… it’s not just make up


So, apparently I put my make up on at school on a regular basis. And, much more often than I realize bc a co-worker came into my class & I heard one of my boys (without missing a beat )says, “She’s in the restroom putting on her makeup.” Lol. Which I found hilarious & laughed out loud- as I continued putting on my make up.

Any who, my eyebrow pencil completely ran out on me this morning. I went to roll it up & there was nothing there. Nothing. I was literally confused for a second. Not because I didn’t comprehend what just happened (yes, it’s a big deal) but because I was lost for a second. If you’re a make up wearer, you understand how missing a step in your regimen throws you. It took a minute to decide whether or not to put on eye shadow.

I did. And, moved on.

At that moment the simplest life lesson was solidified – we can move on after a disappointment without losing our minds. We can move on knowing that even when the loss/hurt/broken compact/lost lipstick, life isn’t over.

I know that everything isn’t equitable to a used up eye brow pencil.
But, I do know that what we choose to focus on and believe effects how we live on the other side of that hurt.

I know that some things hurt us to our very core; but, I also know that even out of our deepest hurts can come our greatest growth.

I know that when we focus on our issue instead of our God, we do feel as if there is no hope and nothing past the now. That the issue completely feels as if it cannot be overcome. I know it.

I have to constantly pray through my lowest moments and remind myself of who God is and how much he loves me. Focusing on Him continues to bring me hope and peace even when I’m hurt; I know in that it’s because of Him I have a future and it’s in Him where I find peace & comfort.

Eye brow pencil or not.
Enjoying preferences or going without. Receiving what I want or enduring the wait a bit longer.
Either way, I am loved and provided for. I’m protected and peaceful.

Everything is okay. No matter what. Life moves on and we continue to persevere.

The good news??
When we realize that life will move on and can move on just as wonderfully with or without, going without isn’t (always) hard (every day).

Guys, this is hard. It’s so hard to feel great hurt and not allow it to take over. But, I know & believe that if go to God with our hurts & allow Him access to them, He will heal our hearts and give us the peace & grace to accept what is and the strength to take one day at a time.
Let’s challenge ourselves to allow God to cover us with love and be our comfort. I believe God will honor our efforts to trust Him.

… here’s to getting through the day even when we’re disappointed, hurting, & not feeling our best.