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… patience


when I tell you I have completely fallen in love with the scripture. I have fallen head over heels in love with God’s word.

Sounds strange, even to me, because I’ve been a Christian forever, but when I began to truly seek after God, I began to see Him in so many different ways.

When I was forced on my knees through our infertility, I began to learn so much more about Him & I came to know Him much better.

I see His word differently now than I ever have before. I crave it. The scriptures I favorited are now welcoming more and more favorites into the fold and I’m seeing even more of God’s character revealed to me. It’s amazing.

I have no idea what God has planned for us. But, I am trusting Him wholeheartedly. I am believing Him and faithfully praying about what He would have us to do next.

I love how God plans our lives before He places us ever so carefully in our mother’s womb. He knew we would seek after Him and need to hear something from Him in our most difficult times. He knew that we would run to Him with tear streaked faces pleading for relief. He knew exactly what we would need and He has provided it for us.

He knew we would need encouragement and a bit of a push to get us going when we found ourselves stuck. So, He gave us His word. Full of wisdom and insight, encouragement and models. He gave us a body of brothers and sisters to unite with and lean on.

He is here with us always. In various forms – His written word, song, prayer, His Holy Spirit, & others around us.

They all encourage us to be joyful, resilient, patient, long suffering, tolerate, hopeful, and faithful.

Just do it. Lean on Him. Seek after Him. And, give Him room to love on you.

… here’s to accepting the love of a Father who will never leave us or forsake us and to trusting His word and believing in Him enough to obey. It’s hard to so worth it!


… little grasshopper

photo 1-1

You know what I find hilarious (besides the fact that I’m accepting that I cannot scroll up or down on Thomas’ Mac mousepad? … I’ve tried consistently, I can’t do it. :()

…. all of the things you think you will or won’t do when you have kids.

I do NOT like matching the girls. I feel that they should wear their own outfits, be their own persons, and communicate their own style. Complimenting in terms of pictures – yes. Matching – no. We’re shooting our Give1Save1 video tomorrow and I fought the temptation to style them in matching colors/concepts. SMH. Now, I’m considering what I should wear and if Thomas and I should compliment them.

I think that’s too much and that we should just be “us” without forcing anything but man is the temptation to look “perfect” a struggle.

As you can see, Aliya and I wore matching jeans today.
Her request.
And, I balanced a line today. My auto response was “Absolutely!” Then, I thought, “… But, we’ll be matching…” (Again, I hate matchy, matchy.)

But, there we are, pictured above, in all of our matchy jeans glory. And, I enjoyed it. Very much like how I enjoy her trying to style her hair like mine.
(Makes my heart go pity pat!)

photo 3

When I have the girls my focus is very much what they look like. I would hate, hate, hate for them to look disheveled or unkept while they’re with me. So, naturally, I semi-panicked (on the inside) about the fact that they had one SPOT of polish on their hands and that Ari’s curls didn’t fall exactly how I wanted them to and I may have felt some sort of way when she looked in the mirror and said her bow made her look like a clown.

Me: A clown? mmmmmmmmmm-kay. Not really but do you like your hair?
Me: ??? Oh.. okay! *** CONFUSED!!!!****

But really…….
Who cares if we match, or don’t match. Who cares if they have perfectly polished nails and toes. Who cares if they’ve lost a bow or aren’t wearing their nicest outfits to church every Sunday.

photo 4

As much as I am a believer and an advocate of presenting yourself well, I also want to teach that what you look like isn’t nearly as important as who you are.
And, that they aren’t synonymous. And, that the value placed on both of these entities are communicated in the most suttle ways.

I hope I remember that later on.

That walking out of the house and into the world looking picture perfect with my perfectly matched and accessorized baby isn’t nearly as important as how I treat others around me.

I hope I remember that a peaceful, patient mama is more valuable than a well put together, irritable mama ….

I hope I remember how easily these things are forgotten in the exhaustion and hubbub of the day. I’m sure I’ll put pressure on myself to “get it”…..  to do everything right….. to feel and be capable and efficient….. to look the part of a “successful” mama in whatever ways successful means to me, that I could lose sight of what ought to be my goal and end up being a cantankerous, drippy faucet type wife and mama. And, I will end up sending my husband to the corner of the roof. (Proverbs 25:24; 27:15 )

photo 2-1

I try to remember that my responses aren’t ever about me…. that I am an example of my Father to the world – unbelievers of all ages and believers in various stages of their journey.

That we effect each other. We can encourage and inspire or we can derail and offend.

 We aren’t perfect in any sense of the word, we all can have behavior outbursts (remember my most recent “expression” here?) but the most important thing is:

what do we do when we’re done?

photo 5What I have learned is that our moments aren’t ours alone but that we are just extensions of each other. We affect each other in ways that we may never see or can imagine.

We are here to help, encourage, support, guide, lean on, depend, entertain, uplift, and care for each other. With our words and actions. No matter how we’re feeling.

That is what I’m finding is most important and the most challenging.
Treating others with kindness no matter how I feel.

… here’s to beginning our days with prayer and devotion. to set our minds on the only One whose power and grace we depend on to become more and more like Him. 🙂



… teaching


Never, ever in a million years did I want to be a teacher.

But, here I am.

I enjoy it. I learn from it. I grow. I endure. I expand. I aspire. I am educated and humbled because of what I choose to do on a daily basis.

And, it is hard.

But, most rewarding.

Teaching as a profession is so much more than depositing information into the minds of little people who begin the school year with a lot less knowledge than they end it with.

It’s seeing something special, worthwhile, and unique in a child who doesn’t see much inside themselves.


It’s inspiring children who have low expectations of themselves to want greater than they thought possible.

It’s encouraging a few children to do something, most children to more, and all children to their best.

It’s knowing what your limits are…. Knowing your boundaries lie…. So, that you can do as much teaching, encouraging, and inspiring as you can.

For me, I have to eat and have a to do list. If I’m hungry with a load to do surrounding children who have a thousand questions, a few hundred tattles, and not one obedient desire in their little hearts – I easily go left. Far left. And, raise my voice. Fuss. Roll my eyes. Huff. Ignore. And, become incredibly impatient.

That’s not who God calls me to be when I walk into my classroom everyday.

I believe as a teacher, I am to help develop these kiddos who sit in my classroom everyday into people of great character.

I am to model equality. Patience. Grace. Mercy. Joy. Peace. Forgiveness. Love.

Good grammar.


I give hugs. I compliment. I play. I model. I color. I create. I correct. I challenge.

I do the best I can.


And, I am glad to say that that “everyday” will end tomorrow at 1:30p.

I hope every teacher across this wide, open country of ours has the most spectacular summer imaginable.


I hope you get raises.

I hope you feel blessed, treasured, and appreciated.

I hope you recognize the enormity of the efforts you put into every lesson you teach daily.


I hope you recognize your impact and how necessary you are.

… here’s to allllll of the students we teach every year, that grab our hearts, and those few who give you more than a reason to come to work everyday.

They are why we do what we do.