… complete newness


I found this gorg picture of Ezekiel 11:19 on @wordsnacks Instagram…… Go check them out for sure! Then stop by my page (@amayes)& wave hello! Lol.

I love that God gives us a new heart and spirit upon salvation. One that will become more and more like Him as we draw nearer and nearer to Him, as we grow in knowledge of Him, as we serve Him.

I love that promise. I love that we will not remain our old sinful selves as we unite and become one with Him.

I love that He loves us enough to give him a portion of Himself – I love that there’s enough of Him to go around.

Praise God for creating in us a new, clean heart that desires Him. A spirit that cherishes Him & will be sanctified, a perfected spirit that will He will present to Himself.

A heart that shares His concerns for the least of these, the widow, the orphan. A spirit of peace, lovingkindness, strength, perseverance, gentleness & humility.

Not sure about you but I am so grateful for that. Grateful that my sins have been paid for & because of Christ I have been adopted and redeemed….. My heart renewed. Wiped clean and will soon be reunited with my Savior.

What a promise for a sinful little lady who recognizes her need for her God.

Hope y’all enjoy y’all’s Saturday….. I’m about to serve & worship at The 429. Check out their podcasts!!! They’re amazing!

… here’s to newness in Christ. Unmistakable. Irrevocable. Undeserving. Yet graciously given by the father!


… celebrate


Hey y’all!!!!

I hope you have had an amazing weekend!!!

Mine was filled with graduations and time with friends that are really family as worshipping!!

I am so full of GOOD!!! emotions, so completely overwhelmed with God’s goodness, His plans, and work that he’s doing in the lives of lovelies around me.

I know that He is doing some amazing work and I am choosing to trust and worship Him in spite of what things look like. I can’t see the evidence of His work right now, but I believe in faith that He is IS indeed working and that the end result will bring Him great glory!!

I encourage you to turn your focus from what’s happening in the present, what you CAN see and believe in faith that God truly is working on something just for you that will glorify our Father more than you ever thought possible.

Your story isn’t just for you. The things happening in your life, aren’t happening for your benefit alone. Your struggles are bigger than you & your pain. It’s all about God and bringing other people to Him while you faithfully worship and live out that faith.

Trust God. Keep going. Choose to live purposefully and use your story to honor God. To uplift Him. To focus all of your attention towards Him.

The more you focus on Him the more you will recognize His goodness. The more you will see opportunities to worship and glorify Him.

Enjoy your Sunday, y’all!!!

… here’s to living joyfully and purposefully!


… Saturday night fever

Random Saturday night post about a couple Pinterest quotes I unearthed from one of my boards today. Not feeling well + hubs is out of town = lots of downtime. And, walking up and down the stairs. While listening to your neighbors play the dress, shout, and train their dog. For our little community to be so small, it get get quite lively over here at random times of the day.

Anywho…. have fun with my thoughts. 🙂

One thing about challenges, frustrations, and life just hanging you upside down….. you get a different perspective about who you are. And, you learn to enjoy the view.

As inconvenient as certain areas in my life are and as quirky as I know I can be, I deeply appreciate the twists and turns of this life. I’ve become grateful for hardship, for being uncomfortable, and for having to suffer through a few things. Your character can definitely be refined if you allow it. Your perspective can broaden and what you will learn about yourself will surprise you. And, the ability to self soothe (I know it’s a term used for kids but I think it definitely can apply to adults, as well) in crisis or periods of estrogen overload are crucial (especially for us ladies!!).

Strength comes from heavy lifting… the ability to get through comes from getting through some pretty difficult times…. and, thankfully smiling through it all comes from a hope and a faith that these tough days aren’t going to last forever and realizing that there is something to smile about in each and every one of them.

luke(and, again, Pinterest does not disappoint!)

I am very much a “say what you feel” kinda person. OBVIOUSLY… I blog just about everything that happens in my life if not directly, very indirectly (like this post!) …… but, I feel and I feel hard. Good and bad. I’m becoming so much more aware and sensitive to things that didn’t bother me before and I’m beginning to speak out more and more about those things. I’ve learned while still learning when to speak the good & the bad and when not to, how to say what needs to be said…. and, I learn best when I mess up royally. I’ve gotten a whole lot better but I still have a ways to go to reach my goal so lessons are annoying but exciting. Even good, encouraging words have their time and place.
I’ve got to learn to guard my heart a bit better, too. So many issues have their way of tugging at my heart strings that have no business. They drain my energy and can put a damper on my day.
But, this openness isn’t something I want to change – I generally enjoy this trait of mine… I think it’s important to tell people how you feel and to tell them often. I’m not always the greatest at telling often to people I don’t have direct contact with daily, but I’ll get better at that, too.


There’s something about Winnie the Pooh that either confuses you or makes you happy. Maybe both. I think I can be a mixture of strange yet captivating so I can understand his struggle. lol. But, I love this little quote of his. This one and “Love it not spelled, it’s felt”… everyone say “awwwwww….”. I love love. Literally think it’s the most wondrously bit of perfection ever created. It changes everything. It makes you bold and courageous. I truly believe that loving another person with everything makes you a better human being. Love is an action. The very nature of it makes you want to sacrifice, put the other person ahead of yourself, and often sends you off to do things you never would have imagined. Love will have you enduring many difficult and uncomfortable situations, forgiving when that’s the last thing you want to do, and accepting things you don’t quite like. But, isn’t that amazing? You grow because of love. Especially when the love for the other supersedes your own happiness. In a perfect world our own selfish desires and wants wouldn’t effect us loving in action in the many ways it requires but it can… When it does, the hope is that your loved one is able to love in action and show patience, forgiveness, and grace. And, you’re able to keep it moving fairly quickly and seamlessly. We want those sparkling gems when we’re selfish so lets be quite generous when they’re needed by another!

…. here’s to loving fiercely and living life with purpose where we are. You never know where you’ll end up.