… your turn is coming

I wanted to write a post for the ladies who are waiting.
Who are frustrated at the ticking clock. The passing months that turn into years.
The ones who are heard their tenth baby/pregnancy/adoption announcement.
Who are exhausted and emotionally drained and feel as if they can’t handle another failed test, failed treatments, or announcement.

Your situation can turn around so quickly. You have no idea what God is working on.

I encourage you not to give up. To wait with hope and faith believing that God has something JUST FOR YOU in the wings.

His timing is perfect. The blessings that are in His will & plan for you are better than anything you could think of.

Please wait. Don’t give in to the lies your emotions will lead you to and the enemy are trying to infiltrate your mind with. God has not forgotten about you.

I encourage you to use this time to build your relationship with your spouse. Dig into your word and draw close to God. It makes the wait more bearable. It confirms that The Lord is with you. You’ll see Him moving, you’ll see your trust and faith in Him build and become stronger.

God is good always. Even when He’s not doing what you want or when you want.

My heart goes out to you.
And, we aren’t at the finish line.
We may be a little further down the road but we’re walking the same path.

Grow. Expand your circles to women who are going through what you are experiencing. Build a circle and a community of women who will support you, pray for you, and stand with you.
I volunteer the first slot on roster.

Hear this incredibly annoying and frustrating phrase “Be patient.” from someone who has been and is being while walking on your shoes.

God is good. His will bless you in the hugest ways that you will never see coming.

… Here’s to building and growing while waiting.


… just be patient


I have to say that this is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. When I was first coming to truly know God, this scripture is what I put my money on.

There have been times when it was incredibly difficult to believe that everything I was experiencing was for my good – especially in the moment- but those same circumstances and issues have prepared me for where I am right now.

Trusting God through the muck of life shapes us into a more useful Christians. Someone God has been molding and shaping to do a specific work for Him. But, in order to see our struggles as a benefit to us and as preparation rather than “a bad hand dealt”, we have to understand that God has a wonderful plan for our lives. We have to trust that God is with us through it all. We have to truly believe that someday, that one day we will use the knowledge and experiences, the character improvements we gained for the building of God’s people and His kingdom.

That’s what this life is all about.

There are times we have to go through some tough times to truly learn who God is. Without knowledge of who He is, we cannot love Him. We can love the idea of Him but not Him. The thought that someone loves us and has a plan for us, who forgives us, and comforts us sounds fantastic until…….
but how will we move from an idea of God to knowledge of God without experience???

We can’t say we love a person until we know them… Until we have experienced them in the good and the bad. Seen them respond/react/behave in various positions & circumstances. Without knowledge we love who we think they are, we love the traits & behaviors we want to see. Not the person with 100% disclosure about their character, habits, or personality.

Everything is always grand until we get into a tough spot.

God knows that if everything is always good, we love the idea of Him. Not Him for who He is. He is a comforter- but how will we ever know that unless we have to be comforted? A healer- not to those who are well. A provider. A protector. A deliverer. Almighty. Gracious.

And, it’s when “all things” aren’t perfect. When “all things” are hard for a very long time. When “all things” are falling apart that we learn to trust and depend on our Savior. When we learn the most about Him. When we learn that He is exactly who He says He is when we learn to love and trust Him.

That is when “all things” work together for us. Our pasts and our struggles prepare us for a platform God will give us to share our stories, our testimonies, our experiences with others to give them hope and strengthen our faith.

We’re here for each other. Our “all things” aren’t only to be a benefit to us, but for the entire body! We all struggle with the same things – God planned it perfectly that way in order for us to be able to support each other and point us back to the truths of God in our times of need.

All things work together for good. For those who love God and are called to His purpose.

It will be okay. No matter what it is – it will always be okay and work out for our good & God’s glory!

A promise. You just have to believe it. Believe that our God cannot lie and will make good on what He says.

…. here’s to learning patience and discipline .. to being pushed closer to God & learning who He is while we wait for the good to come.