… confidence in Christ


God hears me.
Sometimes that’s all I need to hear.

Just those three words alone can comfort and calm. Our God doesn’t just hear us crying out to Him, pleading for our desires and turns His back to us.

We are His children. He clothes us more beautifully than the lilies in the field, he says that evil people give good gifts to their children so how much more would He give to His own.

As long as we are asking for things that are in His will – things that are of good report, noble, right, pure, and true (more in Phillpians 4:8), these things He wants us to think on…. And, certainly pray for and about- He will give them to us. IF we pray with pure motives. When we truly want our end to glorify and magnify our Father.

He will give it to you.

Go to Him with a clean heart, asking for forgiveness and forgiving others you have issues with…. And, He will meet you at the throne of grace. Ready to listen.

Today, I’m challenged and encouraged to think on Philpians 4:8 and pray for God’s will to be done.

When we have our minds focused on GOOD – our behavior & actions follow suit.

God, thank you for your promises and the grace you give us daily to walk with You & become more like You. Thank you for allowing us to come to you in prayer about anything knowing you will bless us, give, & provide us with whatever it is we ask for. Today, I ask that your joy overwhelm and your love shine from within us. Let us remember to focus and think on all things good. Let us go about our day with courage and boldness, honoring your, & making wise decisions in faith.
In Your name,