Mother’s Day 2019

These three made me a mama.

Do you ever wish you could blot out chapters of your story? Maybe a paragraphs in certain chapters?
A line or two?

I do. Plenty pieces.
Infertility being one of the top two.

But, look at these three people. So hilarious. So full of life. So playful.

After years of struggle.

I am pulled closer to Jesus.
And, given these two.
Then, another.

And, they call me mama.
And, I get to be their mama. 

It’s sweet and special.

Motherhood is the hardest, most sacrificial, frustrating, and uncomfortable job I’ve ever had.
Motherhood is the most exciting, enjoyable, life giving, and life giving job I’ve ever had.

And, I’m so thankful for the chance, the opportunity to raise these girls.
It’s so hard.
But, so so so good.

I initially hated that I became pregnant at time I did because it just didn’t seem fair,
wasn’t the way I’d dreamt of my experience would be.
But, the physical, emotional, and mindset issues I was struggling with
were at the height of problematic at that time as well.  Issues I’d always
(literally always) struggled were controlling my life and I hated how I felt.

But, timing was perfect.
Infertility connected me much closer to a friend who would be able to help me feel better, my body function better, and to look better right as I became responsible for my first two mini-me’s.
She began sharing about supplements
that helped to lose weight. And, I wanted to lose my baby weight.

But, I gotten more than a slimmer waist.
Balanced blood sugar that helped with balanced hormones, stabilized moods, and increased energy.
Reduced inflammation that helps with swelling, mommy pains, sitting at a computer all day pain, as well as acne/eczema,
Bloating reduced.. my clothes fit better and I didn’t have that full, uncomfortable feeling.
Digestive issues gone.
My moods are balanced.
Anxiety, stress, depression…. reduced & controlled.
More energy. Sustained energy.
Incredible sleep.
I can celebrate Mother’s Day because without so both the struggles of infertility
and these incredible clean plant based supplements
I wouldn’t… couldn’t mother the way I’d always dreamed.

Now, every day is perfect.
There are days I’m stressed and I raise my voice…
I’m a mama, not perfect.

But, I feel better. And, because I feel better, I do better.
I mom with joy. I’m not dragging and moody from the time I wake up in the morning.
Tantrums and high emotions are handled with more patience.

While there’s been personal growth and development, I can’t ignore the science behind the
ingredients and what how they affect/balance the body.
Plus, I feel awful after a couple of days off of my supplements. 

I’m so thankful for these girls.
So thankful I get to be these girls’ mama.
Even more grateful that I get to mom them
with joy, peace, emotional balance, and a clear mind.
And, a healthy body that up for chasing three babies
every day, all day.

They absolutely deserve my best.
And, I give it to them daily.
Thank you, Jesus.



  1. Happy Mother’s day to you. Motherhood has taught me to give myself and others more grace. It has also taught me that I cannot and will never be able to control it all, and I should be able to laugh and role with what life hands me even if I’m not prepared to. It is frustrating and at the end enlightening. Thank you for your post!

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