definitions. acronyms

In the infertility/pregnancy/adoption world, I’ve found that there are lots of acronyms and words that I’ve never seen before…. so, I had to Favorite a little cheat sheet on my computer to help me keep up!


Here’s your little cheat sheet…. I’ll update it as I use new lingo! 🙂


Endometriosis – (I call it “endo”) – an abnormal growth of cells outside the uterus. Causes painful, heavy cycles, and infertility.

BBT – (basal body temprature) – your body temprature at rest. Taken at the very same time every morning before you MOVE – before your feet even hit the floor. It’s used to help pinpoint ovulation/pregnancy.

OPK – (ovulation predictor kit) – a tool used to help predict ovulation. I had to go in a cup and dipped the stick in the cup. You begin testing on a certain day and as you get closer to your ovulation day, the color of the test line changes. Once it was darker than the test line, you’re ovulating and it’s time for bd’ing!

BD – (baby dance) – use your imagination! Lol.

IUI – (Intrauterine Insemination) – a procedure where washed sperm are injected directly into the uterine cavity to increase chances of conception.

2ww – the two weeks in between ovulation and the next expected cycle.

Reproductive Endocrinologist – (RE) – a fertility specialist that assists infertile couples with conceiving.

Clomid – medication that assists women to ovulate who are generally unable to on their own. (Pills)

Ovidrel – medication that helps follicles to grow and jump starts ovulation. (Injection)

Follicle – little fluid filled sac that houses the egg.

BFP – big fat positive (on a pregnancy test)

BFN – big fat negative (on a pregnancy test)

POAS – pee on a stick (the stick referring to a pregnancy test)

Birth mother/father/family – the biological parents/family of an adopted child

match – adoption term used to communicate that an adoptive family & birth family have agreed to an adoption plan

Gotcha Day – the day you bring your adopted kiddo home

cocooning – occurs when you bring an adopted child into their new environment to help acclimate them & build trust/familiarity with adoptive family/parents