about me

Hey ya’ll!!
Thanks so much for coming over… my space is your space, so get comfy!

I’m a middle child introvert  but Myers-Briggs says I’m an ENFJ… which basically means I’m an “Extrovert” (high energy, easily distracted, likes to do lots of things at one time, acts then thinks kinda gal. read: crazy), iNtuitive (big picture thinker who notices new things, trust her gut, and likes to figure things out on my own!) , a Feeler (decides based on and is convinced by feelings, values harmony, motivated by appreciation), and Judger (likes things settled, very responsible, prefers finished products, serious, rule lover, who finds comfort in schedules. Dead on!)!!

If you’re into the Enneagram is am a strong 3!! Really moving towards “healthy” in all areas and I absolutely love it!! I love how this personality profile truly points me to Jesus and helps me to recognize those unintentional & knee jerk responses in stress! They’re so accurate it’s embarrassing but I’m grateful that I can see “where I go” so I can adjust where I’m going with more intention!

“Baking” raspberry swirl cheesecake cupcakes are my favorite & if you haven’t had the Talenti gelato in the same flavor you’re doing yourself a disservice. I can also sew a bit. I love to create: paint, craft, and anything chalk, Sharpie, or Expo marker approved. 🙂

After three years of struggling to expand our family through adoption and fertility treatments, I am so proud, humbled, and completely shocked about naturally conceiving my twin girls & delivering them in December 2014! This space has been the place I have been completely vulnerable about infertility, adoption, marriage, divorce, single motherhood….. my life.

Then, along came Dylan 3.5 years post divorce. Another major surprise!

Why have I made such private issues public??
Because, everyone struggles.

We all go through so much and have such heavy burdens to carry at some point in our lives. There is strength and hope in community. There is love, burden sharing, and confidence in sharing for the purpose of uplifting, encouraging… of testifying how Jesus has healed, comforted, & changed people and redeemed situations. The fact that I get emails, texts, messages… a flood of outreach… that says “Me, too, sister!” and “Thank you for sharing…” lets me know that more openness is needed, we need to be more real than picture perfect.


I never expected to have fertility issues. I never thought I’d watch my marriage go up in flames or raise my girls on my own.  But, I’m learning a lot; I know that God prepares us for all things.. Trying to soak up as much as I possibly can. Trying to handle life well. And, do it all in a way that honors God, keeps a smile on my girls’ faces, and helps me to not only keep my sanity, but thrive!

Throughout all of life’s experiences and journeys, I can definitely say that all things do work together for good. But, in their own time. That good isn’t always immediate, but when you see everything come together, you can’t help but exhale and whisper a “Thank you.”

The life of this space has been through a lot. Definitely more difficulty than ease, more pain than joy. But, every experience has taught me how capable I am, how aware and loving the Lord is, and how deeply we all need Him.

We overcome by salvation in Christ, first and foremost… that’s where freedom and hope live. But, also by sharing our testimonies so that we can strengthen each other in love and by faith.

… To stories, growth, wisdom, and friendship.
This has been my goal since I began sharing in this space, and by the grace of God, that’s exactly what has been and what I pray will continue to be accomplished.
Praise hands.