….. in awe

Now that’s a baby bump!! And, I love it. 

One of my favorite things ever experienced is pregnancy. The belly, the flutters that morph into full fledged and painful kicks and elbows as this life inside you “gets comfortable”, and the clothes. Oh, my heavens the clothes. **** squeals**** I love me some fashionable maternity clothes. There’s nothing I love more than my body during pregnancy. (After is a whole different story but we’ll cross that bridge in this summer!) The entire transformation makes me feel nothing short of beautiful, powerful, and special. Grateful and so strong. There’s no other act that makes me feel so empowered and womanly, feminine, and useful than carrying a life as it literally grows every part of itself inside of your body. And, slightly freakish at that fact that there is a person growing inside of another. But, how brilliant and creative? That one person can feed, fuel, and provide everything another could need from their own very being? 

I walk past mirrors still in awe of what is happening. A lot less shock & a lot more wonder & peace. Mixed with the misunderstanding of how I’m so large. Comfort is the name of the game and has been for a few weeks, so my unisex tees (another Loved by Hannah & Eli gem here!!) and dad’s tees are my go to these days. Because size matters and gone are the days where we squeeze into anything, ok? Nobody has time for all of that. I rub my belly in awe of this little girl’s life. Dying to see her sweet chocolately face and curious as to which sister she’ll look like, what traits of her dad’s she’ll have and pray that she doesn’t acquire my uncontrollable facial expressions. I look at these pictures just a literal week a part and wonder what we’re going to look like in 6 months……… because I’m not even halfway to cradling this sweet girl. I wonder what Christmas Eve will look like next year. How our family dynamic will change, how Rhyann & Logan will mature and handle their roles as big sisters. How the blend will happen and work. 

I wonder. Dream. Imagine. Pray. But most of all remain grateful and excited about my girl. So far she’s a dream. If not for the random naps that I can’t seem to control and this belly, the missed cycles, along with the ultrasound and hearing her strong beating heart through the Doppler, I’d never know I was pregnant. One day of nausea due to a food choice and a dizzy spell. So far, so good. More grace. 

Even my weight gain is a-okay. Blood pressure is excellent, and 2nd trimester constipation is a non-issue. Energy is pretty good for growing a human – I do take a power nap about 2p, but other than that I’m doing pretty well. I’m still taking my (plant based, vegan/vegetarian, non-gmo, gluten free) supplements and just moving right along. The girls know there’s a “baby sister” in mamas belly. Looking forward to picking up a few “big sister” books and getting them a bit more involved and excited about having a little baby in the house to share mama with. 

We’re ending the year well. Not at all how we planned, but I literally cannot imagine not having this sweet girl on her way. Funny how that is, right? The most unimaginable thing becomes exactly what you have no idea what you’d do without. Grace slathered all over me. 

Lastly, merry Christmas to you all!! I hope your year has been everything you have needed it to be – surprises and all! 




  1. Virginia Redwine says:

    Loveeeeeeeeee it! I’m so wondering what unisex name you’re going to add to the awesomeness! I can’t wait for June, my friend!

    • me either. I’m really looking forward to it!! As far as a name, we’ll see. We have half name, but a lot of time to figure it out!!

  2. Alanna St. Romain says:

    Beautiful as always! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Merry Christmas!

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