Hi, hello!!

You guys!! Hello!
I feel like I have to reintroduce myself it’s been so long since I’ve written in this space I love so much. I’m thankful that you guys are still reading, you’re still saying “Hello!” when you see me and/or the girls out and about! Your support and prayers mean the whole entire world to me!

2017 has been pretty good to me so far…. I have a lot to share with you…. plenty of my heart to pour out, but we have a bit of catching up to do first! lol.

My last post was in November, and since then….


birthdaygirls1 birthdaygirls2(Yes.. these are photos from my Cannon. That are still in my Cannon. #momlife) birthdaygirls3 birthdaygirls4 birthdaygirls5These girls are the highlight of my life!

These little people are straight up hilarious. They have each other’s backs in ways that surprise me on a regular! One is a prankster like I’ve never seen before. They are obsessed with Frozen, playing outside, and ice cream! They love bows and dresses… they will immediately go to the mirror after I finish combing their hair and dressing them to see how they look! Our words are coming faster and faster, they communicate pretty well although I will likely get them started with Early Childhood Intervention soon because they should be talking more than they are – mainly putting words together to make phrases! But, aside from that… they are amazing! They love school, love taking their Plexus Family Chewable vitamins, and have the healthiest appetites!

After the girls turned 2 in December, I made 34 in January!birthday
So far this year has been one of growth and isn’t that what we all want? My prayer has been for abundance. I believe that everything I’ve been praying for, both the needs and the wants, will be supplied in abundance! ….and, I absolutely see the Lord bringing things together. While some of that coming together doesn’t feel very good, I know that all he’s working out within me will prepare me for the good that he promised he wouldn’t withhold!

February came and went pretty quickly, and the girls and I had our GALentine’s Day celebration!vday1vday2 I love the idea and comfort of traditions, so I began a little Date Night with the girls Valentine’s Day Eve! We went to our favorite (kid friendly) restaurant (Chiptole!) and went for cupcakes at Small Cakes! My sister in law and her two girls were there, too, so it was a legit girls night! They had so. much. fun!!We all did, but I especially love how much the girls laughed, ate, and played.

edgeYes! I’m still in love with Plexus! Still sharing, still taking, still feeling amazing because of these products! I literally don’t know what I did without them. Oh yea. exhaustion, sugar cravings, bloating, big baby belly, irregularly. In addition to all of that, the personal growth in unreal. Painful at times, but so good! Also, building & strengthening authentic relationships with some of the most amazing women! The Lord blessed me so good with this gig!

mayestrioOther than that……. We’re just hanging out and having a great time together! The girls are so incredibly funny, sweet, naughty, protective, supportive, kind, sneaky, and pure joy!!! The word ‘naughty’ seems so hoity toity, but not only do I not know how to spell hoity toity but I have no other way to describe the girls (one in particular) just gets into every everything! So inquisitive, so bright, so techy, and loves to figure out how things work! whew…. duoA picture of two of the best things I’ve ever done.
As close to perfection as it gets.



  1. Absolutely love this and y’all!!

  2. So good to get a post from you in my email today!! I was literally just thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen any posts from you in a while, and i was wondering if you were still blogging. So glad to see that you are!! Your babies are so beautiful and i can’t believe they’re two!!! I was recently introduced to Plexus, and have met some great gals. I’m struggling to give up sugar, so i decided to get back to taking Triplex regularly because it really helped with the cravings. I would love to hear your Plexus story!

    • Yeeees! We’re back! Thanks for sticking it out with us!!!! 🙂 and, I’m so glad you’re loving Plexus!! It’s absolutely amazing!!!!!! I started in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since! More energy, much better digestion, no cycle pain/PMS, no more sugar cravings, no more bloating, regular, I don’t get sick 3x a year like I used to! Amazing relationships, steadily increasing income….. NO COMPLAINTS, NO REGRETS!!

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