… until he moves

One thing I’m definitely not good at it is waiting…. but I’ve gotten a whole lot better. Like leaps and bounds better at waiting and it’s still an area I am working to improve in. No matter how long or short the wait, I want to wait well. Even though it’s hard.

Waiting well is a skill I believe the Lord has been honing in me for quite a while…. and while it’s hard, I appreciate it so much. Almost to the point of tears. How we wait speaks greatly to how much we trust the one we’re waiting on… much more, I believe, than what we’re excited about, what we’re anticipating, and what we need.

Waiting well doesn’t look like busy-ing yourself but still watching the clock.
Waiting well doesn’t look like rolling your eyes & blowing air everytime “something” happens but isn’t what we’re waiting for. (You know how we do when we’re waiting for that phone call or text.)
Waiting well doesn’t mean you completely push your desires to the back of your mind as if you have forgetten about it, but it’s still very much at the forefront.

It looks like trust. Trust looks like patience. Patience looks like discipline and dependence.

When I tell or ask my girls to wait… they have no idea how long it’s going to last. And, honestly, I don’t always either. But, I do know that I don’t expect them to try and go behind my back and do it themselves. My expectation isn’t for them to grumble and whine. Or pick fights between each other. It definitely isn’t to get into something else they have no business getting into simply because I’m ‘taking too long’.

I expect them to obey while they wait.
I expect them to exercise some discipline.
To busy themselves doing what they know they can or should be doing.
I definitely wouldn’t be mad if they decided to clean up their toys.
Or just patiently wait with me.

But trying to do what they’re waiting for me to do can cause a mess. Usually causes a mess.
Going ahead of me while I’m preparing so that we can move on together causes a mess and something extra that I have to clean up, they get in trouble for, and our fun experience isn’t so fun anymore…. and they may have missed out on a fun opportunity……… picking up what I’m putting down?

We are children, trusting an all knowing Father. A father who plans really well. One who has incredible things for us that he promises to give. One who has incredible Earthly & Heavenly rewards for our obedience…. and he will do what he said. At the right time. He doesn’t forget about us. He doesn’t make empty promises. What he has for us is worth the wait.

I’ve been praying for two things, two areas specifically for a year. Loosely for much longer than that. And, it’s hard. There have been times I didn’t wait well. But, I absolutely see the benefit it obedience during the wait. Even in areas that aren’t directly connected. There is benefit in learning to quietly seek God’s hand. To continue asking and knocking with trust, believing that he is working all things together for us. I haven’t seen what I’m looking for yet. Haven’t held what I’m trusting God for. But, I know he hears me. I know he is moving. I know that what I’m obeying by asking for what I need and the desires of my heart.

Questions I like to ask in wait:
What do you want me to do right now?
What do you want me to learn?
Where do you want me to grow?

…. asking questions that will allow the Lord to open my eyes and mind up to what he needs from me is definitely a way to wait well. A way to prepare us for what we’re asking for.
A way to learn more about our Father and his plan for our lives.

But, beyond asking… doing and moving as he leads. Obeying while we wait. Trusting where he is guiding us. Won’t always make sense. May seem harder than what we think we can handle. Or seemingly more inconvenient than what I really want to deal with. Will likely take some bravery and courage, some stepping out on faith, some imagination. and, support.
Discipline. Determination. Commitment. Dependance.

But whatever you need… in whatever capacity you need it… whenever you need it… the Lord will provide it.

…….. Until he moves.

Until then, we wait.

Until then, we trust.

Until then, we obey.

Until then, we serve.

We grow.

We learn.

We lean into his Word.

We pray.

We praise.

We thank.

We enjoy his presence.

We enjoy our family.

We give.

We pray.

We believe his promises.

And, don’t let up until he blesses us.


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