second trimester bliss

20140728-220830-79710649.jpgI’ve felt really guilty for the past four weeks because I haven’t felt the best and the girls and I have been cooped up in the house most days. Not only have we not been doing too much but I’ve slacked on so much around the house because I just felt so crappy. I slept a lot, rested a lot, and up chucked quite a bit. Going back to work feeling so crummy was definitely a concern because I didn’t know exactly when I would start feeling more like myself.

So, we’ve been hanging pretty tough the last few days! They are so easy to bring along and are so well behaved, we have no issues with taking them along to brunches and hanging out with our friends or planning play dates. Luckily, one of our couple friends has a daughter who Ari and Aliya get along really well with! Their names all even begin and end with A! lol.

Today, we tried a new tasty donut shop, Glazed, before heading to run an errand. And, this donut detour was completely out of the way, but I saw way too many posts about how good it was so we had to try! THEN, next a few doors down I spotted a cute little spa & decided to get my eyebrows threaded while I was close. Now, this is a big deal because 1. I’m incredibly routined & don’t generally switch things up unless I absolutely have to but 2. I was looking for a new spot because my usual location is way too far & out of the way. I’d go far too long without a threading because of the distance. So, I’m totally pumped to have a new place that’s super nice (that also has a stamp card!!) and is much closer! So, it’s a pretty neat find that I really enjoyed.

Our errand was downtown so we had fun walking down the streets and even checked out a possible baby shower location. Of course the “shuttle” caught their attention so we’re looking into taking them on the train before they leave!

I’m just HAPPY that I’m feeling so much more human-esque these days. I mean, it’s been hard, but I’m literally in such a better place mentally and physically. I’ve begun shopping for this new work/regular wardrobe situation that is NEEDED & starting to fill up to preparing for these sweet little people that will be gracing us with their presence so very soon…………………………..


… must. focus.

I have to say that I’m quite proud of myself for sticking with working out this long…… and for me, 5 months of working out consistently is a great feat. For the past couple of weeks, I have only been able to work out once a week during the work week and then the weekends come and I’m so exhausted from Monday – Friday that I couldn’t imagine exerting energy to do anything else.


The summer commeth and I am tooo thrilled because I plan on hitting the gym SO! hard it is ridiculous. I am a bit disappointed because although I can tell I’m getting stronger and have lost a good percentage of body fat, I don’t see the muscle mass I’d like to see. Which means MORE weight on the bar and getting back to organizing my schedule in a way that allows me to hit the gym more often!

One thing I KNOW we must do is continue to work on our eating habits. We’ll do well for a little bit then fall off for a little bit. It’s our little cycle that we’ve got to stop. Another exciting aspect of summer is that we have so much more time to cook!! I love to try new recipes over the summer because I actually have time to find a recipe I want to try, mentally prepare, grocery shop, then prepare the meal. It’s a big deal. I’m not a very good “throw it together” kind of cook. That’s Thomas’ arena! Me, I’m a cook book/app gather all of the recipes, measuring spoons/cups, and everything you’ll need to cook with and cook everything one at a time- althought I’m getting better – kinda gal. I’m telling you it’s a process so when I have TIME….

Soooo…. all of this to say, I have two goals…
Goal #1: hit the gym incredibly hard over the next few weeks!
Goal #2: healthy eating, snacking, and healthIER cheating!

I’ll keep you up to speed on my progress!!!!
…. and for accountabilities sake, I am going to gym tomorrow and increasing my weight!!!

…. here’s to heavier commitment and increased muscle mass!!!!