the Plexus difference

super sat 2 If you’ve never heard of Plexus, I’m glad you’re here.
If you’ve avoided/ignored or don’t believe in us, please stay a while.
If you have but have opted out of jumping on board as an ambassador or customer, grab a seat.
Either way, thanks for coming.
You’ll like it here.

Plexus is an all natural health and wellness company and it will change the quality of your life. That sounds drastic and overly dramatic, but I promise you…. if you were to begin on these products and give them a fair shot (drink the suggested amount of water, make good meal choices, & take products as suggested) for at least two months, you would see a world of difference in how you look & feel and how your body operates.

 My friend and I at Super Saturday

The longer I’m a part of this business, the more my passion grows and the harder I work. These products are truly improving the health of so many people without the use of medications or unhealthy fad diets. Many ambassadors and their friends and families’ doctors are taking them off of medication because of the change Plexus had made in their overall health. Plexus is soothing eczema, reducing IBS symptoms, clearing acne, reducing headaches/migraines, bettering nightly sleep, easing PMS/cycle pains (I have endometriosis, the struggle was real!!), addressing thyroid issues (bye, bye Synthroid), and balancing blood sugar/cholesterol/lipid levels. And, that’s a short list.

While Plexus isn’t a miracle or magic pill, it’s a tool that has helped thousands upon thousand of people turn their lives around when they chose to be committed to consistency. It’s been a game changer and how so many people have been able to improve their health. Not slightly improve, but drastically improve. So much so that the quality of their everyday is better than it’s been in years.

One of the friends I’ve met through Plexus, Ro’Derica, has an amazing story to tell about how Plexus completely turned her life around.
Here it is.
“Growing up, I had always been a little thick. People would often say, “Oh you’re pretty, for a big girl, or you have a pretty face.” My thought to these “compliments” were, Is this really a compliment? Why can’t I just be pretty rather than only certain parts of me? That never stopped me from being me. I was very social, head cheerleader, popular in school, and genuiely well-liked. People often said they loved how confident I was. Truth is, I have never been fully satisfied with my weight. No matter how well I ate, how much I worked out (which was frequently), I was still thicker. As a adult I had learned to accept my curves, but I still needed to get to the root cause of the extra weight. My friend Angela introduced me to Plexus and explained gut health. My ears perked up and I started taking the products. Within a week, I was sleeping better, eliminating regularly, and had increased energy. It feel good to seem normal again. As the months passed, the inches and pounds melted away. and I went from a size 24/26 to an 18/20. I had always eaten healthy, but I started drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water daily along with taking my products consistently. I am thankful for Plexus for showing me what healthy really is. My gut loves me for it now and I can be a model for my daughter. :)”
rodericaWhile Ro’Derica approved this message, what she didn’t tell me is how her quality of life has been improved, but I can imagine.
I can imagine how even though the beautiful, friendly woman on the left was confident, she was probably uncomfortable.
I can imagine the disappointment and sadness she felt when she couldn’t keep up with her small, active daughter.
I can imagine that while she was confident in who she is and the person God created her to be, that she knew that her health had to improve but didn’t want to be disappointed and discouraged when (possibly another) diet failed. AGAIN.
I know this woman wanted to be able to walk.
She wanted to be comfortable in restaurants, shopping in stores without constant reminders of her size.
The woman on the right will be forever grateful that the woman on the left loved herself enough to make a choice that would change her life.
A choice that wouldn’t require insane caloric intakes, meal replacements, & ridiculous food regimens.
Her health is improving, which will increase the her chances of being able to enjoy her friends and family a bit longer without heart issues or complications.
That woman on the left is going to be able to enjoy the spring and summer outdoors with her daughter in a way she wouldn’t have been able to before.
That woman on the right is more comfortable shopping for clothes. And, choosing a seat.
I believe she feels less joint and back pain. I can imagine she’s able to hug a bit tighter.
And, pedicures are more comfortable, too.

A quality of life change has occurred.
And, she’s not even done yet.

Now, think about the quality of your days.
Think about how making one simple choice, how saying “yes” can change your life.
It doesn’t have to be a confident “YES!” you shout from the top of your voice.
I gave a haphazard ‘this probably won’t work or last’ kind of “yes.”
You may whisper yours.
But, will you say it??

Do me a favor.
Think of how you feel each day.
(Don’t limit your thoughts to weight… simply think about how you feel overall.)
Think about and  imagine how you want to feel.
Then, email me so we can talk about how Plexus can help you get there.



Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetSo, I’m a new mama to twins via c-section, right? So, I have a bit of a belly that says “a couple people used to live here” and as much as I loved being pregnant, I don’t love my vacant baby belly.

So, I’ve decided to take charge of my health and body by using Plexus! It took me a bit to hop off the fence and take the plunge but I did and I’m really excited about it. Not only because it will effect my body, but mainly because of the health benefits that will result in using the products. I’m much more comfortable with the products because they aren’t quick weight loss/diet pills that are harmful to your body. Plexus addresses health from the inside out; it targets the why behind health issues. Not curing them, just as exercise isn’t a cure all, but it definitely helps!

Now, before y’all start talking about how great I look (which I really appreciate) and how I just need to start working out and eating clean to achieve the same results I gotta be real about a few things.

I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight so that’s not a concern and I know my evacuated belly really isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things, in addition to it only being two months, one week, and five days since my little princesses arrived… they practically just got here – but, who’s counting! …. and, even though I’ve been cleared to work out, I’m realizing after a few home workout sessions that my body is NOT ready for that yet. After having the “c-section burn” for about a week, I totally listened to my body and tossed the sports bra back and work out gear to the side. We’re not ready yet. Although I’m no gluten free, totally clean eating type of healthy eater, I think I do okay and I’ve always been an active person.  While I’m a definite believer in nutrition and exercise as a way to combat health issues, Plexus products will address and alleviate some of the issues that have been a part of my life even with regular exercise for some time.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty pumped about gaining control of my health and look forward to feeling better all around!

I’ll be posting progress pictures and giving you deets on how Plexus is working for me!

………… and, in addition to me using this product, I’m selling it, too!! So, if you’re interested in knowing more about it and how it can help you reach your health goals, lemme know! You can email me at! 🙂


call it experienced…



Is this not just the sweetest fetal position ever? 

So, like any woman who gives birth, one of our concerns is getting our bodies “back”. I’m not obsessive about my body or what I eat by any means but I’d be lying if I said I don’t look in the mirror and think “oh…… gawsh. I won’t ever be the same.”

I know that my girls being in the NICU has me distracted from a lot. Getting my body back being the top of the list. I can’t focus on my body when I’m spending my days with my girls – they’re more important than anything.

But, this morning, I got a bit of perspective that I appreciate more than life.

This morning, I was getting dressed in front of the mirror and I see all of the stretch marks that grace my sides and surround my belly button. While I was pregnant I didn’t mind because my belly was full and the stretch marks didn’t seem so bad. But now that there are no babies filling me, everything is much looser and kinda deflated. So, my marks seem more pronounced.

I literally said, “My body is ruined.”
Then, my very next thought was, “No, honey… it’s experienced.

I have had the glorious opportunity to experience a pregnancy… a pregnancy unassisted by medicine, one that wasn’t accompanied by the stress of “getting pregnant”, one that completely a surprise. Something that I didn’t think would ever happen. I’ve had to go through fertility treatments, I’ve had to deal with the disappointment of failed attempts month after month and it was devastating.

I had the opportunity to carry twins… to experience them grow… to feel them kick and squirm… to watch them breathe, hiccup, yawn, and move.

This pregnancy has allowed me to experience motherhood. Looking at my girls everyday reminds of how blessed we are, how faithful our God is, and how sweet life can be.

This pregnancy was something I thought I would ever experience and if it caused me to have a few stretch marks – so be it.

My body may or may not return to it’s pre-pregnancy size…. I don’t know how long my little pooch will be. But, it’s alright. It truly is okay. Would I like for my mid section to be nice and tight? To be flat? To not show that life even existed inside of me before? I don’t know.

What I do know is that there’s no need to rush the process of getting back into shape…. especially after carrying two! There’s no need to stress and add even more (self-induced) pressure. We’ll get there. I mean between my incredibly high blood pressure and waiting for my milk to come in, worrying about my body isn’t going to help anything.

As new moms, we are bombarded with so many images and perspectives that tell us what we should look like after having our children. Yes, I think it’s stinking awesome that many of my friends have amazing bounce back a month or two after having their babies. But, that isn’t everyone’s story for whatever reason. Obviously, the more children you carry, the more difficult it could be to come back. I’d encourage every new mama, including myself, to focus on being healthy first. Caring for yourself first. And, giving yourself time to heal, recover, and lose however much weight you gained over the last 8-10 months. Time. It’s alright to look like you had a baby/babies – you did!

Love yourself. Love your experience. Love the time it takes and don’t rush yourself. And, remind me to do the same! And, when we do get the all clear to work out – let’s be gentle with ourselves. Eating well is the first step in getting pre pregnancy self back…. so we can start that NOW. Can we start there? Together? Postpartum or not…….. you in? 🙂