all is (finally) calm….

  The fact that I have one year olds is kind of confusing. It’s almost as if I stumbled upon two tiny giants while I picking out 3-6 month old clothes for my still so small babies who attached themselves to my pants legs.

I’m still wondering, “Where did these people come from?”

The quote “The days are long but the years are short” could not be more true. There were days I never thought would end, nights I knew would last an eternity, and it just felt as if my babies were actual babies for such a long time. But, it seems that the older they got, the fast time flew. That first ‘trimester’ of their life seemed to have lasted forever, but 9- 12 months flew by…..maybe due to the holidays or being so busy at work, not sure… but it was as if I blinked and they started standing well for long periods of time and squatting on their own. They’re doing so much and I’m sure are capable of doing much more than I allow them to. I’m working really hard at building their independence and giving them more freedom to do more on their own. It’s hard and not because I feel like they won’t need me anymore or because I want them to stay as babies….. but, because we don’t have much time between coming home and bedtime. PLUS, I’d like to keep the amount of “need to clean” list of items fairly short. I literally don’t have time to clean the plate of food that was dumped on the floor. (ahem. Rhyann).

Life has been so chaotic between the girls’ birthday, packing to move, and Christmas. I’m so stinking behind on blogging, reading, and just writing my heart out. And, trying to get these people on a schedule. Dear Lord. They used to hang tough with me until about midnight. Yes. A sister had no time to herself. Then, I was able to get their bedtime down to 10p, then 9p. But, because my schedule is so very inconsistent, their schedule was and I just wasn’t getting much sleep and wasn’t very productive either. That will soon be settling down and we’ll have some sort of normalcy in our lives. Until then, mama’s just trying to get big sister to go to sleep without having to be rocked and held or an hour and sleeping in her bed. I know, I know…. don’t scoff too loudly. I can hear you through the computer. lol. While I enjoyed spending that time with her rocking her to sleep, I wasn’t getting much sleep, I was not being as productive as I needed to bed…. and I was also sleeping on 3cm of mattress because a 2” 5 in person was taking over my bed. So, I can’t say it’s going well, but I can say that she will eventually not cry her tear ducts dry in order to go to sleep. One day. We’re also on day 2 of no bottles at all! Which is prob another reason why no one took a nap until 5p and sister had such an issue getting to sleep tonight. They’ve accepted the sippy cup with grace, thank you God. Hopefully, once the girls get to bed earlier and with more independence, my nights will be much more enjoyable and relaxing! 


  Their birthday weekend was so much fun…. I never thought I’d done enough or was prepared enough but things went smoothly and ended well. Thank God. Everyone and a good time and the girls seemed to have enjoyed themselves, a well.Christmas was so much fun (for me)….. I loved watching them play with their new toys and I loved how happy they were when they first saw them. The only decor we had was this super cute magenta tree because we are moving in a matter of days, but it was still so fun and special. They don’t care (yet) and it was less for mama to worry about. Hashtag perfection.

I’ve enjoyed watching these girls learn to crawl and walk and repeat words. Seeing their personalities form and swap back and forth has been an adventure all it’s own.

While there are days I have no idea how I’m getting to the next minute, the laughter and snuggles are worth falling into bed with makeup on and unwashed cups in the sink. 

 I’ve never been so tired. So full of joy. So entertained. or felt such a burden of responsibility as I do now. Raising these girls for the past year has been an incredible blessing. I’ve learned so much because of my role as a mother.

I’m just trying to make sure I get it right.

I hope you guys had a merry Christmas and have made your plans and goals for 2016!!
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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope for greater things for your family in 2016!

  2. Hey lady hang in there it gets better 2015 was an under construction year for all of us we uncomfortably grew together. I am here to encourage you! Single mamas rock! And stick together. Your babies are so cute!

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