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Quick thought ……. 

I love this. It’s so encouraging and empowering…….. But I’m wondering if we’re applying it wrong. 

What will “she” (you! me!) not fail at?

Our plans? Our goals? Routinely checking off the items of our to do lists that we may or may not be doing in love, as unto Christ?


Will we not fail at actively loving others? Being forgiving? Patient? Kind? Will we not fail at serving others? And, accomplishing the Lord’s will for our days? 

Our sinful selves are so selfish and I’m thinking that the successes that woman accomplishes has nothing to do with her, they aren’t for her. They’re for the glory of the Lord as she serves others. Now, will she likely receive some sort of benefit? Sure. But the motive & focus is God focused versus self focused. 

….. And, when won’t I fail? Certainly not tomorrow. Somethings can change in an instant, others require lots of focused effort and a change of heart/mind/habit. Not sure if this task will be perfected at the second coming or if the Lord will help me perfect it on this side, but either way….. I’m faithfully trusting the Lord for this change, this success, or improvement. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Give yourself some grace. And, others. That lady over there is trusting the Lord with her success just like you are. 

Just my take on it. What do you think?


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