The Happy Hour!! 

Hey y’all!! 

I know I’ve been completely MIA lately but things have been insanely hectic over here! 

I really just stopped in to drop some incredibly amazing news…… I was on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast!! Whoop! So much fun and I’m so glad it’s live!! 
Listen and let me know your thoughts! I’m super excited about this opportunity but incredibly terrified to listen to my interview! I started playing it but couldn’t get past the intro music! Lol. 

Anywho…. My sick babes are finally sleep so I’ve got to get some work done and eaaaaat! Oh, and, they’re in preschool! We started school on Monday so I’m pretty excited about them interacting with other kids and learning in a group setting!!

So fun! 

Y’all have a great night! Talk to you soon & go Plexus! 😜 



  1. Just listened to the Happy Hour and hopped over here. I enjoyed the teacher talk (I teach middle school) and also how you’ve seen God’s goodness through ups and downs of your life. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey thanks for listening!!! I hope you have an amazing school year!!!! Yes, looking for his goodness was the only way I got through some days. It was harder to find some days than others but I’m so glad I learned the practice seeking him and finding him in every moment!!!

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