… peace in the mornings


Being a teacher has a few perks…….. One of them being plenty of breaks & one of the others is cancelled class/school due to “inclement” weather. Southern/Texan/Houstonian inclement weather is worlds apart from Northern/East coast inclement weather, but I will definitely take what I can get! I will NOT complain!!

This morning afforded me time to wake up and enter the day quietly. Without my mind (or alarm clock) bugging and reminding me that I needed to get moving. I have a tendency to stay up too late & exhaust myself which makes mornings pretty rough. So, as much as I’d like to ease into the mornings, my quiet time doesn’t usually come until I’m at school putting on my makeup in my classroom’s bathroom.

(Can you hear the need for quiet? For rest??)

Squeezing in quiet time while greeting my students, making sure they’re turning in homework, going to breakfast, or talking to each other with an “inside voice” is not really quiet time. And, definitely isn’t focused or peaceful.

I was grateful for this morning. Grateful for the peace. And, opportunity to rest in God’s presence while turning over my frustrations/concerns and thanking Him for His peace, our girls, & His very own presence.

Last week, I realized just how much peace & calmness I needed.
I got a deep tissue massage and my therapist was shocked at my “concrete” back. I had so many wound up muscles that had to be released in my neck & back. I realized a few things. One, I hold tension in my back. I’ve come to know that my normal isn’t healthy. Two, I need regular massages. Three, I need to relax. & get back to stretching & practicing yoga regularly.

I need to relax. And, rest.
And, it’s a skill I’m going to have to teach myself that involves turning everything over to Jesus every moment they arise. All of the concerns, worries, fears, & frustrations.

It was a wonderful thing to enjoy quiet mornings and calm, released muscles. I can almost feel myself tightening up again so I’ve been careful about my posture and stretching every moment I can.

I know that self care comes a happier and more joyous spirit, a more patient teacher & wife, & a more available friend…. We’re our best selves when we’re taken care of.
I’m working to teach/train myself to take better care of my body. To rest well. To really cast my cares. And, to be gracious to myself towards myself; especially in those moments when I’m not my best self. Instead of beating myself up about it- cover myself in grace & give my feelings to God to work out. And, rest in His presence. That absolutely means
respectfully & lovingly not responding and being still. 🙂

I hope your mornings were peaceful and easy!!!! It’s definitely a practice I’m ready to learn!

…. here’s to getting my complete fill of Jesus in in the mornings, accepting the peace he offers, & resting in His presence & grace!


… early morning worship

I must say that it is true…. the more you learn and know about WHO God is, the more you want to worship Him for being just that – God.

The funniest part is, the older I get, the more I enjoy those old hymns that I hated singing when I was younger. The words didn’t make sense, there were too many “thous”, it was slow… But, if they aren’t true and applicable, if they aren’t the best prayers, and the most needed affirmations I don’t know what is.

So. Thanks to my Hillsong Pandora Station I heard these gems early this morning and HAD to share!!!
(The videos aren’t the most “up to date” or “entertaining” but that’s okay. I just chalk it up to the goodness of these songs and the truth of their lyrics not competing with visual distractions! lol

In Christ Alone – Geoff Moore & Adrienne Liesching
…. This song is my mantra right now and I’m so thankful to God for allowing me to hear it this morning. It’s what I need. My affirmation. My truth.

Open the Eyes of My Heart – Micheal W. Smith
… So thankful God opened my heart to something I wasn’t in the slightest bit interested in… He is truly amazing and I’m loving watching His plan unfold. I can see how all of the heartache and pain from the past couple of years has driven me to my knees, forcing me to learn to trust and depend on Him. Where would I be if I’d never experienced it?

Hope you enjoy these songs just as much as I have!!!
Have a great day!
Be bold in truth and love today!

Pray for us – we have another information meeting with another adoption agency tonight! We need guidance!

…. here’s to starting the morning off with worship!