high chairs + good gifts 

  A little throwback to tiny babes with big smiles……
I’ve recently become obsessed with Priscilla Shirer. Like, I’ve listened to/watched just about every YouTube video there is of her. She is one of those people you get a glimpse of & think “I want to be her friend. We would totally  be great friends.” She’s funny,  wise, & loves God deeply. Definitely one of the people you’d want in your corner. So, I watch her. I listen and hear. I pay attention & pray about the wisdom & lessons she teaches. 

I love the stories she tells of her family. She’s a great story teller & now that I have kids, listening to other people’s stories about their kids (save my neices) is actually enjoyable. 

A few days ago, I listened to a video where she retold her brother’s story of her niece. She was about 2 years old and would go into the kitchen, stand at the refrigerator and say “Eat.” He’d put her in her high chair & begin preparing her food. She’d cry, wiggle out & go back to the fridge. He’d put her back in her chair. She’s wiggle out & go back to the fridge & this continued. Until her food was finally ready & she could eat. 

This story, before she even finished, had me laughing but also thinking about how often we desire to remove ourselves, complain, & put up a stink about being in a certain position, while God is preparing either exactly what we asked for or something better? Why aren’t we able to TRUST that when we ask for something or when it’s just time for a certain event to happen, it means that we have to be moved to a different area before we can enjoy or take part in what’s to come? Shouldn’t we know that?! Everything can’t be brought to us, we can’t go to every good gift. Sometimes we have to be moved to what may seem further from what we want in order to be given what we asked for. 

Even in the position of sitting in the high chair, we can’t always see what’s being prepared for us. We can’t always tell how ingredients are being used, we don’t know how long our meal/snack may take (especially if it’s unfamiliar to us)….. So we become impatient. We kick and scream because THAT (one item that’s in your hand) is not what I wanted to eat. We’re agitated because someone else needed help or the attention is not solely on us and, in our minds, preparing our food so I fight. And, I stop listening. I fuss. And, stonewall and become passive aggressive so I don’t hear you tell me what you’re doing. I don’t hear you telling me that my snack is almost ready, that it’s a special snack that you know I will love, or that I can’t have it until I calm down. 

In the midst of my tantrum, God is patiently and lovingly preparing what I’ve been asking for. On my favorite Valentine’s Day themed plate that I had. to. have. (from the $1 bin at Target) with my favorite drink in my favorite cup…… because my God is thinking of me and loves me and gives me good gifts. He used things I wasn’t familiar with, uncomfortable situations, time, and his own love to give me something that would be for my benefit. A gift that would cause me & others who have experienced this agonizing wait from my high chair to worship and praise him. 

Because he is good. Because he positions us to recieve and experience his best. Because he keeps us & protects us through situations we would ignorantly & rebelliously find ourselves in. 

My prayer this year is that I’m faithful in my “high chair”. That I trust God enough to KNOW that 1. He knows exactly what I need when I need it and 2. when I do ask for the desires of my heart, he is able and faithful to provide them for me. Even if I have to wait. Even when I’m confused and feeling slighted that I have to wait in this high chair while the “big kids” are walking around the kitchen, opening the refrigerator, & getting exactly what they want. 

I pray that I’m able to listen and remain teachable & focused enough on God that through difficult situations, I can sit watching, looking for the good, keeping my eyes on Christ & enjoying where I am with contentment & joy until

I pray that I’m able to communicate & cast my cares on God & listen to his response. And, act in faith & trust. When I whine “how much longer??” and if he says “Give me a few more minutes” ….. Can I choose to exercise patient endurance? When I ask for a snack & he says “not until you…” can I complete that task joyfully without mumbling? Can I do my part to the best of my ability believing that he will do his? 

Christmas is still a bright memory and we may have experienced children asking for the largest, most  exorbitant gifts with true expectations to recieve them…. They absolutely don’t even consider cost or mere possibility of their ask actually coming to fruition. I mean, unicorns are cute and all, but a pet unicorn really isn’t in the realm of possibilities. But, they still ask. With boldness, confidence, expectation, & excitement because they believe they’re getting a unicorn. 

Well, unlike us parents who dash our children’s dreams of pet unicorns and dinosaurs?????, lol, we can trust that the Lord has the ability to not only meet but exceed our wildest dreams. We can go to the refrigerator and ask for food not even realizing that he already had our meal thought out & has been working on it all along. He hasn’t forgotten we would be hungry, spaced on a necessary ingredient at the store, and he for sure hasn’t been sidetracked by scrolling through Insta while we wait. 

He is reliable. We can trust that he will never leave us, that he won’t forget about us, that he is always listening. We just have to remember to listen, wait patiently, and faithfully do what is asked of us while he prepares our table. 

I’m not sure what you’ve asked the Lord for this year…. I’m not sure what he’s asked of you this year, but I know he will provide what you need – the resources, courage, and ability. but I do know that he is waiting for us not only ask him for great things but to also lean in close & rest in him. 

As much as we go into a new year with expectations of great and marvelous, we also have to know & accept that we are going to endure some pretty difficult things. Unexpected hardships & painful heartbreak will be a part of our story this year. So, go into it committed to trust the Lord though it all. Without tantrums and screaming but with prayer and faith.  

I pray the best for you all this year. I pray you go to God with big, lavish dreams and keep your head down working feverishly, yet joyfully with hope, to do all that you can. My prayer is that you invest in your gifts, that you honor God with who you are and all that you have. 

I believe the Lord has great things in store for us all, lets trust him through what lies ahead & believe him for those things we’ve asked for!

Happy 2016. 



  1. Virginia Redwine says:

    Yesssss! I needed to read these words and have them soak into my existence! Often times we are the author of our own demise because we cannot simply wait…. You know that saying good things come to those who wait? Well, no one ever told you that you were waiting on the Lord! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, there is a difference in rushing a process and the process moving quickly. Rushing is generally NEVER productive….. If we are already prepared and ready to go, when it’s time, we can move quickly and be efficient & effective. The Lord is preparing us for whatever is ahead, so that when the time is right………. We’re ready for what he has & things can happen “easily”.

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