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sweetest gifts

I have no idea now I never posted these pics I snapped of the girls on Easter Sunday, but here we are…….. Posting nearly a month later.
Logan, 5 years old
Rhyann, 5 years old
Dylan, 22 months old

I had to force myself up & out of the house that day. We’d come off of a really exciting week prior and that enjoyment wasn’t overflowing into the start of a new week.

But, I did …….. mainly because we had a collab due and this was perfect timing….. but I’m so glad we did. The girls were beautiful, their personalities are hilarious and even though it was insanely hectic I’m so glad we got out into the sun. Thankful we were able to capture them in dresses they loved (the pockets were a huge deal!!) And watch them connect with each other.

So thankful I did.

Socially Distant Easter 2020


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