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… coding with Osmo

The girls love all things technology + learning!! So combining the two are always so fun for them and makes my teacher/mama heart so happy when we find games and activities that they can play together, that stretch their imagination, that support their classroom learning, and even teach them something new!

One of our newest fave learning toy is our Osmo! They have an array of interactive learning games that are so insanely fun, and we were so excited to get their coding games!

Now y’all know I’m not techy at all and the idea of coding is interesting, but coding with Osmo is so fun! Such a simplistic, kid-friendly way to introduce coding technology to kids! It also helped to follow patterns, reinforce left and right, and problem solving!

We have a musical coding game and a more traditional game to create codes with! They’ve been so into Coding Jam that they haven’t even gotten to Coding with Awtie! That’s more of ‘giving directions’ (which is how I explained to the girls what coding is!) to Osmo’s character Awtie to walk, jump, move forward/backward/right/left and the number of steps he takes! Y’all. It’s legit exciting and I’m 3 seconds from breaking open the game myself and playing with it!

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive screen time way for learning activity for your family, this is literally it. Click the links to learn where you can snag your family their own Osmo learning tools!


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