We are doing something INSANELY fun over here in prep for some
MAJOR goal smashing and dream chasing in 2020!!!!!

FIRST UP….. a bi-weekly (possibly weekly) newsletter fun of empowerment, encouragement and all things YOU ARE EQUIPPED FOR EVERY GOOD WORK. Over the past maybe eight-ish years, I’ve stepped out in faith in a variety of ways and I’ve learned so much about who God actually is, who I am in him, what that means for me and my future. And, I want to share so much of that with you!

Stepping out in faith is an act of obedience that is separate from our feelings, preferences….. and it may not make sense whatsoever to us at the time! But, it all works out for our good and brings our God so much glory!! And, we can experience some pretty incredible growth and opened doors because of it!

Evidence – this blog. This beautiful space I’ve created of years and years and years worth of learning to trust and believe God and grow my faith. It’s title totally God inspired as when I clicked “publish” on my first blog post, I never, ever expected to go through (grow through) all that I have here AND for it to develop into what it has… to receive the opportunities I have or meet, encourage, and inspire the amazing women and families I’ve had. Never expected my heart to be read across the globe in droves of hundreds a day. Never expected to grow and develop in all the ways I’ve shared so publicly and for each of those seasons of my life to be such a massive blessing to others. It’s been nuts, y’all!! For real.

This newsletter.  A one-pager. encouragement. scripture. quotes. support. all the things that the Lord lays down on my heart to share with y’all. Stemming from the blog, leading to other spaces!!! And, simultaneously wanting to poop my pants.

But, here we go!

You’re invited! I’d love to have you along for this ride!
having some tech difficulties…. if you’re in, please
shoot me an email at!!!!



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