… i love my hair!

I am absolutely loving my hair! It’s short, it’s curly, it’s nothing that anyone would think I would do!

And, it’s already grown on me.

I’m having the BEST time figuring out what works for my curls and what doesn’t and luckily I think I hit the jackpot with new products already!

After my hair was cut yesterday, my friend let me sample (and, take home!!!) a few of her favorite products and luckily they work really well for me! I visited CVS today and picked up a couple companion products that I feel in love with on the first use!
****** insert happy dance!!!!! ******

So, I can absolutely say, that this point in my natural state, that Curls Unleashed works great for my hair!!! All, the other “stuff” I had at home (oils, cremes, etc) will be tossed in the trash! They gunked up & weighed down my relaxed hair so I’m pretty sure they won’t be curl-friendly!

Even though all of these products “define”curls – they all do something a little differently to spruce your curls up a bit! I used the defining creme right after I washed with a little Tree Oil….. Today, after I realized that my little twist out wasn’t gonna work, I wet my hair a little and added bit more creme and oil this morning. After a few hours, my hair looked really, really dry. So, stopped at the store and picked up the curl refresher and shine & define mousse to see how it would work. Got home about 2ish wet my hair a little, little bit… added a generous amount of mousse and topped it off with the curl refiner. As of 6:30p,  my hair is still as moist LOOKING and curls are just as defined as they were when I first applied the product. My hair is still soft, there’s no residue or greasy feeling on my hands if I play in it annnnnnnnnd, it smells nice!!! lol

I’m sold.

My little hair cocktail is perfect…. Of course, water, Eco Styler Gel, and a little oil will still be used I’m sure but these will be staples under my cabinet until my curls say otherwise!!!

…. here’s to Curls Unleashed!!! Not only are these products packaged super cute but they work, as well!!!! YAY!!!!!
…. here’s to one less stressor connected with transitioning! Thank you, K for all your help!! You’re the best!

Signed a very inexperienced,yet excited, and lucky little ‘fro!








….. here’s to hoping we hit the nail on the head the
first try, on the first day!



… chopped it off

So today, I chopped off all of my hair. Well, at least all by about 3 inches of it.

As of October 29, 2011 I am 100% completely natural!

I’ve had a relaxer for as long as I can remember but decided to have my last relaxer in January.
From January to May, my beautician roller set or flat-ironed my hair … which was perfect. And, worked really well.

….. but, in May I started getting extensions sewn into my hair to help with transitioning and to help my hair grow a bit faster. I loved it! It was convenient and gave me an extra bit of pizzazz! I loved it!!

I wore extensions from May until earlier this month when I decided to give my hair a break. I wore my hair in a curly little ‘fro type style using red curling rods.

(this last pic is from Saturday, the last real picture of my relaxed hair.)
I loved this style – it was pretty easy but if I slept on it wrong or didn’t roll the bottom or sides at night, I’d end up with flatened curls with wasn’t a cute look at all. It was great for working out (when I had time) because it didn’t matter how my hair poof’d due to sweat because the bigger the hair the cuter it looked! 🙂

Until today.
I have been going back and forth trying to decide when I should go through with the BC (big chop) – should I just do it now? Should I wait until it grows out a little longer? Should I wait for my 30th birthday in January?? How would growing it out another month work – how managable would it be? Would it tangle more? And, on and on and on.
So many questions…. so much indecisiveness… I just wanted to do it. Before I chickened out.

So today, on a whim…… I chopped off all of my hair.
Here is my video saying goodbye to my relaxed hair. My curls. My length.
*****  Click the link to actually watch the video!! ****

The results??
a big ol’ pile of curly hair…
… a very curly little ‘fro (Thomas is going to edge me up a little bit… who knew that was back there and would be an issue?! lol)
… and, a two strand twists in the making!
…. here you may be able to tell how much my hair shrinks. The puff of curls is quite short but my twist is much longer!!

Yes, those curls are my world. And, I’m in love with them. Although, I’m not one hundred percent sold on how the curly fro looks on me quite yet – I love my curls. I love the fact that I actually have curls. Nice curls.

I doubt I’ll be straightening my hair much as I don’t want to ruin my curl pattern and I’m not sure about styles although because of the season change (cooler weather means dryer hair) – I’ll have to have some sort of protective styling. We’ll see.

I am excited. I’m a bit nervous about wearing my TWA (teenie weenie afro) out of the house and learning to manipulate and style it myself……. Which is one reason I’m glad I chopped now – I’ll have the opportunity to learn how to style my hair while it’s still short.

Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures of my twist out!!!  I’m praying it turns out nicely!!

…. here’s to God created hair and loving my hair in its natural state!
…. and, to a working out worry free!