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…. speak life

One of the greatest realizations I’ve had over the past couple of years is that I am not alone.

That even though I am hit with and struggle with some pretty hard things, the Lord, Christ, & the Holy Spirit are truly contending for me, praying for me, & guiding me.

As a mama, we want the best for our children. While I will have to stand up for them here in the physical in a shrewd & strategic way that honors the Lord and defends us well, I also know that the Lord fights for in ways that will bring victory for us.

After so many years of living in fear, doubt, and losing battles & experiencing so much defeat I have learned over the past few years to entrust all things to God. Utilizing Him as my first line of defense, walking in obedience, & heeding his warnings are the best ways (ONLY ways) to have peace in chaos and have things go a way that is good for me. And, when things go another direction, I can trust that they will still go well for me because I’m trusting the one who has a plan for my good and not my harm.

I mentioned a couple posts back how my response to hard, hurtful, and difficult things was not the best. And, that pretty much means tears, thinking & speaking the worst, anger, acting out in that anger……. the last couple of years of my marriage and a couple years after that, ya girl was a mess. Privately, of course. With certain people… well, person. And I had a haaaaaard time seeing the opportunity I had to change my narrative because I was seeing life through feelings of hurt, shame, abandonment, and more instead with eyes of faith for healing, life, newness, hope, & joy. It wasn’t cute at all. Quite awful actually but I matured & grew so much, my faith was strengthened, and my perspectives & mindset have totally been revamped……. for the hard & literal crazy, I am thankful.

I mentioned in that same post that my responses have changed so drastically that I can hardly believe it. It happened so subtly that I don’t even know when it happened, so but I’m so grateful that it did.

One of the things I have learned to do in the moments of “disruption”, is speak life and truth. In those moments the enemy comes for what we believe. He knows that our beliefs dictate our responses. That if he can only get us to believe that nothing will change, that we are not loved or protected, that we are alone, unforgiven, and have no value whatsoever. If he can get us doubt that God is with us and his promises of peace, protection, provision – we will do anything to fill those voids & do what we feel is right.

A couple of days ago, I could have flipped out and become an emotional mess. BUT…… I literally spoke life and truth to myself. I decided to write those truths down (read: type them in the notes section of my phone) so that I could always go back to them whenever I need to. And, I wanted to share them with you.

At your word, life is created + life ends.

At your word, things are established + things are destroyed.

At your word, plans are made.

At your word, demons tremble.

At your word, healing takes place.

I am your child.

I am loved with a love that never ends.

I am loved with a love that accepts me.

I am loved with a love that always protects me.

I am loved with a love that plans good for me.

I am loved with a love that fully forgives me.

Your love doesn’t depend on my behavior, feelings, response, struggles, or fear.

Your love causes you to joyfully receive me at all times, no matter what. Nothing can separate me from your love- nothing can cause you to stop loving me.

There is no darkness in your presence.

And you are here with me.

There is no fear in your presence.

And you are here with me.

There is no darkness in your presence.

I am safe.

You go with me.

You are here.

You go before me.

You are preparing that space for me.

You surround me with your love.

You protect me on all sides.

You provide every need.

You give me joy.

You give me hope.

You give me a safe place to hide & rest.

You are for me, I can trust you.

You never sleep, I can rest.

You protect me from my enemies, I am not fearful.

You bless me abundantly, I can enjoy my work.

You forgive me daily, I can come to you freely.

You rejoice over me, I can trust your love for me.

You know every detail of my troubles.

You know every detail of my success.

Pain, fear, disappointment, envy, & hatred do not color my days. Those things are not of you.

Joy, healing, hope, love, peace, self control are how I choose to fill my days knowing + believing that when I trust you with my mind, my responses, & decisions to focus on + obey you, I am in your will & under your umbrella of protection. There is safety & favor there.

You are for me.

You WANT me to be whole.

You are for me.

You WANT to provide for me.

You are for me.

You WANT me to experience joy.

You are for me.

You WANT to bless me.

You are FOR me.

You WANT to protect me.

You are FOR me.

You WANT to guide me.

You are FOR me.

You WANT the best for me.

AND, you will NOT allow me to fall.

Girl, speaking what you KNOW to be true even when you do feel it will bring life. You will remind and encourage yourself. Our words will either bring life or death. What you say makes you feel good or bad. What you say excites or literally brings you down.

Today, I encourage you to speak life, to encourage yourself. Remember that God is for you – especially when things look to be completely awful. He is with you and has victory, comfort, & peace planned for you!



  1. I’ve been a reader / silent supporter of your blog. Love your transparency and the nuggets you share. I love and appreciate those affirmations and reminders you shared in this blog. Thank you!

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