… surprise! surprise!

straight hair 1

The 28th of April marked 6 months since I cut all of my relaxed hair off and began wearing my hair in it’s natural state.

The BIG CHOP is HUGE…. I was a bit devastated and uneasy initially at having such short hair because I’ve always had lots of HAIR…. so to have so little was a bit of a shock. You can read more about my chop here

I only straightened it to get a trim but I also got the bonus of seeing how much my hair has grown!!! I’m loving it!

We went from this a few weeks before the chop…

To this in November….
ari dinner

To here, last sunday…

And, as of yesterday, we are here..
straight 2

We… yes, my hair and I are one. We have grown so much over the past six months and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

There’s a freedom and beauty in being who you were created to be…. no chemicals or anything like that to alter your appearance.

Our hair is our glory…. and, I found that I was very prideful and that a portion of my self confidence was tied to my hair. How long it was. How it looked. In contrast to being all of my confidence being completely rooted in who I was.

Now, I still love my hair. I’m obsessed with my curls. I’m not yet over how CURLY it is…. how it coils…. how it looks liks little springs all over my head. I love it! lol.

There’s a beauty in natural hair that is difficult to explain unless you’ve experienced the “chop”. Or, if you’ve grown it out but I truly see it with the chop.

Your face, your beauty is visible. There’s a brightness in your face that is hidden by hair. There’s nothing to hide behind.

I’ve never been so confident post my chop than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’ve learned so much about who I am, I’ve stepped out in so many other areas because of the confidence and the mindset change that has occured. I had to completely change my mind about what was beautiful, acceptable, and do-able in regards to style, fashion, and more.

It’s been a pretty cool journey and I’m more than glad that I chose to cut alll of my hair off. lol. I do miss it. I do miss being able to push my sunglasses up on my head or run my fingers through my hair. I miss it falling onto my shoulders.

I could have this, but I prefer to wear my hair curly rather than straighten it. Plus, the HUMIDITY here in Houston is not going to allow us to make it. 🙂

… here’s to loving who you are and embracing your uniquely designed beauty!!!!


… i love my hair!

I am absolutely loving my hair! It’s short, it’s curly, it’s nothing that anyone would think I would do!

And, it’s already grown on me.

I’m having the BEST time figuring out what works for my curls and what doesn’t and luckily I think I hit the jackpot with new products already!

After my hair was cut yesterday, my friend let me sample (and, take home!!!) a few of her favorite products and luckily they work really well for me! I visited CVS today and picked up a couple companion products that I feel in love with on the first use!
****** insert happy dance!!!!! ******

So, I can absolutely say, that this point in my natural state, that Curls Unleashed works great for my hair!!! All, the other “stuff” I had at home (oils, cremes, etc) will be tossed in the trash! They gunked up & weighed down my relaxed hair so I’m pretty sure they won’t be curl-friendly!

Even though all of these products “define”curls – they all do something a little differently to spruce your curls up a bit! I used the defining creme right after I washed with a little Tree Oil….. Today, after I realized that my little twist out wasn’t gonna work, I wet my hair a little and added bit more creme and oil this morning. After a few hours, my hair looked really, really dry. So, stopped at the store and picked up the curl refresher and shine & define mousse to see how it would work. Got home about 2ish wet my hair a little, little bit… added a generous amount of mousse and topped it off with the curl refiner. As of 6:30p,  my hair is still as moist LOOKING and curls are just as defined as they were when I first applied the product. My hair is still soft, there’s no residue or greasy feeling on my hands if I play in it annnnnnnnnd, it smells nice!!! lol

I’m sold.

My little hair cocktail is perfect…. Of course, water, Eco Styler Gel, and a little oil will still be used I’m sure but these will be staples under my cabinet until my curls say otherwise!!!

…. here’s to Curls Unleashed!!! Not only are these products packaged super cute but they work, as well!!!! YAY!!!!!
…. here’s to one less stressor connected with transitioning! Thank you, K for all your help!! You’re the best!

Signed a very inexperienced,yet excited, and lucky little ‘fro!








….. here’s to hoping we hit the nail on the head the
first try, on the first day!