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out with the old….

2015 held so much joy, growth, sadness, hurt, growth, and big leaps of faith. 

….. True to form, we reap what we sow. What lies ahead of us is determined greatly by the work, effort, & sacrifices we put in. Our future depends on our past, right?

For the most part, yes. 

But then, there’s grace and mercy. 

I’m not sure what your 2015 looked like, but know that when you put your faith in God, trust what he says, listen to then obey his voice, & choose to rest in his peace, your future could look a lot different than its slated to. 

Change is possible & growth is imminent. The direction of growth & change is what’s uncertain. 

There are a few things I’m working towards leaving behind ………. Working is the operative word because it takes effort, it requires being slow to respond, quick to hear, and offering a load of grace. 

All of that……… picture of near perfection, is an art that requires you to give a hefty helping of grace to yourself, the permission to try again, & remembering that you aren’t & will never be perfect. And, that is okay! 

Wait. That’s one thing I am taking with me into 2016. The permission to imperfect. To accept that imperfection with open arms & walk forward with my head held high saying “Yup. I am. And, il working on that!” Without shame & beating myself up about it! 


Let’s try it….

Frustrated Person who didn’t like how I responded & is being unforgiving:  if you were more patient….. 

Me: Yes, I can be impatient sometimes. and, that’s alright. We’re working on it. (Smile!)


I can be so impatient …… I have a bite on my tone when I’m angry that I’ve truly been praying about. It’s got to go. My facial expressions stink. I don’t allocate enough time to self care. And, a lot less overthinking and self doubt. 

These are things I’m praying for a tighter grip of self control over. 

Change is possible. 

Hope endures.

Grace covers. 

And, may the beauty, hope, excitement, & sheer determination of an improved 2016 compel us all to freaking ride the wave & enjoy the moments that make our years as exciting, as they are. And, may we end every day/week/month/ year with hope & the decision to make it the best ____ yet! 


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