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Plexus opportunity!

For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram and aren’t friends with me on Facebook – you’re missing out on your daily dose of two 10 month old cuties –  and, missed a few of the posts on here,  you may not be aware of how much I love (read: swear by) Plexus. And, I need to let you know how much I love Plexus and why I love it so much.

Plexus takes the credit for getting me from my post baby body to my current body: I’ve lost a ton of inches even though my weight hasn’t changed since 6 weeks after I delivered … for helping me to kick my sugar addiction… for balancing my hormones and helping me to be less irritable (due to the imbalance of blood sugar)… for helping my digestive issues… and, helping me to sleep better. Praise hands.progress pic

Plexus has allowed me to meet some really amazing people and also deepen other relationships I’ve had pre-Plexus. Plexus is definitely a relationship based company that does more than help men and women improve the quality of their life by improving their health. It’s an all natural product that does more than just heighten your awareness of how important it is to be cognizant of what we put inside of our bodies and how serious the connections are between your gut health and overall health….. This company  develops leaders, improves your leadership, and develops friendships. color block

Plexus also gives you the opportunity to earn supplemental income and add margin to your budget or replace or exceed your income. With Plexus comes freedom – financial freedom, health freedom, and time freedom.

If you’re health is optimal and you’re able to live a more active life – your quality of life is improved drastically. Not only are you more comfortable  in your body, but you feel more confident in your body, your appearance, and in your clothing. As as Ambassador, you have the opportunity to experience financial freedom which greatly impacts your ability to do what you want with your time. If you’re wanting to stay at home with your babies, start a business, retire sooner, or whatever it is you want to do – with Plexus, the opportunity is there. Since becoming an Ambassador in March, I’ve earned an income that has steadily increased that has allowed me to to support more ministries and pay down the girls hospital bills without impacting my monthly income from my teacher’s salary.

Since March, I’ve taken the Tri-Plex combo, which you can read more about over here,
and it’s fab.

One of the products in Tri-Plex combo is Slim…. It’s a regulator that helps to balance your blood sugar, lipid levels (the amount of fat in your blood), and cholesterol levels. Slim, or the “Pink Drink“, will help you control your willpower over food, burn fat, improve your sleep, and increase your energy. It’s a simple powder that comes in a packet (that will remind you of a Crystal Light) that you add to a 16 oz. bottle of water & drink about 30 mins before you eat. Tastes like a cherry Toosie Pop that will literally change your life, okay?

It’s great. And, right now, my team is hosting a Slim 7 Day Trial Challenge this month
and I would love for you to hop on!nov trial
So, if you’re ready to…

1. Get healthy and eat less.
2. Say bye-bye to overeating and sugar cravings.
3. Sleep better during the night.
4. Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
5. Earn extra monthly income, prizes, and free trips!

… Email me over at unashamed growth@gmail.com!
We can definitely talk more about how Plexus can improve your health! 


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