Hi, hello!!

You guys!! Hello!
I feel like I have to reintroduce myself it’s been so long since I’ve written in this space I love so much. I’m thankful that you guys are still reading, you’re still saying “Hello!” when you see me and/or the girls out and about! Your support and prayers mean the whole entire world to me!

2017 has been pretty good to me so far…. I have a lot to share with you…. plenty of my heart to pour out, but we have a bit of catching up to do first! lol.

My last post was in November, and since then….


birthdaygirls1 birthdaygirls2(Yes.. these are photos from my Cannon. That are still in my Cannon. #momlife) birthdaygirls3 birthdaygirls4 birthdaygirls5These girls are the highlight of my life!

These little people are straight up hilarious. They have each other’s backs in ways that surprise me on a regular! One is a prankster like I’ve never seen before. They are obsessed with Frozen, playing outside, and ice cream! They love bows and dresses… they will immediately go to the mirror after I finish combing their hair and dressing them to see how they look! Our words are coming faster and faster, they communicate pretty well although I will likely get them started with Early Childhood Intervention soon because they should be talking more than they are – mainly putting words together to make phrases! But, aside from that… they are amazing! They love school, love taking their Plexus Family Chewable vitamins, and have the healthiest appetites!

After the girls turned 2 in December, I made 34 in January!birthday
So far this year has been one of growth and isn’t that what we all want? My prayer has been for abundance. I believe that everything I’ve been praying for, both the needs and the wants, will be supplied in abundance! ….and, I absolutely see the Lord bringing things together. While some of that coming together doesn’t feel very good, I know that all he’s working out within me will prepare me for the good that he promised he wouldn’t withhold!

February came and went pretty quickly, and the girls and I had our GALentine’s Day celebration!vday1vday2 I love the idea and comfort of traditions, so I began a little Date Night with the girls Valentine’s Day Eve! We went to our favorite (kid friendly) restaurant (Chiptole!) and went for cupcakes at Small Cakes! My sister in law and her two girls were there, too, so it was a legit girls night! They had so. much. fun!!We all did, but I especially love how much the girls laughed, ate, and played.

edgeYes! I’m still in love with Plexus! Still sharing, still taking, still feeling amazing because of these products! I literally don’t know what I did without them. Oh yea. exhaustion, sugar cravings, bloating, big baby belly, irregularly. In addition to all of that, the personal growth in unreal. Painful at times, but so good! Also, building & strengthening authentic relationships with some of the most amazing women! The Lord blessed me so good with this gig!

mayestrioOther than that……. We’re just hanging out and having a great time together! The girls are so incredibly funny, sweet, naughty, protective, supportive, kind, sneaky, and pure joy!!! The word ‘naughty’ seems so hoity toity, but not only do I not know how to spell hoity toity but I have no other way to describe the girls (one in particular) just gets into every everything! So inquisitive, so bright, so techy, and loves to figure out how things work! whew…. duoA picture of two of the best things I’ve ever done.
As close to perfection as it gets.


…. hey October!

Whew!! It’s October, y’all, and I’m sorry but that’s insane. The summer is GONE (although the heat has stayed) and it’s all downhill from here. A fun downhil, but we’re literally walking up towards the porch getting ready to knock on 2017’s door. Nuts. 

That also means I’m weeks away from having two two year olds. Which is equally as nuts as the year coming to an end!
… and, because these sweet girls turned 22 months today, we stopped to get ice cream after school!They’ve had maybe a spoon of Haagen Dazs before but they’ve never really had ice cream like this before!! So it was pretty exciting!  We shared a small cup of Birthday Cake with sprinkles & they loved it!! No major messes or anything! Praise hands!
They have grown up so much since starting school over the summer and their maturation has been a major blessing to me! They’re a little behind on their speech (being a preemie + a multiple wasn’t in their favor in this area!) but over the past week or so the words & little phrases have been flowing! It’s so surprising and so sweet to hear their little voices repeating & communicating. Since we’re friends here & this is a safe space…….. I was so upset and disappointed about them not talking sooner. (On the flip side, they absolutely dance like no one is watching!) But! I’m learning so well that everything is a process. Just because it doesn’t happen today, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. There are just a few things that need to happen first! When we’re patient and grateful for what is, it can be a lot easier to endure the wait! 
Today, I was chatting with a co-worker about motherhood, our children’s personalities & raising them according to their bent, relationships, & just mama stuff right? We talked about the importance of building relationships inside your home. Intentionally creating space to learn about & enjoy each other, to laugh & experience life together…… y’all, just because you live in a house with someone doesn’t mean you have a relationship with them. That has to be fostered and it’s our job as parents to equip our kiddos with the skills necessary to function productively and well in life. One of those skills sets is relating welL to others. My girls only have each other, it’s not written in stone that they’ll be besties after they’re no longer forced to see each other or talk to each other daily. It’s my job to teach them to be the type of person another would enjoy. Not everyone, just most. Be kind, patient, enduring, forgiving, loyal… how to be a friend. How to celebrate others, support others, and others. All that …. and more is taught to our kiddos by how we treat them, how we teach them to treat others, & how we teach them be treated annnnnd how they see us being treated. So many variables. But, it’s worth it! Convo was goood for this mama heart! 
Oh! All that to mention how I’m going to be intentional about doing something weekly with my girls that’s out of the norm. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the park on a weekday. (Gasp!) first, I thought it would be the worst experience in all of my motherhood-ing & 2nd I had isht to do. Literally it was a sacrifice for me but they had so much fun, we spent quality time & it broke up the monotony of the week. No one got lost, stolen, or injured so I’d say it was a win. 
Same thing for ice cream today… everything was smooth sailing so I’m grateful for that. A lot of times Im very conservative about where I take the girls solo & how I take them (stroller or no stroller) because as you can imagine, things can get real hectic real fast. But these were two good experiences that reminded that we can do this thing together & still have so much fun! 

Anywho…….. YES! Things are so good right now! So incredibly grateful for what is & actually quite expectant about what’s to come. I’ve got some good vibes that some amazing things are going to happen here pretty soon………… don’t know what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of the sweetest gifts from the Lord ever.  Lol
I hope y’all are having a great week!!!! Miss this space dearly and so grateful for you for continuing to read and email and share your encouragement & testimonies! Means the whole entire world!!


… the days are long 

… so I posted this post a couple of weeks ago. It never made it to my blog because one of the shorter people who live in my home (& play with my phone) changed a few things on my WordPress app. 

Better late than never…… right?

… but the years are short. 

I have no idea what we were doing last week, but I remember this time last year like it was yesterday. 

Chaotic and dark and painful days filled with this crazy joy and love for my babies and the beginnings of a real peace seeping into my world. Two chubbies crawling around, cruising, starting on purées, and Gerber puffs. Wearing little moccasins and Carter’s onesies & those heavy Stride Rite shoes. 

How I wished and wished for better days and totally missed what was right in front of me. As horrible as this sounds, I’m quite a few months into really seeing my babies. Really taking them in versus being a fog and checking off caring for them like tasks on a to do list. My days aren’t  not a blur anymore. And, I’m soaking every moment with these people and this season of my life up because it’s full of expectancy and anticipation like never before. 

My girls and I went to the park today and I wanted to stay. I wanted to watch them climb up the slides and explore. I wanted to just observe them laugh and play, watching them do new things is so neat….. Didn’t want to worry about the heat or bugs or the freaking schedule. Right now, I have a kid that’s half my size laying on my chest and I love it. While it’s a bit inconvenient & it’s delaying some progress, why rush her off to her crib?  Yes I have things to do that a sleeping 25 pounder laying on your chest totally stops, but it’s also giving me time to share Plexus, blog, sit with the Lord, & just be. So, we’re being productive. And, I learned a bit more about being flexible, enduring, & patient. 

I’m learning not to rush through “it”. Learning that not everything has to change today….. not matter how hard, painful, or inconvenient…….. it doesn’t have to change today. But it could actually change tomorrow. I know that you can get through the day. That the longer you’re in it, the longer you’re face to face with the Lord, the better. depending on him for each moment is draining but so good. I was listening to Priscilla Shirer today and she talked about how we miss opportunities to grow our character and relationship with God when we rush through life. And, she’s so right. So the Lord is working things out for our good. And, one thing that helped to broaden my perspective and exercise a bit of patience was thinking of God “working things together” like planning an event. Have you ever done that? You have to work with a caterer, a baker, the venue coordinator, you gotta get your dress, the shoes, the invite list, stationary, etc etc for ONE event. Imagine that the Lord is doing that with you & every person in your life as he’s trying to get us to where he wants is to be. All the pieces he is coordinating and lining up ever so perfectly to make things work for our good. So now, if I’m strugglingwith someone, I just think……. he’s working on the cake design with the caterer & that’s why this isn’t quite ready yet. This hasn’t happened because we’re waiting for that last RSVP. While nothing is too hard for God and he can make anything happen when he wants, he understands the importance of the process. And, I’m learning to appreciate it. 

We’re a few months away from the end of 2016 and I literally cannot believe all that’s happened. It’s been so good and I wish I hadn’t rushed through some parts, but even through that God has been good and has grown me so much.  

Not wishing a moment by. Not rushing through one experience to get to the next. Yea sometimes I want Jesus to come down immediately but then I remember that someone this right here that feels like walking through drying concrete, has the potential to draw me closer to the Lord & shape me to be more like him……. or, I could totally waste this time & complain. 

The Lord is my shepherd, he restores my soul, he leads me. I will fear  no evil because the Lord is with me (and has already been right here because he also goes before me). He has a provides for me, he pursues me, he challenges me, &strengthens  me. 

Christ offers us freedom, joy, peace, and a relationship overflowing with a loyal, unconditional love. It’s up to us whether or not we accept it, we fight to grasp hold of it, and rest in Him. Learning to do that is NOT easy. Learning to navigate a whole new circumstance isn’t easy, but it can be done & it can be done well. 

…… you just gotta learn trust the Lord’s party planning skills.