… he’s 31!


A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to my hubs! That man turned thirty-one yesterday and it seems as if time has just been flying for us…. And, he’s looking every bit of

Of course my temperamental computer isn’t cooperating so the official birthday pictures will have to be posted a bit later but I snagged a few on my phone! Of course!

{the girls and I made a sign for him to be surprised by when he walked out of the room on the morning of this birthday!!}

Words cannot express how proud I am of this guy. Everyday that passes he surprises me more and more with how humble and thoughtful he’s becoming as every day passes. He’s so gifted in so many different areas. I love how he’s using his gifts for ministry and the building of God’s kingdom. And, he does so willingly, selflessly, and tirelessly.

I cannot wait to see what God does with and through him during this year of change, transition, and difficulty. I can’t wait to see who he becomes…. it’s so exciting to have a front row seat to the good God is doing in him.


He handles every single one of our challenges with grace, patience, love, and understanding. To the point where I don’t always know that it’s difficult for him. Our journey through infertility hasn’t been easy on him, mainly because it hasn’t been so easy on me. Through all of my tears and darkness and struggle, he was right there pushing me towards God, praying for me, and believing for me when I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it for myself. And, now with the adoption…. all of my ideas, the billion requirements for us, all of the paperwork that needed to be done, the failed adoptions, agency switch…. it’s been a lot. And, he’s been amazing through it all. THAT I appreciate more than words can express.
He is truly Christ in our home…. he works hard to be what I need him to be, at exactly the right times.

Can’t beat that with a stick.


I always say that he’s the hugest trooper and supporter of my ideas…. He just stands so quietly behind me supporting me as I work, giving me help when I need it and when I don’t realize I need it. Helping me stick to budget, and keeping me on track when my mind is elsewhere.
So, I desperately appreciate him for agreeing to a new tradition I started with us this year on his birthday…… prayers and plans.
For each of our birthdays (and our kids when we have them), we will each write a prayer for the birthday girl/boy and they will be given a blank sheet of white paper to dream for the next year. I’ll keep them in one binder, safely tucked in page protectors divided by year.

I want to catalog prayers and answers. I want each family member to know that on their special day they have family behind them who are praying for their growth, their dreams, maturity, character, future, education, etc. Yes, we pray daily but how fun is it to receive prayers just for you from your family?

I know this sounds like possibly the corniest tradition ever but the Holy Spirit pushed me and you know how I feel about responding to God’s suggestions. lol.

I look forward to celebrating every single one of his birthdays with him for the rest of our life together. He certainly makes getting older fun. 🙂

… here’s to many birthdays spent dreaming and planning while patiently living out God’s plan for us! I’m excited!!!!!!


… it’s coming


I literally blinked and I’m turning 30.


I can’t even BEGIN to understand how I’m about to enter a whole new decade of my life. I didn’t think I’d “freak out” (I actually like getting older) but 30 {THIRTY} is HUGE!! I knew it was coming but it’s actually happening in a few days.
And, I cannot believe it’s here already.

I don’t actually turn until the 12th but I doubt I’ll have the time blog about my “shift” into what feels like legitimate adulthood on that particular day.

The shift into legitimate adulthood……… Maybe the fact that I’m “small” and look quite young is the cause of the slight annoyance when asked my age by older people but….. when I can answer the question of “How old are you?” with a bold, confident “Thirty.”I feel like it carries a lot more weight than professing that your age still begins with a two. It makes a difference – I think. I don’t think I’ll be given that almost snooty you’re-just-a-baby snub of an attitude that is so often thrown my way. I’m kinda proud of that. (This is given I am acting my age… right?! lol)

My birthday this year just feels different. It feels like my life… our lives… are changing so drastically and so incredibly quickly. When it’s just the two of you… nothing really matters. You can come and go as you want… buy what you want… do what you want and it really doesn’t affect much at all. Time almost isn’t a big deal. We have thoroughly been enjoying the freedom of D.I.N.K (Dual Income, No Kids) style living for almost three years (on the 17th!!!!). We’ve had a great time together, we’ve learned so much about life, each other, and our roles in each other’s lives.

And, I’m grateful that it panned out this way. We enjoyed about half of our twenties together and it’s as if we’re moving into a new chapter of our lives in a major way! The best part is that we’re ready. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. God’s plan is perfect.

So, I find it enjoyable and ironic that in the year I feel as if I become a legit adult, is the year we will inherit so much more responsibility. And, we already feel it and are really taking efforts to ensure that we’re very thoughtful about how we want the rest of our lives to “look” in all of it’s different aspects.

I’ve learned an incredible amount in the past ten years… especially in the past five or so and I’m so grateful for everything that I have experienced, endured, and enjoyed! Life lessons definitely cause you to grow.

I’m looking forward to posting a few things I’ve learned in all of my 30 years and a few things that I have sparked my interest and challenged me to try from a few new found blogger friends (who are also apart of, what I will call, the Adoptive Parent Coalition! lol).

This year will be great. I’m so incredibly excited, mainly humbled, and definitely determined.
If one thing I have learned for certain, it is that There is a God.

Over the past five years, I have grown an incredible amount in my walk with Christ. I believe that it was in my 28th & 29th years that I really feel as if I’d taken leaps and bounds in growth and knowledge of who God is and made a real effort to trust Him for any and all changes that needed (and, still need) to be made.

These years have been an experience but they have absolutely been apart of the molding process and have prepped me to be and do everything that this year has for me. This is the year I will live out loud for Him. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never done the things I’ve been challenged to do before. But, this year. I will.

I’m turning 30, y’all. 🙂

Shine & pursue.

… here’s to aging gracefully. living graciously. and, loving intentionally. (more on all of that later!)


… happy birthday!!!

This little beauty turned 14 today and I am sooooo glad that on this day, the stars aligned and we were able to have breakfast together this morning!

This little girl has grown up so much…. she has matured and is developing into a little lady. She’s a kind girl with some seemingly very supportive, close friends and THAT is not something you take for granted or overlook. She’s smart, creative, and funny…. coming into her own and pretty self assured, from what I can tell.

Time flies.

I literally remember her in pre-school telling us about the bear bus she rode on that day. No a “grrr” bear but a *** sweet smile, tilted head, prayer hands on cheek *** bear. We died laughing.

This is her last year of middle school which is absolutely unbelievable to me! In a few short months, she’ll be in high school preparing to leave us to become who she was meant to be.

It’s crazy how the time has passed so quickly. So, I’m pretty grateful for the chance to sit and just laugh and talk with her this morning. She’s just the sweetest thing. And, I hope she stays that way.

Through life so many things happen…. LIFE happens. Ups, downs, changes for the better, changes for the worst and, if we allow it, life can color our world the ugliest shade of grey. I pray her outlook, perspectives, and countence always stay bright, that she’s always able to see the bigger picture, and where she fits in it. That she sees how her actions affect others and act/reacts accordingly. My prayer for her is that as she goes through life, she’ll come to know God for who He is, in all of His attributes…. know Him in a way that will give her a sense of comfort and confidence to take on the good and the bad of this life. I often pray that she is able to know God for who He is by way of GOOD theology. Thomas and I have both learned far toooo late that all theology is not GOOD theology and everything you’re taught about God and the Christian life is NOT correct. I pray that as she grows, God will keep people in her life that will help to guide her in the right way. So that when she does come to crossroads, controversies, and various situations – she’ll know truth. For herself.

I’m so proud of her and she has so much potential…. I hope to be writing in another four years about all of her accomplishments and the greatness that’s awaiting her in her future. She’ll be on her way to graduating HS and moving onto college. Hopefully, one of state funded by colleges, boiling over with school pride, and one that will set a foundation for the rest of her life.

She’ll be amazing. There’s no doubt about that.

Happy birthday, ladybug!!!
Have a great day!
I love you!

((( and, shout out to our waitress who thought I was Lyssa’s mom who looked like her sister….. THANK YOU. I think.)))