… through all of this

This season can be tough for so many people and for so many reasons…. and sometimes life can be tough in general right? Parenting is hard. Relationships are tough. Work is never ending. Laundry is, well…. always there, but I want to encourage you with the promises that all things truly work together for our good. That things can change. That we can hope in hard times. That there are blessings and good in all things – even if we have to wait a bit, dig a bit, and endure for a little while. Beauty can indeed come from ashes. And, of course…. gotta share some music!

I walked into church on Sunday feeling so heavy and stressed……… after a message of how belief, trust, & obedience can open you up to more goodness than you ever imagined- for yourself and others. Along with the reminder that God is truly with us HERE as we endure and experience it’s so hard not to believe that you can truly have peace, joy, and abundance while you’re experiencing uncertainty or fear or hardship. “All of this” that we go through is coming together for  our good + singing songs of how Christ is Emmanuel, how he is God with Us all of the time, permanently………. that truth eased this mama’s heart.

Then these lyrics from Lauren Daigle’s I am Yours brought me to tears and helped me to pull my shoulders back, apply my lipstick, and commit to my everything I have to handle that day with boldness. The understanding & comfort that I belong to Jesus + he has an incredible plan for me reassures me and allows me to face the day fearless because he goes before me, walks with me, and has hemmed me in. Everyone I’m in relationship with or have to deal with are written in his plans. And, everything that we are individually and collectively dealing with is going to come together for our good. The hard stuff. The incredible. The scary. The easy. The uncomfortable. The enjoyable. The unknown. The promised. ALL OF THIS is for our good…..

….. Check these lyrics out

So I rest in Your promises
Now I am sure of this
I’m Yours
Let the waters rise
I will stand as the oceans roar
Let the earth shake beneath me
Let the mountains fall
You are God over the storm
And I am Yours

… can you function? lol…. combine that with Philippians 4:4-7 where we are encouraged to not worry, but to pray about those storms the rainbows…  to thank the Lord for everything is doing and for what is happening around us, both the large and small. I mean everything from you not losing your sh*t while your toddler lost theirs?? (THANK YA, JESUS!!) to much harder things like waiting for much needed provision and healing for your heart or body! That stuff isn’t for us to hold… yes we have a responsibility to respond well, but the Lord isn’t overwhelmed by the things that we cannot handle. At all. Then, he gives us peace and comfort in return. And, it’s real and lasting. It allows you to feel joy and give you hope where you may have felt hopeless.

… here’s a bit more

So I rest in Your promises
Now I am sure of this
I’m Yours
No power is strong enough
To separate me from Your love
I’m Yours

The Lord’s love is bigger and stronger and tougher and wider and forgiving enough and unconditional enough and merciful enough to want to be in relationship with us, protect us, and ever willing to embrace us no matter what.

… good stuff right?




  1. Thank you for this.

  2. Such a brave post.

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