the Plexus difference

super sat 2 If you’ve never heard of Plexus, I’m glad you’re here.
If you’ve avoided/ignored or don’t believe in us, please stay a while.
If you have but have opted out of jumping on board as an ambassador or customer, grab a seat.
Either way, thanks for coming.
You’ll like it here.

Plexus is an all natural health and wellness company and it will change the quality of your life. That sounds drastic and overly dramatic, but I promise you…. if you were to begin on these products and give them a fair shot (drink the suggested amount of water, make good meal choices, & take products as suggested) for at least two months, you would see a world of difference in how you look & feel and how your body operates.

 My friend and I at Super Saturday

The longer I’m a part of this business, the more my passion grows and the harder I work. These products are truly improving the health of so many people without the use of medications or unhealthy fad diets. Many ambassadors and their friends and families’ doctors are taking them off of medication because of the change Plexus had made in their overall health. Plexus is soothing eczema, reducing IBS symptoms, clearing acne, reducing headaches/migraines, bettering nightly sleep, easing PMS/cycle pains (I have endometriosis, the struggle was real!!), addressing thyroid issues (bye, bye Synthroid), and balancing blood sugar/cholesterol/lipid levels. And, that’s a short list.

While Plexus isn’t a miracle or magic pill, it’s a tool that has helped thousands upon thousand of people turn their lives around when they chose to be committed to consistency. It’s been a game changer and how so many people have been able to improve their health. Not slightly improve, but drastically improve. So much so that the quality of their everyday is better than it’s been in years.

One of the friends I’ve met through Plexus, Ro’Derica, has an amazing story to tell about how Plexus completely turned her life around.
Here it is.
“Growing up, I had always been a little thick. People would often say, “Oh you’re pretty, for a big girl, or you have a pretty face.” My thought to these “compliments” were, Is this really a compliment? Why can’t I just be pretty rather than only certain parts of me? That never stopped me from being me. I was very social, head cheerleader, popular in school, and genuiely well-liked. People often said they loved how confident I was. Truth is, I have never been fully satisfied with my weight. No matter how well I ate, how much I worked out (which was frequently), I was still thicker. As a adult I had learned to accept my curves, but I still needed to get to the root cause of the extra weight. My friend Angela introduced me to Plexus and explained gut health. My ears perked up and I started taking the products. Within a week, I was sleeping better, eliminating regularly, and had increased energy. It feel good to seem normal again. As the months passed, the inches and pounds melted away. and I went from a size 24/26 to an 18/20. I had always eaten healthy, but I started drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water daily along with taking my products consistently. I am thankful for Plexus for showing me what healthy really is. My gut loves me for it now and I can be a model for my daughter. :)”
rodericaWhile Ro’Derica approved this message, what she didn’t tell me is how her quality of life has been improved, but I can imagine.
I can imagine how even though the beautiful, friendly woman on the left was confident, she was probably uncomfortable.
I can imagine the disappointment and sadness she felt when she couldn’t keep up with her small, active daughter.
I can imagine that while she was confident in who she is and the person God created her to be, that she knew that her health had to improve but didn’t want to be disappointed and discouraged when (possibly another) diet failed. AGAIN.
I know this woman wanted to be able to walk.
She wanted to be comfortable in restaurants, shopping in stores without constant reminders of her size.
The woman on the right will be forever grateful that the woman on the left loved herself enough to make a choice that would change her life.
A choice that wouldn’t require insane caloric intakes, meal replacements, & ridiculous food regimens.
Her health is improving, which will increase the her chances of being able to enjoy her friends and family a bit longer without heart issues or complications.
That woman on the left is going to be able to enjoy the spring and summer outdoors with her daughter in a way she wouldn’t have been able to before.
That woman on the right is more comfortable shopping for clothes. And, choosing a seat.
I believe she feels less joint and back pain. I can imagine she’s able to hug a bit tighter.
And, pedicures are more comfortable, too.

A quality of life change has occurred.
And, she’s not even done yet.

Now, think about the quality of your days.
Think about how making one simple choice, how saying “yes” can change your life.
It doesn’t have to be a confident “YES!” you shout from the top of your voice.
I gave a haphazard ‘this probably won’t work or last’ kind of “yes.”
You may whisper yours.
But, will you say it??

Do me a favor.
Think of how you feel each day.
(Don’t limit your thoughts to weight… simply think about how you feel overall.)
Think about and  imagine how you want to feel.
Then, email me so we can talk about how Plexus can help you get there.




Heck yes!! When I tell you I love, love, love shopping small!! It’s the most fun and gratifying experience!

I have shopped small for the girls since before they were born (ha) and I have formed real relationships with quite a few of the mamas behind these amazing brands! I’ve also shopped small for myself and I never, ever regret it!

A promise was made during my Periscope today about my favorite shops and I’m making good on it!!!

Here are my favorite baby shops:

@augie and lola

My favorite small shops for mamas are:
Ezra + Eli
Loved by Hannah and Eli

My girls Danielle and Mary keep my blog up to date and any graphic needs I have poppin!
Danielle Burkleo
Mary Hess

I had an idea or two about tees that I wanted to see come to life that didn’t quite fit in the Arise brand Krystle and I started … but, we definitely they should be printed and sold. So, here they are. One of a few that will be sold right here on my blog! I love that I have the space and ability to have these ideas that roll around in my imagination printed on tees. It’s amazing and I’m so excited!

We, teachers, don’t have the easiest jobs ever and it’s always nice to be shown the appreciation you guys feel on a daily! You can find there shirt over here… it’s a perfect time to buy for your kiddo’s teacher as the season of giving is upon us!

And, of course, I talk non-stop about Plexus…. you can find more info on that amazing-ness over here.
So good if you’re struggling with blood sugar issues, diabetes, irritability, intestinal issues (IBS, diverticulitis, etc.), and AI disease (Lupus, MS), skin inflammation (eczema, acne, psoriasis), food/sugar allergies, thyroid issues, or need to lose/gain (yes, gain) weight, etc. It’s amazing all around! Check it out!

All so very exciting!!!
I hope you guys genuinely consider supporting us mamas who are just doing what we love!!!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving Day!
Gobble, gobble!


why i give my babies probiotics

10 mths

These two girls are a handful of fun and love. Seeing them happy and healthy is comforting and gives me so much peace. Sick babies are no fun whatsoever!

And, we’ve had nonstop sick/sick-ish/something funky going on for about two months and at our last appt, Lo was prescribed an antibiotic. While I planned to run the ingredients of the Plexus brand probiotic, ProBio5, by their pedi anyway, I immediately pushed for them to start it immediately because of the damage antibiotics due to our gut; my goal was and is to always make sure my girls are as healthy as possible. Due to what I know about the important of gut health, in order for them to be as healthy as possible, they need to be healthy on the inside.

The chatter surrounding gut health and probiotics has only gotten louder as the connections between gut health + overall health & wellness is becoming more and more clear…. and, we’re finally doing something about it.

You’re probably wondering why a 10 month old needs a probiotic in the first place. Generally, babies and young children are being diagnosed with asthma, food/season allergies… our kids are sick and not feeling well. However, instead of getting to the root of the issues (the gut where 80% of our heath begins), we like to put bandaids over  huge issues that require daily medication, at times multiple times a day. Steroids, medication, environment, and how our food is grown & processed causes our gut to be compromised.

What are the causes of a compromised gut?
A compromised gut, or Leaky Gut, is caused by the impermeable lining of intestines becoming permeable. Due to how our food is grown/harvested/processed, the environment, medications, etc, this lining becomes porous and can no longer keep toxins and waste undigested food particles, & toxins from leaking into our blood stream. When this happens, our body goes into protective mode and basically begins to fight itself. Also, we are all born with a certain amount of yeast and bacteria in our colons and the only reasons doctors can determine the purpose to be is to help decompose our bodies when we die. But, with an overgrowth of this yeast (Candida) and bad bacteria, we will begin to see our health begin to slowly decline.

What are the symptoms of leaky gut?
When our body begins to attempt to protect itself, the reverse actually ends up happening… and, we become sick. A few tale tell signs of a leaky gut are skin inflammation (eczema, psoriasis), food & seasonal allergies, depression/anxiety, insomnia, headaches/migraines, infertility, and a plethora of other seemingly non-related issues. The beauty behind being proactive about reestablishing a healthy gut environment, many of the symptoms we deal with can be reduced and we can possibly even get off of daily medication we take without a second thought to what it does to our intestines and health. Again, the healthier your gut is, the healthier you will be.

It was important for me to put the girls on a probiotic after being prescribed an antibiotic because the fact of the matter is,  that babies can have pretty messy side effects while taking it. Antibiotics wipe out all of the bacteria – both good and bad – from our systems in an effort to get rid of the virus or infection. I planned on putting them on anyway, but this was an excellent motivator to do it now.

Why a Plexus probiotic vs an OTC probioic?
Our probiotic has an anti fungal and digestive enzymes that help break down yeast.

If you’re really into the science behind it..

Yeast and fungal organisms are comprised of proteins, chitin, and cellulose structures. Proteins are broken down by protease enzymes, and cellulose is broken down by cellulase. The chitin structure can only be processed in the presence of the chitinase (chitosinase) enzyme. The enzyme profile in ProBio5, which is micro encapsulated, is designed to process away the protein-based outer layer of yeast and fungal organisms. This then exposes the interior of these organisms to the cellulose of the chitosinase in the ProBio5. Enzymes are efficient and effective in the destruction of yeast and fungi.

ProBio5 Friendly Flora, in addition to enzymes, ProBio5 contains very beneficial “friendly bacteria” that assists in supporting the body’s need for a balance of probiotics (micro flora) in the digestive tract. This “friendly bacteria” is delivered in a micro-encapsulation system to ensure that they reach their intended destination in the digestive tract to help rebuild the damage done by the yeast and fungi overgrowth.

So we basically kick the bad stuff’s butt and invite the good stuff to play.
We’re buddies. Not bullies.

Without sufficient probiotics, your body’s nutrient absorption is impaired; this can result in producing an environment that is supportive of yeasts and fungi growth. 10 mths2

So while my babies don’t have eczema or psoriasis right now, while they haven’t been diagnosed with an AutoImmune disease yet. They don’t have joint pain or irritability or headaches/migraines, depression/anxiety or lethargy or sugar/food cravings yet… no endo/PCOS or infertility yet; one definitely suffers from digestive issues and that needs to be cleared up. I’d like for them to experience life without all of that junk. And, it’s absolutely possible.

There are so many things that we put ourselves through that aren’t necessary. So many things that have become so much like second nature that we believe it should be a part of our lives and we are wrong. Dead wrong. It takes a boldness, a bravery, and a desire for something different to step up to do something different, but there is peace on the other side. There are benefits and the beauty of God’s grace on the other side.

We have to be willing & courageous enough to say a whispered, voice quivering “yes” to hard things, to believe enough is enough and want more in order to step out of our comfort zones and see what’s on the other side of that bravery. God is there. His grace is sufficient to carry us though the fear of obedience.

God is always there.
He’s omnipresent like that.

The Lord goes before us, yet he’s with us. So, it’s kinda like a double portion of grace upon grace….. He goes before us doing Jesus like things of preparing people to receive us, preparing doors to be opens, or closed. Making ready what he’s preparing us for today….. And, whatever else he does that we don’t see until we’re an hour, a week, three months, or years down the line. And, others we won’t know until we reach Heaven. He’s with us providing us comfort, strength, his peace (praise hands!), and a for sure place to rest.

While all that’s a lot less about Plexus and a whole lot about life, one thing I know about decision making that applies to both… living a miserable no out of comfort is a whole lot worse than living a timid yes. Because as the end of the day, a timid yes has options. A timid yes is ready for possibility.

A timid yes screams inner strength and self confidence that says “I can do it”
and “I’m choosing the less beaten path because there’s something in me that’s yearing for more”.
And, not out of haste, poor preparation, spite or even frustration.

But, of the recognition that it’s time for something a lot better than this.

How you handle your this is dependent upon the size of your why.
My “why” for starting Plexus & becoming an ambassador was the fact that I wanted
(read: needed)  to
live and look well.
(quite literally & figuratively)
So, I jumped.
And, gained much more than what I started for.

Are you ready?