… journey to the babies!

After 3 years of infertility… failed fertility treatments…. failed adoptions…..
I’m so very excited to introduce you to my spontaneous fraternal twins
Rhyann (l) and Logan (r).


So, here’s the story…. 
Six months after Thomas I were married (summer 2010), we decided that we wanted to get pregnant the next summer (2011). So, off we went to have a chat with my doctor. Due to girlie history, she thought it would be wise to have a couple of procedures to check me out and go from there. We thought that was a great idea and decided to start all of that the following year. Around April of 2011, we met with a highly recommended endocrinologist who was absolutely wonderful and had the best bedside manner! Fast forward through a 2 procedure in 1 surgery, 3 failed IUI’s and a very difficult 2011 & 2012 – here we are.

I had no idea that there were people around us praying for me…. praying that my heart was changed towards adoption. I DID NOT WANT TO ADOPT, it was not even an OPTION. A friend of mine asked me about adopting early on in our baby journey and I really just was not on board. I want our OWN babies that looked like us and “came” with little bits of our personalities and idiosyncrasies. But, thank God. I mean, I am THANKFUL for this experience. THANKFUL that we have the opportunity to expand our family by inviting a little person WHO NEEDS US into our hearts and home. How silly I was to be so closed minded and limited to only desiring biological children. I’m almost embarassed to say that.
But, thanks to God, here we are.

So.  Long story short, we were approached about and agreed to adopting a set of twin girls upon their birth, but unfortunately they passed a couple of days after they were born. Then, again approached about adopting a 10 month old little one who we ultimately chose not to continue the process after an unfortunate court appearance in April.

In May, yes the very next month, we found out we were pregnant and expecting! No fertility treatments, no alternative medicine assistance…. just God working and blessing us in ways we could not imagine. We were shocked and completely taken by surprise.

And, then….
At our first appointment in June, we found out we would be expecting our first TWO children in January 2015! Seeing those two little dots in their little sacs b l e w us away!! Now, we’re enjoying my growing belly and looking forward to seeing these sweet little babes in a few short months!

After 34 weeks of excellent doctor’s appointments and a beautiful, eventless pregnancy, I spent ten days in the hospital on bed rest. My girls arrived on December 18th at 35 weeks! Rhyann (the oldest) spent 14 days in the NICU & Logan spent 13 days in the NICU to learn to eat and grow! They came home on New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day!!day2c

Rhyann is on the left, Logan is on the right.
This picture gets me every single time.

I don’t even think I realized how small they really were.
4 lbs. each. 

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