.
The One who saved us. The One who sets the lonely in homes. Who forgives us. The one who hears the cries of His children and comes to their rescue. The one who covers us in grace every day.

The one who has set a great work before us, who has molded our hearts to be consumed with a love for His people, and who has commanded us to go with courage & strength.

… here’s to trusting God and facing our future with a hope in the  future.

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