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To the one who does her own thing…. 

To my sweet, sweet Rhyann…

You do your own thing, which is great except for the fact that your thing & my thing are total opposites. 

You push my hand away, you purse your lips closed when offered food or a paci you don’t want…. with furrowed brows. 

You’d rather run a 10k than go to sleep. 

You take redirection like a laugh & then look me in my eyes as you do exactly what mama says not to. 

You pull your bibs off when we eat so your clothes get dirty. You pull everything out of cabinets. 

You pull your hairbows off and wear them around your neck. 

Then, pull your hair out of your ponytails, preferring the “I had a rough day” look minutes after I comb your hair. 

And, you could win fuve Academy Awards for your fake cry. It’s almost real. 

You give me the silliest grins after you’ve gotten comfortable (read: flailed your arms & slapped me, kicked your legs, tossed and turned) in my arms and it melts me every.time. It reminds me that you’re just a babe, you’re still so unaware, but so loving. 

You start imitation & response games and it makes me laugh every time. It reminds me of how much you watch me & that its soooo fun to be silly together. 

You play independently. You’re becoming a daredevil. I hope you continue to seek adventure and follow your own dreams & passions. 

You’re opinionated & very clear about those opinions. I hope you learn to be flexible & a great team player, but never change your beliefs or values because of what another person wants. 

I’m so grateful the Lord gave me you. The you HE wanted you to be. I pray you seek the Lord with all of your heart and faithfully trust him so that you can continue to grow into the you he created you to be, ignore the you I want you to be or anyone else. You have a purpose specifically given to you by God with intention. Trust him with passion & purpose, with your life. 

You’re going to change the world, and you’ve already started with me. 

My dearest Rhyann, you do your own thing…….. and I’m totally okay with that. 

I love you, sweet girl!



  1. So very special

  2. It’s amazing to watch how our children grow right before our eyes!! My daughter is 6 and she is Me and more!!! You are blessed to see your two daughters at the same time! Which one would you say is more like you?

    • It really is amazing, and fun. Someone acting just like you has to be hilarious—- especially once they start talking! Lol. I’m not sure, it may be a mix… Logan is such a rule follower, so in some ways she is like me, but I do my own thing, too, like Rhyann. So, time will only tell!

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