What is Plexus?

If you’ve never heard of Plexus, you aren’t alone… but you could be missing out on the greatest plant based supplements on the market. I hadn’t heard of them before 2014, but wish I’d hopped on the moment I did. Instead I watched a couple of my friends post about it, share how it was changing their health, and totally ignored their posts. I was curious, but pregnant, and planned to bounce back pretty quickly. (ha!) Along with the fact that dieting wasn’t my thing. I mean, I went to the gym, ate fairly well, and was “healthy” so I didn’t need to diet.
(Mind you, I would get sick at least 3x a year, had chronic girly issues, never pooped, was always tired, struggled with moods, was constantly bloated, and had major sugar cravings but all of that was “normal” and couldn’t be helped….. or so I thought.)


After losing 90-ish% of my belly within a couple of weeks after delivering Dylan, I gained a bit of a belly at about 5-6 months post partum… so , I switched up my regimen and added a couple new products that helped me to lose that belly within a couple of weeks and maintain it for over 9 months!! These supplements are so easy to take – they’re super busy mama friendly and best part is they work!!!

This is where it all started!!
progress3And, since we’re completely honest here….
I do believe that preggo picture was at 32 weeks. Not 31.
And, I delivered at 34w.

Well, 6 weeks after having my girls, I looked like the first picture. Weight didn’t and wasn’t going anywhere. I had zero energy and felt like poop – but wasn’t pooping. I mean, I get that I just had 2 babies, but my point is that nothing was going to change unless I changed something. I knew I didn’t have the time to go to the gym, so the only thing that could be done was to adjust a few things I did every day.

So, I began taking these supplements at the beginning of March and almost immediately began seeing and feeling differences in how I felt and how my body functioned. I had more energy, less moodiness, and my appetite & cravings were under control. HUGE!! I’d never taken supplements before, so I was a little unsure about how things would go but things changed for the better and have continued to surprise me! I initially joined to pay the cheapest cost for my products, but then I began to see how I could earn a little bit of money by helping other people feel just as good as I was! And, how could you not help your friends when you have something so good?!


 So I’m three years in, a Senior Gold ambassador, and still so grateful for taking a chance on these products! So much has changed for me! Plexus has helped  heal my gut, balance my blood sugar, and address inflammation so that my body is functioning the way it’s supposed to! And, y’all. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I have sustained energy, my moods are balanced, my cycles were painless, & my sugar cravings are gone! I’m regular, no flu/sickness for 3 years, my babies haven’t gotten sick in two years), and I’m not puffy!!! Whooooo!!

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re dealing with some gut health issues, here are a few common signs of poor gut health:
– trouble sleeping, waking up tired      -seasonal/food allergies     – digestive issues/IBS
-headaches/migraines                            -sugar/food cravings             – anxiety/depression
-hormone imbalances (from thyroid issues to PCOS)
-acne/eczema/psoriasis       – an autoimmune disease
-bloating/gas       – puffiness/swelling

Who knew that so many common and  daily issues would stem from our gut?!
It’s amazing how making a few adjustments can totally turn your health, self confidence, and energy levels around!!

You may be curious about a few of the products I take!
Here’s the run down!
A super simple powder I mix in a bottle of water and have every morning. It balances my blood sugar which helps fight inflammation, give me energy, and burn fat. It also addresses inflammation, regulates cholesterol + lipid levels, and curbs your sugar cravings.  Also helps the good gut bacteria BioCleanse puts IN your system to grow!! A total win.
A probiotic (that the girls also take) that removes bad gut bacteria and candida yeast, that is causing the issues on that list! Super simple. By cleaning and healing my gut, I’m giving my body what it needs to heal itself with out medication! (that wasn’t healing the issue, only covering symptoms!)
A magnesium supplement that cleanses the GI tract, oxygenates your system (read allows for healthy cells to grow!!), puts good gut bacteria back in your system, and helps with elimination. Even if you don’t have an issue with pooping at least 1-2x a day, you need this in ya life! (I also split one of these capsules between the girls every other day!)
A multi-vitamin packed with aloe which actually helps your body absorb the nutrients in the vitamin!! It boosts your immune system and increases your energy! (And, doubles as an incredible prenatal!!)
Vital Biome:
A probiotic that is clinically proven to address feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression! HUGE, you guys!! This has helped me so much!! Those happy, mood regulating hormones are created in your gut, NOT your brain!! So any imbalances need to be addressed at the root of the issue – the gut!
Mega X:
An omega supplement (sans the fishy burps) that helps your body to relax so that you can sleep so much better! Also helps with cardio issues, as well!!
Ease (cream + capsules):
Our pain management products that address chronic pain, inflammation, and swelling. This has been a dream over the last few months as I’d usually have the most swollen feet that are hardly able to fit into flip flops and have such a round face, but it’s kept so much puffiness at bay! The girls also love it for bug bites, any “boo boos” they have! Lol… They also say “I hurt… put cream on it?” lol.
The girls take X-Factor Kids chewables which they adore!! They haven’t been sick in two years which I am so grateful for!!! This keeps the runny noses, fevers, and pre-school ickies at bay!! 

Fast forward 2 years later…… I promoted to Senior Gold in March of 2015. Still going strong & I’m earning a nice supplemental income while improving my health. I’m leading & building an amazing team of over 50 men & women who want healthier families and less stressful, more enjoyable months! We’re happier and more confident, blazing through our days with fewer digestive issues & seasonal/food allergies, & more energy! We’re sleeping better, have less headaches/migraines/insomnia, tougher immune systems & earning good money while we do it!! This stuff is good y’all- not to mention plant based, vegan friendly, & gluten free!! I’m just trying to bring as many people along as I can, because this is real deal life changing!

I’ve earned tons of bonuses, incentives, TWO free trips, & have had a blast!!! This was a blessing I didn’t know I needed in my life + I’m so grateful that I got started before I needed the income. The personal growth, accountability, friendships, and opportunity that have come out of this has been INCREDIBLE & there is so much that would have been missed had I not chosen to prioritize my health and be open to whatever came after that.

I’m excited to experience a “Plexus pregnancy” and it has been incredible! My pregnancy with the girls was good, but I dealt with lots of swelling, constipation, fatigue, mood swings, and cravings. This go round, I hardly ever swell, I poop easily and daily (which is huge for a lot of people [me prior to Plexus included], but especially for pregnant women) and I’m not puffy!! Look at that face…. just as slim! Lol… I feel so good and am so thankful I’ve been able to continue my supplements during my pregnancy, which is huge considering pregnant women can’t typically take much of anything!

Update on my post Dylan experience thanks to supplementing…..

My recovery went so well…. I was back in my size 0 shorts within a couple of weeks. My hormones were balanced so I was able to be fully present emotionally and enjoy every bit of my girl while my body, mind, & emotions adjusted having Dylan outside of my body. Cravings were in check, the dreaded “first poop” after delivery was a non-issue …. just as it has been throughout my pregnancy. This pregnancy was an incredible experience physically and emotionally, and post partum was equally pleasant…. a drastic difference from the first and second pregnancies!

I also earned an all expense paid cruise (along with really nice perks!!!) with my newborn on my chest which was pretty cool!!!!


If you’re even a bit interested in learning about how you can address health issues you deal with daily, feel free to shoot me an email ( … you a can follow me on Insta (@amayes) or friend me on Facebook (Alaina Mayes) where I share a ton of info. I would absolutely love to help you with your physical/emotional health and even earn an income that could help fill gaps and build margin into hour budget!!

My best advice: take a chance on you! There’s nothing to lose except fear and all the health issues you hate dealing with on a regular basis!