What in the HECK is Plexus?

If you’ve never heard of Plexus, you aren’t alone. I hadn’t heard of it before 2014 either. Although I started noticing a couple of my friends posting on Facebook, I totally ignored the posts. Mainly, because I was pregnant and also because I felt that trendy weight loss/diet schemes plans weren’t for me. I mean, I (sometimes) went to the gym and ate pretty well so fairly decent shape before I got pregnant….. Annnnd, I just knew that once I had my girls, my body was going to immediately snap back.
Yes, you’re totally welcome to laugh at my ignorance. progress3And, since we’re completely honest here….
I do believe that preggo picture was at 32 weeks. Not 31.
And, I delivered at 34w.

Welp, 6 weeks after having my girls, I looked like that. I had no energy and felt like poop…. One reason was because I looked like that, but also because I had two newborns. I get it. And, some may think I should’ve given myself more time before beginning a new “diet” regimen but I knew that time would pass quickly and wasn’t going to the gym. Just being honest. I didn’t want to look up months and months later and still have baby weight/belly and feel run over by a train.

So, I began Plexus at the beginning of March and almost immediately major improvements in how my body functioned, how I felt – more energy/less moodiness, and how much I ate…. because I eat a lot and noticed that I wasn’t finishing my meals. Initially had some negative feelings about that, but I’m grateful now! Once I became consistent with taking my product and drinking more water, I began to lose inches around my belly! Praise hands. I also became an ambassador that same month because I wanted the products at the lowest price point. Hello. I really became excited about becoming an ambassador when I realized how great of an opportunity it was to earn supplemental income without taking more time away from my family and how beneficial + life changing they were to so many other people. Especially since Plexus isn’t a “diet” plan, but health & wellness products that get to the root cause of issues (the Heath of the gut) rather than dealing with symptoms of health issues. typlexus

 Plexus focuses on improving your overall health by addressing your health where it begins – your gut. 80% of your health begins in your gut. It is estimated that approximately 80% of Americans have Candida Yeast Overgrowth in their gut whether they know it or not. So, what does that mean? If your gut is compromised by an overgrowth of bad bacteria and Candida Yeast, you are more than likely sick and/or dealing with issues you don’t have to deal with on a regular basis. 

Below are common telltale signs of poor gut health.

 – insomnia     – seasonal/food allergies      – IBS
             – migraines     – sugar/food cravings     – headaches/migraines
– infertility    – endometriosis     – over/under weight
– acne      – joint pain     – fatigue
– asthma     – eczema/psoriasis     – AI disease

Insane, right?
That so many of these issues would be connected to the health of your gut!  

What’s even more incredible is finding out how your body is supposed to function once it’s healthy! 

These are a few of my teammates and I….. Healthier, allergy free, pain free, debt free with more energy!  They’re sleeping better, have control over cravings/food, and feeling healthier overall!!

It’s amazing what a few products can do for your health, self confidence, and energy level!! I take our Tri-Plex combo which is a probiotic (ProBio5) that helps to reestablish a healthy gut environment, the BioCleanse which helps to flush out the toxins the ProBio5 is removing from your  system & oxygenates your body. The third product in the Tri-Plex is Slim (“The Pink Drink”) which will help burn fat, kick your sugar cravings, balance your cholesterol/lipids/blood sugar.  I also take our X-Factor vitamin which is jam packed with aloe which helps your body to actually absorb the nutrients in the vitamin & soothes your intestinal tract. It will boost your energy and immunity.


Fast forward 2 years later…… I promoted to Senior Gold in March of 2015. Still going strong & I’m earning a nice supplemental income while improving my health. I’m leading & building an amazing team of over 50 men & women who want healthier families and less stressful, more enjoyable months! We’re happier and more confident, blazing through our days with fewer digestive issues & seasonal/food allergies, & more energy! We’re sleeping better, have less headaches/migraines/insomnia, tougher immune systems & earning good money while we do it!! This stuff is good y’all- not to mention plant based, vegan friendly, & gluten free!! I’m just trying to bring as many people along as I can, because this is real deal life changing!

If you’re interested in learning more about Plexus, you can also visit my site! When you’re ready to chat about this amazing opportunity to take control of your health and/or earn additional income, feel free to shoot me an email at We can totally hash it out about healthier living and earning a “few” bucks along the way!!!!