they’re eating!

The girls are 6 big ol months!!!!! I’m way behind on their 6th month post & pictures, but lets not be judgy…..
 It’s honestly been so much fun watching the girls grow and learn! I have a lot of favorite milestones they’ve hit recently, but my favorite eating! The girls love to eat and it’s fun for me, too, because I make their food!! I’m not completely against jar food, but I’d prefer to make their food myself. I know exactly what’s in it, I get to season it as I’d like, and it ends up being a lot less expensive than buying the jarred food!! mangoThe Baby Bullet is so stinking cute!!! And, the little containers are adorable. It’s easy to use and works fairly quickly! … and, it’s cute! The only downside to the Baby Bullet is that you aren’t able to make a lot of food at once. I cut one mango to puree and I doubt I would have been able to add another full mango to the blender. For now it works great because the girls aren’t eating that much, but once their bellies and appetites grow, I’m going to have to use my blender for their food!!

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The girls have had avocado, pears, and mango!! I also tried the Gerber Rice Cereal but I nixed it because it’s pretty pointless. I plan to add more veggies…. kale, carrots, spinach, and green beans are at the top of my list. I hate peas, but they’ll help move their little systems along, so hopefully they’ll like them!!

You can tell that the girls understand eating because they are so into our meals…. They watch us eat and even grab our spoons and forks! It’s hilarious!!!

My hope is that if I introduce a wide variety of foods to the girls early, they’ll have a wide palate and won’t only eat those favorite kid foods like chicken (in it’s various forms) and burgers. Even though I love hamburgers! lol.

I’m looking forward to having a freezer full of frozen foods for the girls to enjoy. Makes my mama heart happy that they love what I’ve prepared for them so far! Kinda makes me feel something like an award winning baby chef! lol.. I get rave reviews from two tiny diners!!!


second trimester bliss

20140728-220830-79710649.jpgI’ve felt really guilty for the past four weeks because I haven’t felt the best and the girls and I have been cooped up in the house most days. Not only have we not been doing too much but I’ve slacked on so much around the house because I just felt so crappy. I slept a lot, rested a lot, and up chucked quite a bit. Going back to work feeling so crummy was definitely a concern because I didn’t know exactly when I would start feeling more like myself.

So, we’ve been hanging pretty tough the last few days! They are so easy to bring along and are so well behaved, we have no issues with taking them along to brunches and hanging out with our friends or planning play dates. Luckily, one of our couple friends has a daughter who Ari and Aliya get along really well with! Their names all even begin and end with A! lol.

Today, we tried a new tasty donut shop, Glazed, before heading to run an errand. And, this donut detour was completely out of the way, but I saw way too many posts about how good it was so we had to try! THEN, next a few doors down I spotted a cute little spa & decided to get my eyebrows threaded while I was close. Now, this is a big deal because 1. I’m incredibly routined & don’t generally switch things up unless I absolutely have to but 2. I was looking for a new spot because my usual location is way too far & out of the way. I’d go far too long without a threading because of the distance. So, I’m totally pumped to have a new place that’s super nice (that also has a stamp card!!) and is much closer! So, it’s a pretty neat find that I really enjoyed.

Our errand was downtown so we had fun walking down the streets and even checked out a possible baby shower location. Of course the “shuttle” caught their attention so we’re looking into taking them on the train before they leave!

I’m just HAPPY that I’m feeling so much more human-esque these days. I mean, it’s been hard, but I’m literally in such a better place mentally and physically. I’ve begun shopping for this new work/regular wardrobe situation that is NEEDED & starting to fill up to preparing for these sweet little people that will be gracing us with their presence so very soon…………………………..


No fear


She laughs without fear of the future.
– Proverbs 31:25

(….. Or anything else for that matter.)

The day may be hard but I am TRULY finding joy in all that’s around and within me. For starters, the truth that was stated over and over again in my reading this morning. We cry out to God & he saves us. He comes to us. He gives us what we need. He redeems and forgives. He consoles and comforts. Every time. Which causes us to worship him. Love him. Trust him. Depend on him. And, shows that he is who He says he is. Every time.

We can go back in “our history” as Saul says and recount the goodness of The Lord. And, worship and be glad in HIM. In Him, alone.

So after that, on to materialistic fleeting things. Lol.
I’m excited about unleashing this hair again today…. I curled it on flexi rods last night a bit differently than the other night, so I am pumped to see what it looks like.
Then, brunch (always) brings about some excitement… Hanging with the fam bam makes it more fun, too!!
And, dress wearing in the summer makes my heart smile.

I’m thankful for today. Thankful for the amazing texts & love I received today. It leaves me speechless and brings tears to my eyes. Y’all rock!

Happy Mama’s Day!!! Enjoy it!