….. it’s here!!

The blog tour has begun!!!!!!

Heather launched the tour on Jamie Allen’s page and gave an amazing definition of what infertility is and painted a very detailed of picture of what it looks like!!!!!!

Hop on over to both of their pages and take a look around! Please feel free to chime on and let me know what your thoughts are and what you learned or have an opinion about!!

Thanks for coming along!!!!

…. Here’s to spreading the word, forming supports, and being a light to those who feel lost! We’ve been there!


… be mature & trust

So, I saw a book on Thomas’ desk at work called “Be Mature”…. and, being the reader and chaser of information that I am – I snagged it. And, I love it.

It’s a book about maturing in Christ. I’m only on chapter 3 and I literally had to STOP reading because I felt like I’d read so much my brain was full. I couldn’t take anymore.  Over the past few years, I’ve really, really, really  grown and learned so much about God it’s ridiculous. Makes me wonder where I’d be if I’d learned all that I have recently when I was younger. But, any who. So far, the book talks about how many Christians are immature.  “… acting like children…” who are impatient and argumentative grown ups who have no self control, collect material toys, and cannot get along with each other! ouch!!!! The author also sheds light on the characteristics of a mature Christian – prayerful, patient, self controlled, honest, and peaceful.

One of the characteristics the author describes as immature and childlike is being double-minded… he explains that disbelief is a tell tale sign of immaturity.
The Word has a way of showing you who you are.  And, all of this disbelief and double mindedness talk reminded me of how I feel/felt about our infertility.

I would be on the fence a lot… on one side, trusting God, His plan, and His timing. Yet, at the same time, I felt as if I was being realistic about our situation. << UM… HELLO!!! DOUBLE MINDED little lady you aren’t trusting God completely!!!! >> So, this portion of the book definitely convicted and encouraged me to adjust my thinking and decide to trust God (period). Not trust God for a baby. Or, babies. But, to just trust Him.

No limits. No boxes. No boundaries. Just trust.

Ironically, just the night before, I was in bed with our youngest niece after we had such a fun time the day before (Discovery Green post coming soon!!) and a great day THAT day and wondered if I wasn’t praying enough. Enough in terms of quantity and quality. I already feel so guilty….

Thomas is so great with our borrowed girls and he’s so sweet with them…….. I just see us all together and the idea of us having and growing with our own little images. But, I’m trusting God. Period. His timing (as ours has changed a little bit…) and His plan.

He didn’t come to make me happy or give me everything I think I need or want. I have to remember that I am here to glorify Him in all that I do – and, He has a perfect plan to make that happen. I just have to trust it.

… here’s to pouring out your heart to the only One who can mend it but trusting Him and His plan period.


… a little cup of heaven

I feel an apology is necessary: for those of you who follow me on Twitter (A_MAYESing3 and AlainaUnashamed) and on Instagram (amayes) you pretty much see all of the iPhone pictures before they get to the blog…… so, I hope I’m not boring you! When the girls get here, there will be SLR shots so those will definitely be debuted on blog FIRST!

So, today……. the first Monday of summer break! It’s finally here!!!
And, what did we do? A (very) small amount of shopping – I’m talking one store/one item (do I hear applause?!), a stop at the ice cream shop, and a movie!! So fun, so relaxing, so enjoyable! Thomas hates shopping so I was so quick!! lol.

We went to Ben & Jerry’s and had an ice cream outside on the patio and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it so much! I love sorbet so I had a lemonade and mango flavor that went together really, really well! It was so perfect! I can’t wait til the girls get here so we can get ice cream with them! There’s something about ice cream shops that scream “It’s SUMMER TIME!!!” and puts you in a carefree place…. I hope we don’t end up going everyday! It’s truly heaven in a cup!

For all of you movie goers…… we went to see MIB3. Thomas is the only one who actually saw it because I went to sleep about 5 minutes in. It bored me to snores. Literally, I slept through the entire movie. So, unfortunately, I can’t tell you whether or not it was good. I’m sorry. Thomas seemed to think it was funny so maybe it’s worth it for you MIB fans.


You guys know I love to read and I love to buy real books (versus iBooks)….. Went to B&N and picked up a few books, including the popular Shades of Grey. I’ve heard such great things about it… Hope it’s as awesome as everyone says. We’ll see. First piece of literature over the summer. My reading list is growing though. I have another book I’ll probably end up ordering called “When People Are Big and God is Small”. Can’t wait to get that jewel in the mail. Should be amazing.

Hopefully, your summer has started with a blast and you’re enjoying every minute of it! Hopefully, you’re getting more time with your family, enjoying the longer days, and easy nights! I absolutely love it…. there’s something about it that makes you want to press pause for a little bit and enjoy what’s going on around you, to give yourself a minute to take it all in. Whatever “it” may be. Do it.

…. here’s to pressing pause, relaxing for a minute, and enjoying the moment.