… worn


I heard this song on Brandon Heath’s Pandora station and all but fell apart on the inside.

Between our adoption/fostering process being the most difficult situation and school starting – I am completely worn out.

Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But, I see God’s grace in so many ways in every area I know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I just have to get there.

I hear His voice guiding me and giving me directions on what to do when. Unfortunately, there have been times when, in the heat of the moment, I’ve forgotten everything He’s said. But, thankfully in His grace, he continues to give me opportunities to do better and obey the second (fifth) time around.

And, when I remember how gracious and patient he is to me….. It’s a bit easier to remember to be gracious and patient with my kids at school. I hope I’m getting better. I hope I’m listening more. I hope I am hearing him in the midst of everything else that is going on.

Just like I hope my kids are hearing me when their friends are talking to them or when they’re chatty and excited about learning the Scientific Method with candy …… (Yesterday was rough, y’all….)

I pray that I remember that he told me to be silent rather than impatient. To walk away rather than roll my eyes or give “a look”. And, reminds me to go back to love on and apologize when I’m wrong.

He shows me His glory. He gave us rest when we’re weary and worn. He sees our tears and hears our cries. He loves us. He fills us with HIS peace and joy until redemption comes.

He prepares us before he gives us his best.
And, for that preparation process- even when it’s painful – I am thankful for.

…. here’s to being comforted by the Comforter when I completely worn and forgive when I’m completely wrong.


… forgiveness

Some may call this karma. Others the universe doing its part in creating harmony? I’m not sure.

I call it God disciplining and training us to show a Godly love to everyone we come across.

In Luke 6:37 he tells us that if we condemn or judge, we will be condemned and judged. But, his tone changes when He talks forgiving those who offend us. When he speaks of condemnation and judgement, he say “Do not condem….” And, “Do not judge.” Then he tells us to forgive and we will be given. Each of the actions has a connected and directly related response.

None of want to be judged and condemned, but we definitely want forgiveness so where does that leave us when we are presented with less than desirable circumstances.

One thing I’ve noticed is that God puts us in positions that will require His help. Situations that push is closer to Him an further from the world in one way or another.

I love this promise because I see how God is telling us to treat others the way she treats us.

Because of the blood of The Lamb we are no longer subject to such horrible responses to our behavior but rather forgiven ready.

God won’t judge us or condemn us for our missteps and mistakes. He’s busy drawing us closer to Himself, loving on us, and guiding our paths.
I’d have to say that I would think that God wants us to be too busy loving on those in need rather than discussing their why they are in need. He’d want us speaking bolding for Him, serving others, and praising Him.

My challenge today: busy yourself with trying to understand another person before we form opinions and assume we know the details of the situation. He tells us to seek justice and love mercy – things that take time, effort, maturity, and God himself to really make an impact.

But, you CAN do it. When we begin to think like Christ, so we begin to see things from his perspective. A perspective that places value on people and their hearts rather than material things that have no lasting value.

If you have struggles with unfairly judging a person or condemning the sins that doesn’t happen to be your “favorite”, ask God to give you wisdom and see things the way he would have us to.

… Here’s to freedom in Christ and forgiveness!


… say his name

My brother (in law) is an amazing speaker and story teller. He’s so easy to listen to. He has a way of capturing your attention & detailing a story in such a way that will make you feel very much a part of the plot. It’s insane.

He was storytelling at work earlier this week & he asked who didn’t end their prayers with “in Jesus’ name”. My hand was the only one that went up. Again, a shameful situation that I’m not quite embarrassed by. Lol. (Story of my life!!!)

But, I had to wonder at that moment- why in the world DON’T I say “pretty please” as my brother put it at the end of my prayers? Certainly Jesus is petitioning for me anyway and do I really have to add “with a cherry on top” to get things moving?

Not sure. Wouldn’t even label asking for the things I want in Jesus’ name as begging. Because it isn’t.

It’s standing on a promise. It’s trusting that Jesus will be faithful when I ask for things. Things that are in His will, things He is leading me to pursue and have put on my heart.

I’m trusting that He will say “yes”.

20130816-222036.jpg This is verse 14 but the end of verse 13 is pretty awesome, too.

Jesus says that He will give us what we ask for so that God will be glorified through Him.

So, now that we have a promise to get what we want, we have to check our motives to be sure that wrong motivations won’t cause us to receive a no as James 4:3 says.

Thankfully, the closer we grow to Christ the more like him we become and the our desires will begin to line up with His.

I’m grateful that I have a father that WANTS to say “Yes!” to the good things I ask for. Things that will be of a benefit to each other and will cause others to glorify Him.

From peace in a troubled situation to a little bundled blessing in my arms – I know my father hears me and wants to bless me for His glory.

I encourage you to seek God’s face and I pray that His desires become yours, that your heart becomes tender to the things that grieve our father. I would love for our hearts to become full at the goodness of God and that we choose to see his glory & righteousness in every situation! In Jesus’ name… we will become strong men and women in Christ who seek justice, love mercy, & walk humbly with our father – bringing him glory in everything that we do! Amen!

… here’s to trusting God’s word and receiving every good thing he has for us IN JESUS’ NAME!!!!!

Y’all have a good night. IJN!!! (My new acronym!!) lol