32w catch up!


How are we feeling??!?!?!
We had a really good 32nd week! Felt good and was still pretty active!!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
We were growing and doing well….. no issues….. had a bit more swelling than usual, so I bought some uber cute and incredibly fashionable compression tights and knee-highs. Bigger babies, less fluid means mama gets kicked. H A R D. But, I’m just glad that they active and playing with each other!

So, how are you feeling?!
I felt good….. I prepped the car with their car seats, their diaper bags, and my bag! All clothes are washed and ready, diapers organized…….. So, I was good. BUT, super emotional.


Anything else?
Nope. Just excited about these weekly appointments and getting more and more excited about meeting my girls!

From mommy….
Y’all are full of surprises. Have been from the very beginning and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

– mommy


if this isn’t love

pl3Y’all, I’m literally blown away that I’m in week 18 of my pregnancy.

I’m halfway to our goal of 36 weeks and I couldn’t be anymore thankful that this experience has been as easy as it’s been. I know that pregnancy isn’t always easy and it isn’t always fun, so I know that I’ve really been blessed to have such a smooth four and a half months. Our little babes are growing so, so well and I’m so happy that they’re also doing so well so far. I can’t believe how BIG they are…. we used to be able to see both of them on the ultrasound machine at the same time; now we can only see one at a time and half of them at that! Watching them makes my entire day! They swallow now (so cute to see!!) and I’m starting to consistently feel a few movements a day now!! And, I can’t say that I don’t poke, shake, and press on my belly hoping to get a little action in response! lol.pl2

Pre-pregnancy, I thought pregnant women were only uncomfortable due to the large belly and the person rolling around inside of it. But, I’ve learned otherwise! lol. So, these days, I’m all about making myself comfortable at all costs, no matter what! I (almost) have no shame!!! So far,  that means I wear flats 6 out of the 7 days of the week, am working on carrying cross body bags and clutches rather than over the shoulder purses I like to pack with anything I “may” need, lol. All of which are huge moves for me. H U G E life changes but definitely worth it.

One of (the many) most un-fun purchases I’ve made so far has been a belly band. T and I set out today to pick one up per doctor’s orders (for the second time… eek!) and I wasn’t too thrilled when the sales woman pulled it out, but was so happy after I tried it on. I mean, it’s a huge surgical white, velcro clad contraption that is not very attractive but feels like heaven. I’m sold.

Last but not least, my favorite comfort piece thus far – Preggo Leggings.
They’re comfortable, soft, fit like a dream.pl1

One issue I have with maternity pants is that the band that fits over your belly gets uncomfortable during the day. As my belly grows throughout the day (we eat a lot, k?) the band would get more and more uncomfortable. I’m constantly fussing with them; I’m constantly pulling them up and would eventually end up folding the band down because it’s just so uncomfortable! I mean, why add to the irritation, yea? Not with the belly band of these leggings! It’s amazing how comfortable they are! The band wasn’t uncomfortable nor did it dig into my skin!

These leggings never have to be adjusted. NEVER. They stay put, but move along with you. I was honestly a bit concerned about wearing leggings while pregnant because in being short and small, I’d have to pull them up or adjust the legs a lot even before pregnant. I thought I’d have to do the same while pregnant – not so! I didn’t touch these leggings ONCE while we were out. That’s huge for me and I’m completely sold. Such a fashionable, easy, and quick piece to toss on and get out of the door in!!

I’m in love.
In love with flats, slings & cluches, belly bands, and super comfortable leggings.
And, with these babies who will one day soon make me a mom.pl4