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Just be….

Okay. So, our newest girl is nearly six whole weeks old!! A formal into & birth story is on its way, but in the meantime…. My favorite place is with them.

My favorite role is their mama.

My favorite faces to put a smile on.

My favorite people to experience new things with.

Watching them grow + being their mama has been an honor & privilege.

A blessed gift.

The best, most humbling compliments are surrounding how well I “mom”, how I seem to enjoy being a mother & with my girls, & how happy + peaceful I look. All of this is so true.(Photo by Rhyann!)

I’m told quite a bit that I make single motherhood look easy. It’s not. It’s lonely, it’s hard, it’s exhausting, & difficult. But, I love it. & thanks to an incredible God, their supportive dads, a solid support system, & a few supplements, I have the energy, emotional/mood balance, & health to enjoy raising these girls on all the days that make me both laugh & cry.

Do I want to be a single mama forever? Heck no, not even a little bit. Not only for my sake, but my girls’ benefit, too. There’s something powerful about having a solid, God fearing, loving & additional male role model not only in their lives, but in their home. An example of how well they should be loved by the way their mama is loved & how they should show respect by how their mama shows respect. How they both honor, serve, & communicate. Prioritize, laugh, play, disagree, forgive, etc. (photo by Logan!)

Until then, I am going to continue learning + practicing serving, loving, engaging, communicating with, & relating to each of the girls as they need. Skills that will help me to be a great mama, friend, sister, daughter, leader, teammate, team partner, ministry partner, etc and eventually a (gulp) wife.

Right now. Today.

I’m honored to “just” be a mama.

(Photo by Rhyann!)


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