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The big 1-0!! 

  My sweet girls turned 10 months today! 
Life with them is fulfilling and rigorous all at the same time, which I’m not sure every parent says. But, as fun as it is, it’s just as hard. 

But, it’s good…. You know?

This past week, my Logan was so sick. After a 103 fever, an early morning visit to the ER, & a pretty mild rash, my girl is finally on the mend. 

 And, I’m so glad. She looked so sad & was so not herself. While I loved the cuddles and time with her, I hated to see her so not herself. She’ll hopefully be 100% within the next day or so. The clinginess was cute for a couple of days, and while it’s still sweet, mama is exhausted.  

So since sister was still feeling a bit moody and wasn’t interested in pictures, Rhy and I snapped a couple of shots instead.   This picture melts my heart. I had no idea she was looking me…… But I guess that’s how it goes, right? To realize that this is the reality, that they both will be watching me at all times… Learning & imitating what I intend for them to imitate and those moments I wish they wouldn’t catch. …. these realizations have really kept me on my toes. Not only for their sakes but for mine, too. 
  And, to be honest, I’ve learned quite a bit because of them, too.  

 Look at that smile! Logan……… Lol. My sweet girl has got to feel better soon. This week has me absolutely fearing the tween/teen years. She hasn’t been in the mood to play with sister or anything. Their usual games annoy her & Rhyann didn’t get it at all. 

The girls are standing more confidently on their own, Rhyann is immitating sounds & voice inflections, Logan has calmed down while Rhyann has become much more extroverted! They’re doing so much more playing together and communicating! It’s fun to watch the chatter back and forth and laugh together. Rhyann is signing “eat” more spontaneously and intentionally; that has me so very excited! 10 months….. Insane. So grateful for them!

It’s been a long, hard week for everyone and I thank you guys so much for the texts, emails, comments, & support. Some of them made me laugh but all of them encouraged me. I appreciate it very much. This stage is rough but it’s such a good place. I think, I hope. Im sure it’s a process; lots of learning and adjusting which will take some perfecting that will happen with time. 

So far, we’re doing really well and gearing up for full party prep mode!! December is going to be here so quick. 



  1. There’s nothing sweeter than baby smiles! Your girls are adorable!

  2. cassiepoohellis0 says

    These two lovelies has my heart completely ❤

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