the ickies

10 months

Our Thursday began so beautifully….

Cold and flu season is in full swing and the girls have gotten hit pretty badly.

Last month, Logan dealt with insanely high fevers, a rash, and made a pit stop in the ER.
Since day 2 of this month, they both have had runny noses, coughs, and congestion. Except this little cutie started wheezing a couple of days ago and it only got worse. Lots of labored breathing, lots of abdominal work to breathe….. while still being as active as ever!

So we took a trip to the ER…..The faces she makes are priceless. 

She had a breathing treatment (that didn’t work) so we were admitted & homegirl has a nasal cannula, Pulse – ox connected to her little piggie, & an IV in her hand. I feel like I’m back in the NICU. Same constant beeping sounds, lots of cords, & lots of check ins & medical talk.

The nurses and doctors have to wear blue covers and gloves when they come in just to protect themselves and the other children on the floor….. well, she’s terrified of them. After having her forearm prodded for 10 minutes in search of a good vein (that wasn’t super thin due to dehydration) even with an ultrasound machine, the every 4 hour vitals checks, constant suctioning/IV flushing, & listenings to her breathing by the endless flow of doctor’s and nurses…… I don’t blame her.

Rhy would not allow me to put her down, so we snuggled & napped half the day away. 

I was initially concerned about getting sick sharing slobbery kisses and snuggles with my germ infested heart throbs, but I realized that I hadn’t sniffled once even since school began…. Which generally isn’t the norm for me. I’m usually sick at least once a year.  I’m totally contributing my boosted immune system to the Plexus X-Factor vitamin I take everyday. I haven’t had one sick day (for myself at least) yet and for us to be entering the second week of November with babies, I’d say that’s pretty stinking good.


This ER visit has caused me to remember, yet again, how blessed my daughters are. How blessed I am. We met a family who had twins but only one was in the ER. My girls were born at 34 weeks, this set of twins was born at 35. If you had to bank on who would fare better – most bets would be on the 35 weekers.  Logically and scientifically speaking…. they should be doing better than my girls are. My girls spent 13 & 14 days in the NICU, the set of twins spent 23 days and 3 months in the neonatal ICU. My girls were noticeably larger and these boys had major developmental delays and one had a congenital heart disease and an infection in his blood.

It’s easy to count ourselves out or to be hopeless when we look around at our situation based on what is on paper, on our history, logic, science, and others’ experiences. While there are so many reasons to be grateful in any situation, there are times we have to be much more intentional to see blessings or favor when we find ourselves at the more difficult end of the spectrum of life. We forget how great & sufficient God’s grace is; life is going to be hard, at times we’ll look around and think that we never thought we’d have to deal with some of the things that we have. But, we always get through and sometimes shocked at how.

Hope and faith alone strengthen us and get us through hard situations. Gratitude, grace, and mercy keep us in a posture of thankfulness and  humility. Our perspective about our circumstances change when we really lean into God and make him our focus. We see his hands in everything, we see how he’s changing us and helping us through whatever process he has us in. We’re able to endure willfully and with joy. We seek him out for comfort, we worship and praise him just for loving us and being who he is instead of constantly complaining, shouting in anger, and crying out “Why me?!” Will we ever get to the point where we enjoy the breaking and molding process, not sure. But, I do know that we learn to appreciate and respect it.

Reminds me of NICU…. except larger beds and toys.

One thing that took me a minute to realize [and laugh at myself about] is that we are at a children’s hospital. While I was asking for toys & books to be brought up to the hospital, the nurse let me know that they had plenty! They even have Gerber baby food & the cutest kid’s menu!!! And, when she said they had OnDemand and that it was free (!!!) – I just knew I’d be able to catch up on a movie or two that I hadn’t seen in ten months…. what she didn’t tell me is that it was OnDemand Kiddie Edition. McFarland, USA was as unkind friendly/family oriented as it got.


When in Rome, right??



  1. Delphine Sholard says:

    I simply adore your SPIRIT and positive outlook on life… Stay strong, My Sister and never let your faith stray

  2. I know it must be hard to see your baby like that so thank you for being you and being so positive, inspirational, and faithful. Had my boy/girl twins this year on mother’s day at 34 weeks 6 days and they both only stayed in the NICU for 4 days which I realize is a great blessing. Will add you and your baby to our bedtime prayer.

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