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No fear


She laughs without fear of the future.
– Proverbs 31:25

(….. Or anything else for that matter.)

The day may be hard but I am TRULY finding joy in all that’s around and within me. For starters, the truth that was stated over and over again in my reading this morning. We cry out to God & he saves us. He comes to us. He gives us what we need. He redeems and forgives. He consoles and comforts. Every time. Which causes us to worship him. Love him. Trust him. Depend on him. And, shows that he is who He says he is. Every time.

We can go back in “our history” as Saul says and recount the goodness of The Lord. And, worship and be glad in HIM. In Him, alone.

So after that, on to materialistic fleeting things. Lol.
I’m excited about unleashing this hair again today…. I curled it on flexi rods last night a bit differently than the other night, so I am pumped to see what it looks like.
Then, brunch (always) brings about some excitement… Hanging with the fam bam makes it more fun, too!!
And, dress wearing in the summer makes my heart smile.

I’m thankful for today. Thankful for the amazing texts & love I received today. It leaves me speechless and brings tears to my eyes. Y’all rock!

Happy Mama’s Day!!! Enjoy it!


… fourth


Happy Fourth!!!!!

BBQ. Fireworks. Sun. Shorts. Pools. Baseball. Picnics. Lake. Boats. Parties!

However you spent your holiday – I hope it was fantastic!

I’m so happy we had an opportunity to spend time with the girls for the Fourth!

Both my brother and sister live out of state so to have everyone in one space, at one time has been pretty fun!

We had such a great time popping fireworks and caught some pretty amazing pictures that I can’t wait to comb through and edit!
They’ll definitely be added to our adoption file and framed around the house!

Loved it!!!!!


More pictures to come soon….. Can’t wait to share!

Minor Tidbit- over the past couple of weeks, during my morning quiet time, I’ve been asking God to show me who He wants me to be that day. How I can show the fruits of the Spirit that He is definitely pruning me to bear and how I could be a bit more thoughtful of others.

It’s amazing how just focusing your morning on who God wants you to be – how being relationship oriented versus task oriented can change your day.
What a great lesson I learned a few weeks ago at Bible study!!

How our worlds could change if we were more concerned about our fellow brothers and sisters than our tasks or ourselves.

I’m continuing to pray on that. Live and believe that God’s character and His promises will change lives.

…. Have a great PEOPLE focused weekend, friends!!!


… freedom


Memorial Day weekend.

The beginning, the start of summer.

Cookouts. Pool parties. Sales. Travel.
A break. A holiday. An off day.

Another holiday that has become devalued and commercialized.

We, the people, who benefit from the sacrifices of our Armed Services and the other men and women who serve in the various arenas of our government.

We are forever indebted to them.

We are a safer people because of their sacrifice.

We have a freedom that most of the world does not have the privilege to enjoy.

And, how do we show gratitude?

How respectful are you when saying the Pledge??

As a teacher, I would think that I say Pledge of Allegiance more than most. And, unfortunately, I’m usually bogged down and finishing “something” during our morning devotion. I attempt to pause, to respect, and honor the sacrifice of my friends and family daily. But, there are days when I don’t.

What a day to pause. To remember. To realign ourselves with what we should be teaching. How we could be honoring.

Our troops. The ones who are serving, fighting, and sacrificing their lives, limbs, families, and time for US! The ungrateful, the unaware, the Americans who are so far away from the realities of war and death.

Celebrate today. With your friends and family. Enjoy the weather. Maybe even take part in sale.

But, I challenge you, I challenge myself, to take a moment (or plenty) to honor a solider. Current and past. Who has dedicated his life and time away from his family to keep you and your family safe.


We have a tendency to forget.

Forget what has been sacrificially done for us and those who have sacrificed while enjoying the benefits of the sacrifice.

We say we never forget but our actions tell a different story.

Don’t forget the sacrifices our soldiers or our Lord who sacrificed so much for US.
The ones who are fully aware of the enormity of the sacrifices they make daily for their fellow man. For the men and women who are completely unaware. We will never completely understand or be aware of their sacrifice but we can definitely respect and acknowledge it.

…. here’s to my father who served. my brother in law who has recently come back and will too soon return to fight. And, to the many others I know who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice living their lives, spending time with their families, watching their children grow, who are missing out on the day to day so that you can enjoy all of that with yours.

Thank you.