goodbye, summer!


Oh the sky will be blue
And you guys’ll be there too
When I finally do what frozen things do
In summer!
– Olaf

When the girls and summer leave right about the same time, always a bitter sweet time. We spent our days lounging, watching lots of Frozen, painting, cooking, swimming, playing, and baby watching.

One thing that warms my heart so much as an aunt and a mama to be is how loved our little people are by their cousins. Aliya and Ari are so excited about their new cousins coming. They loved to watch them on ultrasounds and talked about them so much! Aliya is so protective – telling her sister “No, you can’t have any of Alaina’s food… She needs to eat! She’s pregnant!” when her sister is asking for bites of whatever I’m eating. Ari loves to give them hugs and tells them “Hi, babies!” all the time. If I was lying down, she would lie next to me with her head near/on my belly!


Summer days and nights with these girls house the best memories, the deepest laughs, and the best hugs and snuggles.
I definitely learn to manage my time a bit better, let the less important tasks and to do’s wait a bit until the games are over, bellies are fed, hands are washed, and snuggles are done.
Even though the help with vacuuming and dusting was fun time spent together, it was important to be to also spend time doing things they enjoyed even if I thought it was boring. I want them to know that what they wanted to do was just as important as the cleaning. I listened to their stories, their jokes, their songs, and watched their dance moves because I want them to know that they’re worth listening to and watching. That they’re worth my attention.
I performed the same yoga sequences over and over again because I knew that they wanted to do the same things I was doing. And, I wanted them to see that they can do what seems hard with practice.

Every summer they teach me more and more and more.
More about patience. More about myself and the heart of what what I long for deep within myself.
Love. Acceptance. Patience. Time. Faith. Encouragement.
And, the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got people on your side.

Every summer gets better….. When we do things that families do in summer!


second trimester bliss

20140728-220830-79710649.jpgI’ve felt really guilty for the past four weeks because I haven’t felt the best and the girls and I have been cooped up in the house most days. Not only have we not been doing too much but I’ve slacked on so much around the house because I just felt so crappy. I slept a lot, rested a lot, and up chucked quite a bit. Going back to work feeling so crummy was definitely a concern because I didn’t know exactly when I would start feeling more like myself.

So, we’ve been hanging pretty tough the last few days! They are so easy to bring along and are so well behaved, we have no issues with taking them along to brunches and hanging out with our friends or planning play dates. Luckily, one of our couple friends has a daughter who Ari and Aliya get along really well with! Their names all even begin and end with A! lol.

Today, we tried a new tasty donut shop, Glazed, before heading to run an errand. And, this donut detour was completely out of the way, but I saw way too many posts about how good it was so we had to try! THEN, next a few doors down I spotted a cute little spa & decided to get my eyebrows threaded while I was close. Now, this is a big deal because 1. I’m incredibly routined & don’t generally switch things up unless I absolutely have to but 2. I was looking for a new spot because my usual location is way too far & out of the way. I’d go far too long without a threading because of the distance. So, I’m totally pumped to have a new place that’s super nice (that also has a stamp card!!) and is much closer! So, it’s a pretty neat find that I really enjoyed.

Our errand was downtown so we had fun walking down the streets and even checked out a possible baby shower location. Of course the “shuttle” caught their attention so we’re looking into taking them on the train before they leave!

I’m just HAPPY that I’m feeling so much more human-esque these days. I mean, it’s been hard, but I’m literally in such a better place mentally and physically. I’ve begun shopping for this new work/regular wardrobe situation that is NEEDED & starting to fill up to preparing for these sweet little people that will be gracing us with their presence so very soon…………………………..



alainabridgeThis past week, we were in full fledge vacation mode….. limited internet access helped a ton with winding down the summer and enjoying time with family/friends!!

It was so nice to have one last summer vacation experience as a duo, before we become an instantaneous party of four.

This is my eleven week belly….. the belly that grows as much week by week as it does as the day goes on (lol)…. the belly that is housing two of my greatest creations, my greatest blessings, my greatest gifts, and the cause of the greatest thanks. The babies that have rocked my whole world, caused me to vomit in public places, and has brought us so much joy and love already.

Being pregnant has opened my eyes to a lot of thoughts I’ve had that truly weren’t fair and were quite judgmental. Thoughts that were so foolish and inconsiderate.
For instance, the size of early bellies.
They’re small. And, at times I’d see mamas to be posing with these super small bellies and think, “Cute, but there’s barely anything there.”
Well, I will say that I do appreciate opportunities that open my eyes.
I recognize that my belly is  small comparatively speaking and for some it may not seem like a big deal.
But, it is. It’s huge for a couple of reasons.
First, I’m bigger than I’ve ever been before and this body is changing fast. And, two, there’s life inside of this smallish growing belly.
So, to us… while there’s “barely anything there”, its the most amazing “barely anything” we’ve ever experienced.
Perspective and a willingness to understand makes a world of a difference.

bellySeven days in the Caribbean was phenomenal and so relaxing. I followed Dr.’s orders and limited my time in the sun, enjoyed the surf, water, and beach in spurts, lounged in the shade drinking lots of water and icees building relationships and enjoying friends.

People watching is one of my favorite favorite things to do….
I found myself watching young families at the beach and airports wondering and laughing with Thomas about what we’ll look like a year from now, traveling with two little babes. lol. Both of us talking about what we don’t get about kids and the nuances of traveling with kids… lol.
Sidebar: Thomas is a major fan of me bearing the belly! He even proudly pointed out the fact that my linea nigra (the dark line down the abdomen) is making an appearance. lol.

And, this guy.
sleepHis birthday is today.
Every year I look back on who is has become and am grateful for the growth, the craziness I put him through and how he so graciously and patiently deals with my spontaneous decisions and chasing my heart all over the place, and how him he is. And, how being exactly who he is has made me better, has benefited our relationship, our business, and our life together.


Even though I always get on him for how lucky he is for having a summer birthday that isn’t smushed between anything, he really deserves an amazing day all his own, not impacted or eclipsed by anything else.


Happy birthday, man!