it’s been a year 

Whoa. Wait. 

I just realized I didn’t update you guys on March……… it was a spectacular month! Sad & hard for me in one way that alllllmost took the wind out of my ‘Oh shi*t did this just happen’ sails! 

For the past two years I have been a Plexus ambassador. I have grown personally so stinking much it’s unreal (just because life & also because this business is amazing) & my passion for helping others become healthier and enjoy lives well by way of financial freedom and enjoying wellness is unshakable. I have an amazing team of women (for now!!) who also have the same passions and are pursuing lives of freedom for themselves. Because of those amazing people, our love for this company & others, & my hard work —– I just got one step closer to creating an even more fulfilling, adventure & experience filled life. I ranked Senior Gold. Which is huge. And, exciting. And, comes with a $23k salary which is nice when you consider I work from my phone and have a blast with my team. I totally cried when my check landed in bank account &  bought my babies 2 new pairs of shoes, a dress, and an outfit. Because I could. It was amazing. Single mamas, it’s totally possible to provide for a children WELL (incredibly well), we can have stress free, more enjoyable dispositions because our minds aren’t bogged down with finances and ‘how am I going to make this work…’ type thoughts. It can be done, because I’m doing it. My heart is for YOU, for mamas like me, who want better and more without having to work 3-4 jobs, have a few minutes for their kids, and still struggle. That’s not living. 

*** hops off soapbox ***

So it’s April and it’s been a whole entire long, and hard yet exciting, fun, and successful year since my divorce. It’s been good. Not always ideal, all things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to, but I’ve enjoyed the ride. 

For full disclosure, I’d never lived alone or been 100% responsible for paying bills and that sort of thing…………… so, I’m adulting on a whole new level. I’ve done pretty stinking well, if I do say so myself. I’m overdue for an oil change and my inspection sticker is out but my bills are paid (thanks, Plexus) and my kids are healthy and happy. So that’s all that matters. Right? So I have two years worth of these super cute pictures that I only have in Chatbooks…… but I think I’m going to print at least one a month (maybe??) on canvas and make a photo wall for their room. I mean…….. look at them? Canvas is necessary. Hold me to it, k?

It’s been a year. A new foundation has been laid. New dreams dreamt. New goals set.  

Moving forward full of hope, great expectations, and overwhelming peace and joy. 

Happy Resurrection Day! 

Oh death where is your sting? Hurt, heartache, defeat, disappointment, failure……. you don’t get to win. I have a hope bigger than you, an incredible future in spite of you. Forgiveness, joy, peace, love, grace, reign here. Why? Because my hope is in my risen savior. The healer of my broken heart, mender of my wounds, my comforter, my protector, my redeemer, my provider, the one who withholds no good thing & promises that all things work together for my good. Life truly is hard. Life hurts. Circumstances sting. People turn against us. However, this life and what it brings doesn’t dictate my joy or peace. 

I am an overcomer. 

I am an incredible. 

I am a child of the King.



  1. Ramesha Nicole says:

    Thank you for this! Thank you for inspiring single moms across the world! You are truly an inspiration to me. You definitely are an example of a Super Mom! Though I don’t have any kids, someone out there who’s doing it aline definitely needs this encouragement. Thanks for your transparency. Keep allowing the Father’s strength and light to shine in and through you! Love you!


    • Aw girl, thank you but I promise you all that you see is Jesus. Lol. And, the worst moments I’m thankful for this grace & teaching me how to be better.

  2. Loriellen says:

    My word, Alaina! I love to read everything you write through your eyes. With your perspective, with your conviction and with your hope. You are such an inspiration!

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