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Teacher Life

 Y’all when I tell you this year has been the year of JUMPING over cliffs …….. And, learning to fly.

I’ve done couple of things that I’ve taken on that I never thought I could, that were scary, that I wasn’t sure would work ……… But, I jumped anyway.

I’d had this idea for a tee a few months ago and finally had it printed ……… I mean, why not?! What’s the worst that could happen?! …. Ahhhh maybe the shirts don’t sell, maybe people’ll hate them. Who knows. 

 But, one thing is for sure. If not one sells, I know that I did something with a dream I had. This idea won’t meet me in my grave…… 

Live so that you die with memories, not dreams. 


If you’re not a teacher, your kid has a teacher, or you know one. We love t-shirts and if you don’t have any other reason to make a purchase – the teacher you know definitely deserves a gift!! 

So, if ya want to support a girl click the “SHOP” tab on the navigation bar and make a purchase. 

Your teacher friends will love you! And, I will, too!! 


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